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Monday 31 July 2017

Nadine Dorries - Boris Pants On Fire

After a disastrous eight years as London’s very occasional Mayor, when tens of millions were sprayed around on unwanted vanity projects, air quality deteriorated alarmingly, property developers and the car lobby were needlessly and cravenly indulged, and the emergency services were cut to the bone, it might have been thought that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson would have few vocal backers of his time at City Hall.
But that thought would have been misplaced, as Mid-Bedfordshire’s Tory MP (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries has shown. For her, the Bozza years were a thing of wonder, and since he left the Mayor’s office, the capital has become a lawless hell-hole. This is, of course, a steaming pile of weapons grade bullpucky, but Ms Dorries has significant previous when it comes to setting her pants on fire.
Her claim that when she was growing up, her home city of Liverpool “had eight Tory MPs and an all-Tory council” was a proven, flat-out lie. Still, if at first you don’t succeed, well, just suck some more seed, eh? So off she went: “London couple just told me that since Boris left, London has become a scarier city, feel as though they are living in midst of crime wave”. As a regular visitor, that is complete bullshit.
A series of Tweeters told her she was wrong. Others ridiculed her “London couple told me” evidence, so we then got “FIVE Bedfordshire couples told me you were a terrible MP” followed by “Make that 6 … Seven … Eight”. Would the fragrant Nadine get the hint? Sadly, no she wouldn’t: “They also said that the decline since Boris left has been swift in many areas and it's like a driver has taken his hands off the wheel”.
Rectifying Bozza’s cavalier neglect is a huge job, but at least Sadiq Khan has made a start and is treating the Mayoralty as a full time job (which Johnson never did). But now Ms Dorries had a problem: she was being told she was wrong, but needed to spin it to make her critics look guilty. And so it came to pass: “Gosh, too many replies to read but getting the strong impression this tweet just hit a nerve or two!
By now, she was being told in no uncertain terms about the water cannon fiasco, the Garden Bridge fiasco, the cable car fiasco, the litany of cuts, and all the rest. She needed some pro-Bozza evidence. So here it came: “there was a reason for this you polluted air deniers”. The link is to to the London Low Emission Zone. Which was the work of Mayor, er, Ken Livingstone. Which Bozza effectively watered down.
Ms Dorries’ hero cancelled the third phase of the LEZ, as part of his caving in to the motor vehicle lobby. But remember, she’s “reporting only what I'm told by people who live in London whose opinion is as valid as your own”, including claiming that in the 1990s, wearing a mask in London was “the norm”. I was a regular visitor then too, and that is yet more bullshit. But good to see that it’s at least consistent bullshit.
Like the hypocrisy of slagging off Young Dave as a mere “posh boy”, and then swooning over his fellow old Etonian Bozza. And remember, folks, the Tories allowed her to become an MP, choosing her from a shortlist of eleven hopefuls. God only knows what the others were like.


A Kelly said...

I have been told in the past that the local party was told by central office to select Dorries even though she wasn't on their list to begin with.

As for why they still select her.........I couldn't possibly comment.

Anonymous said...

Dorries is a classic example of someone from outside the M25 ghetto who yearns to be inside it in the company of its spiv element. An utter lying sell out, willing even to betray her roots.

Johnson was as worthless and useless as a mayor as he is as Foreign Secretary. A dangerous buffoon typical of the public school system. A Bullingdon bullshitter.

They deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to believe in the 21st century that an MP could claim to be sent into politics by "God".

But Dorries did.

Comical superstition still lives.

Anonymous said...

We seem to live in an era where politics and policy is based on feeling and not by fact.

Fortunately in instances where Pro-Am twittermouth Nadine Dorries pops up with horseshit like this we can easily verify it.

Now Met Police reports a 4 per cent rise in all offences for March 17 end from March 16 end... and at first glance you may think Nadine may actually be correct (for the first time)

but alas things are never as simple when we consider the country as a whole and in fact the Met having one of the smallest increases in crime across the country, quite remarkable really considering a national 11 per cent increase.

She could of course back herself with the argument that the rate is rising, but she doesn't, as she is really very dense. With the ludicrous statement that someone has taken their hand off the wheel. 'I'm a useless MP and failure at life, get me out of here'

Arnold said...

At least it shows that God has a sense of humour.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

God told me he meant it as a joke.

Unknown said...

She seems to have taken the award from Mensch as the most riduculous mp this year. Though rees mogg and bozo are still up there

Fishman Dave said...

Mad Nad again?

Will she never learn?

Yes, the question was rhetorical