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Wednesday 19 July 2017

Sky - Murdoch Bullies Tories

While the right-leaning part of our free and fearless press is conveniently urging its readers to “look over there” at the hated BBC and its disclosure of how much its talent pool is paid, the Murdoch mafiosi are reverting to type and trying to make Culture Secretary Karen Bradley an offer she can’t refuse, as they ramp up the pressure on Theresa May’s beleaguered Government to wave through the Sky takeover.
One might have thought that, given the past behaviour of Rupe’s troops and the well-documented bad behaviour at the late and not at all lamented Screws, the still emerging revelations about the Sun’s phone hacking activities and those of “Fake Sheikh” Mazher Mahmood, and the recent meltdown at Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), that Don Rupioni and the rest of the Cosa Rupra would stop and think before acting.

But it seems that thought would have been misplaced, as the contents of an emailed letter from lawyers Allen & Overy to the DCMS have been made public. This is headed “Proposed acquisition byTwenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (21CF) of the remaining shares in Sky plc (Sky)”, and passes forthright adverse comment on a letter from former Labour leader Mil The Younger to Ms Bradley on the proposed takeover.

In particular, Ed Miliband MP has published a letter sent to the Secretary of State and co-authored by Sir Vince Cable MP, Kenneth Clarke MP and the Lord Falconer of Thoroton  (the Miliband Letter) that urges the Secretary of State to refer the transaction in relation to  the broadcasting standards public interest consideration (the Broadcasting Standards PIC)”, they observe.

Then comes the bullying: “A reversal of the Secretary of State’s decision that she is minded not to make a CMA reference in relation to the Broadcasting Standards PIC would be irrational. Bowing to the political pressure of the Miliband Letter would constitute the most blatant form of political interference, and would critically undermine the integrity of the quasi-judicial nature of the Secretary of State’s role in this process”.
And a little more bullying: “The Miliband Letter presents no new, let alone substantial, evidence in relation to the Broadcasting  Standards  PIC … one of the co-authors of the 
letter – Sir Vince Cable – was reported to have stated ‘I have declared war on Mr Murdoch’ when he was … in charge of ruling on News Corporation’s proposed acquisition of Sky in 2010 and before receiving the initial Ofcom report at the time, thereby displaying one of the most egregious examples of bias in decision making in recent years”.

And a little more yet: “21CF trusts that the Secretary of State will dismiss these flagrant  political attempts to interfere in the regulatory process and its timing … By doing so, 21CF  is confident that the Secretary of State should be able to reach a final decision on a reference to the CMA in the coming days, thereby avoiding any further delay to the timetable for concluding the regulatory review of the proposed transaction”. And so ends the lesson in sheer brass neck.

How dare these politicians interfere in the decision making process of the DCMS, say the appalled Murdochs. That, as any fule kno, is their job.


Anonymous said...

You'd think the Murdoch goons would pay enough for someone who can redact a PDF competently, but apparently not. I wonder what Mr Bavasso's hourly rate is, compared to, say, Fiona Bruce?

(Clue: 1. Select black box. 2. Paste text. 3. Laugh like a drain that the co-head of Antitrust at Allen & Overy just had his personal involvement splurged onto the Interwebs by 21CF)

Anonymous said...

"...the most blatant form of political interference..."

Fucking hell.

Please tell me the author of that line was trying to be funny.*


*As well as hypocritical.

J said...

@1 Hahaha. What an idiot that redactor was... seriously, all they did was change the background colour to black. Just highlighting the redacted text shows what that text was.

rob said...

What does one make of the Mensch "exclusive"?

" Louise Mensch‏Verified account @LouiseMensch 6h6 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Under FBI FARA Investigation.

If true don't suppose it would help the Murdoch cause or a government seen to be acting with Kremlin collaboraters?

Has she burnt her bridges with Murdoch?