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Friday 21 July 2017

Katie Hopkins Pals Money Cut Off

While the C-Star languishes in Port Suez, having been intercepted by the Egyptian authorities en route from Djibouti to the Sicilian port of Catania, all those who thought they had gone out to the Mediterranean to join the ship are now left kicking their heels. That includes pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who has been reduced to Tweeting the movements of search and rescue vessels and snarking about them.
Viewers may want to look away now

Pretending to understand the terminology, she Tweeted “Rescue boats now in holding pattern over in zone 1 (the Heathrow of the Med). Vos Hestia eta at holding point 0600hrs 22.07.17 … Vos Hestia progressing to the 'Heathrow of the Med' - (Libyan rescue zone 1) & into holding pattern. Pick up date est 22 July”. The Vos Hestia is the ship she didn’t get anywhere near. They, like so many others, saw her coming.
Moreover, she won’t be going anywhere near the Search and Rescue area for several weeks, if at all, after the C-Star got nicked in Suez. This boat is slow enough for it to take several more days from when the Egyptians release it to get to Catania, and even then, it may not be allowed into port. And what is worse - much worse - for Hatey Katie, some of her pals have been summarily cut off from their funds.
Joe Mulhall told his Twitter followers “Great news @Patreon have taken the principled stance to remove @Lauren_Southern and @Martin_Sellner from #DefendEurope from their website!” So that’s another way of getting paid that the Defend Europe stalwarts can’t use. Ms Southern simply commented “Patreon just deleted my account”, while Sellner owned up as to why Patreon had taken their action.
It appears that you are currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life. We have therefore decided to remove your page from Patreon, and paid out your final balance of $441.05 to you … Please know that we have come to this decision after a long review process and will not consider an appeal” was the verdict handed down by Patreon. Note “Activities likely to cause loss of life”.
And these are the people with whom Katie Hopkins is teaming up. Not only that, because she’s been advertising this jaunt via Mail Online - and the latter’s Twitter feed advertised her most recent dispatch from the Med, before someone at Northcliffe House saw sense and pulled the piece - these activities impact directly on the reputation of the mainstream press. Did they realise what they were getting into?
Whatever knowledge the Mail Online people did or did not have, they have no excuse now. They were told that Ms Hopkins was joining a motley convocation of Nazis, white supremacists, Holocaust deniers and other specimens of forthright bigotry. The C-Star then got arrested in Port Suez. Now Patreon has distanced itself after concluding that what this group is doing is “likely to cause loss of life”.

Mail Online now has no choice. It cannot continue its association with Katie Hopkins until her contract expires, most likely in November. They must dispense with her services, and do it now. Otherwise they are as guilty of promoting this deadly charade as she is.


Anonymous said...

My heart lifts at the prospect of Hopkins doing time in an Egyptian slammer, banged up in an overcrowded cell full of, er, Muslims.

That would clear her bowels.

K Hopkins said...

The money wasn't cut off.
It was stopped.

Huge difference.

Leave my colon out of it. Concentrate on what yours is saying.


D Trump said...

I gotta tell ya folks. I gotta tell ya.

Ms Hopkins can get a job with me any time she likes.
There's always plenty of room in my circles for idiots.
Hell, she has potential to be earning nearly as much as me.
All races welcome too.

Sorry, that was supposed to say 'All racists welcome".

My bad.

Neil Baker said...

Good job! Lock it up and throw away the key

Anonymous said...

Ah yes here it comes again. Another huge blast of...Schadenfreude. The git that keeps on giving