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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Farage - One Step Nearer The Slammer

Yesterday’s events Stateside may soon be causing ripples on this side of the North Atlantic, such is the involvement with several politicians, pundits and other sundry hangers-on with the Trump Gang. And one of those politicians now wondering if spending time in the USA might not be the good idea they once thought it to be is former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage.
Squeaky indictment finger up the bum time

Farage had made great play of his wish to relocate to the States, claiming that he received so much hassle here in the UK, although this was probably code for “insufficient fawning adoration”. After Combover Crybaby Donald Trump’s idiot son Donald Junior admitted he and two other key Trump campaign figures had knowingly met with a Russian state-linked lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, the vultures are starting to circle.
Words like “Collusion” and even “Treason” are being openly used across the US media, and indeed on Capitol Hill. High ranking GOP representatives are beginning to break ranks. And all the while, the closeness of Mr Thirsty to this crowd is being pored over, especially by the likes of Carole Cadwalladr at the Observer, who was dismissed rather too eagerly as a “Tinfoil hatted journalist” by the Guido Fawkes rabble.
Since then, Zelo Street has pieced together more of the jigsaw, including the presence of several of the key figures in the list of “Golden Dolphin” awards made by the now-moribund Young Britons’ Foundation. Meanwhile, those in the Farage inner circle have become jumpy enough for one of them to suggest legal action to throw Ms Cadwalladr off the scent. We appear to be getting closer to Mr Thirsty’s personal endgame.
Ms Cadwalladr Tweeted yesterday “What *is* the story here? New photo of Farage emerges. With "Putin's favourite congressman" & associate of Paul Manafort - @DanaRohrabacher”. A photo showed Farage and Rohrbacher on a fishing trip. Then she followed up with “Reminder of who @DonaldJTrumpJr forwarded that exciting email about the meeting with the Russians to”. Paul Manafort. Associate of Rohrbacher.
Then came the first giveaway: Arron Banks responded to one of Ms Cadwalladr’s Tweets, despite not having been tagged in it. “You are a person of interest to no one, Carole” he sneered, but despite there being no alleged interest, he tagged Andy Wigmore to be on the safe side. Wigmore deflected: “It's pure fantasy”. Don’t worry. Look over there.

However, and here we encounter a potentially game changing however, Liz Bilney, who is the CEO of Leave EU, then leapt into the Twitter exchange - once again, without being tagged. “I'm interested to see if there's a defamation claim … I will be looking very closely at @carolecadwalla” she warned. That really is a serious giveaway.
Carole Cadwalladr did no more than post a Tweet including a photo, and ask a question about it. Suddenly, Arron Banks is ostentatiously waving it away, and the Leave EU CEO is suggesting she’s going to get Lawyered up. But over what?

The thought enters that Nigel Farage could be in serious trouble - remember, he has not only the Trump connection, but the Assange one as well - and that those around him know the house may be about to fall in on them. More on this one later.


rob said...

Mercers? Koch Bros? Goldman Sachs? Cambridge Analytica?

It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Please PLEASE tell me Farage is slammer bound. If that happens I might just get pissed for a week.

As for the "Russia link"......Oh not THAT pile of unmitigated demonising shite again. More on this later, indeed, including a brief look at US and British PROVEN interference in elections, illegal invasions, destabilising, mass murder and assassinations in other nations (including against Russia).

I'll be interested to see actual evidence of "Russian goverment interference" in the last US election, largely because all I've seen and heard so far amounts to sweet fuck all. On the other hand, mainstream media propaganda bullshit has been led by the usual far right tin drummers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14:32


The key point is that if evidence stands up to scrutiny it really does not matter where that evidence comes from. In this case the key fact is that the batshit crazy warmonger and Goldman Sachs candidate Clinton, who wanted to start a nuclear confrontation with the Russians over Neo Con regime change in Syria, gerrymandered the Democratic Convention to ensure Sanders would not get the nomination.

They then did what every right winger normally does by shouting very loudly "look over there at those Russians" to distract attention from the fact that the reason we got Trump is down to Clinton cheating democracy to deny any alternative to the Neo Con Punch and Judy show which she and Trump represent.

Whether the Russians passed this info to the Trump Team or not is secondary to the fact that Clinton was up to no good. If she and her team had not gerrymandered the Convention vote there would be no information for anyone, Russians or otherwise, to use and no one would be talking about this.

All those who jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon after the election were several months late to the circus with their faux concerns. Where were they months earlier when they were needed at the time of the Democratic convention? That dereliction of democratic duty also contributed to the fact we got a wassock like Trump in the White House who was always going to end up caving in to US Deep State or being removed if he refused to play ball at some point.

Frankie D. said...

"I'll be interested to see actual evidence of "Russian goverment interference" in the last US election"

How about Piss Hitler's son admitting to it, that do you?

Frankie D. said...

"it really does not matter where that evidence comes from" It does when it requires Piss Hitler to commit treason to get it.

Anonymous said...


There is no "admittance" whatever that links Trump's son to the Russian government. He met a lawyer is all - so what? Washington and every state house in the USA is overrun with the bastards, and of all nationalities.

For the record, I think Donald Trump is a divvy of the worst kind, well in keeping with the Texas Bushes and the Arkansas Clintons. All of them well suited to the basket case politics that is the USA.

Next piece of "evidence" please.

rob said...

@Anon 18:45

"Next piece of "evidence" please"

I think you should do a bit of research into who that "lawyer" three Trump presidential campaign officials met. And why?

Actually Don jr is the least important of the three. Manafort was kicked off the campaign eventually, and officially at least, because of previous financial links to the Ukraine and Russia. Kushner is the one most in trouble because he lied about, or omitted, meetings with officials on his security form (like many others in the admin like Sessions and Flynn). And being the only one at "that" meeting still working in the White House his clearance could well be at stake.

" to the basket case politics that is the USA"

Yes there are many parallels between what is happening in the US to what is happening here. We are both running archaic voting systems, the US possibly worse as their electronic systems appear have been possibly hacked whereas here a majority of voters have their say discarded by a minority at virtually every election. And both countries have been hijacked by populist movements swayed by disinformation partly supplied by "bots" (some Russian inspired)amongst that disseminated by our own politicians.

rob said...

@ Anon 18:45

You will get on well with Jared Yates Sexton who tweeted:

Jared Yates Sexton‏@JYSexton Jul 11

"I...worked on this story for a year...and...he just...he tweeted it out.

I chased this story for a year and he just...tweeted it out.

I tracked down sources. Followed so many dead leads. Labored over this. And then, he just, you know, tweeted out the proof."

Just three of many showing the frustration of being an investigative reporter.

And even when they do report sometimes they aren't believed?

Anonymous said...


"...previous financial links to the Ukraine and Russia."

Well, you know, Russia has had close "financial links" to Ukraine for centuries. As have all the other East European countries. All of them have had close imperial and colonial links to each other too. Which is what pisses off the West - for which see the Maidan coup and the rise of open military Nazism in Ukraine, all of it encouraged (if not instigated) by the USA and Europe. Because they want to get their hands on Ukrainian resources, particularly in the Donetsk Basin. And if they can't access the resources they can start an economic rape of the country, for which see IMF/World Bank activity in Ukraine and the state of its bankrupt economy run by a chocolatier spiv.

As for Sexton, I couldn't care less about him or any other "journalist". I want to see EVIDENCE and so far there isn't a single scrap of it. Only hysteria.

Get back to me with solid evidence. If you ever get it. I might give it some credibility then. Until such time it sounds like the USA is one of its paranoid resurgences of Salem and McCarthy. Talk of "interference" in their election would be hugely funny and ironic if their history wasn't full of their actions in other countries from the moment they were founded by a gang of Puritan spivs looking for someone else to persecute or rob - do you want a full list?

I repeat: Trump is a dangerous moron. But he's little different from any of the others who have occupied the White House. The US establishment is using him to further their anti-Russia agenda, which itself is only part of their globalist strategy - do you want me to list the official documents since 1945 which detail it?

You could help yourself to much greater detail if you read Noam Chomsky's contributions, plus others who have kept in touch with the real world. But beware, it might make you uncomfortable.

rob said...

@ Anon

We'll wait and see then, for the Mueller investigation reports and the New York attorney investigating the mafia ties. What sort of evidence do you require to see and who will be credible presenting in your eyes? And we are discussing present day antics not past activities at which all countries get up to at one time or another. Currently, Brexit and Trump are ensuring that Putin becomes more important each day.

It might also be helpful if you could explain why all those links to Russia/Ukraine were not disclosed, and actually repeatedly denied by White House officials, if normal? Including that with "a" lawyer who was not any old lawyer. And who it seems didn't have a valid visa at the time? Of course, I don't have evidence of that personally.

Incidentally who were the Puritan spivs looking for to persecute or rob? One learns something new every day!

Anonymous said...

"Of course I don't have evidence of that personally."

Of course you don't. Because NOBODY has any evidence whatever of Russian government "interference" in the US election. Plenty of bullshit flying around though.

Puritan spivs and robbery?......I think we better take this slowly for you. We'll start with the indigenous peoples shall we? Check that one out first, then we'll move on. Get back to me afterwards.

In your own time.

rob said...

@ Anon

OK willing to learn. Right, indigenous peoples. Around a few thousand years before they found out there was an Olde World? Next. Influx of peoples from the Olde World some merchant adventurers and others persecuted for their religion? Right so far? You're go.

Can't wait for the Puritan spivs. Sounds like latter days Farage, Banks & Co. although they don't appear to be Puritans. No evidence mind!

Oh, and any explanation as to why the White House officials did not reveal all their Russian meetings on their security forms? (Sessions, Flynn & Kushner especially?) Forgetfulness? Comey fired from FBI because of the Russian investigation (as per Trump himself)? The Steele Dossier? The Trump jnr. emails as submitted by himself.


Notice in particular from above "but is part of Russia and it's government's support for Mr Trump" ie only "part".

Anonymous said...


This is good. You have acknowledged existence of indigenous peoples in North America. Now you should research what happened to them after the European invasion and uninvited colonialism. Parallel with that, take a good long look at the origins of Puritanism in Europe, how it related to the voyage of the Mayflower and the various competing fortified “settlements” in Massachusetts and the ensuing King Philip’s War. Let me help you – it is an unrelenting tale of persecution, theft of land and genocide which has lasted to the present day. All of it fuelled by the inherent paranoia of Puritanism so well described by Arthur Miller in his “Overture” to Act One of The Crucible and which, as Miller so eloquently describes, has infected US culture, particularly the north east establishment, to the present day. After that, you can move on to the defeated invasion of Canada, the illegal war against Mexico and theft of its lands, the annexation of Texas, the “Louisiana Purchase” from the Napoleon thief, institutionalised slavery and the Civil War. All of this can be properly described as persecution and robbery of one kind or another.

Added to which are the only periods of peace the USA has had since its founding: 1796-1797, 1807-1809, 1826, 1828-1830, 1897, 1935-1940, 1976-1978, 1997, 2000.

Now, as to the matter at hand........Can we see if you or anybody else has ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL of “Russian government interference” in the US election?

In your own time. But good luck with the research.

rob said...

"Persecution, theft of land and genocide". Yes, almost a mirror of the way England, and most probably other nation states where mass migration takes place, evolved over the centuries. In most instances the tribe with the most man/firepower wins "by hook or by crook" as the saying goes. The tribes that were "indigenous" probably had to fight their way into the postion they were in before the Europeans arrived.

No I don't buy "Puritan spivs" narrative. They made a success of their settlement where others had failed beforehand by having a strong hard work ethic and had got on well with their neighbours before "misunderstandings" arose. And there will always be unscrupulous operators in any society or groups to take advantage of any "misunderstandings to gain power/wealth for themselves. Add to the list "carpetbagging, backstabbing and double dealing". The mind set of greed, of always wanting more, is a human trait not a preserve of a Puritan Society or the Catholics in England.

I don't believe Arthur Miller would have called the Puritans "spivs". What I do get from "Crucible" (albeit there is some criticism of his research and bending of historical facts) that people in times of hysteria, whipped up for any reason, whether of fear of the supernatural (Salem) or communism (McCarthyism), normal people start to act abnormally. And it would appear to have particular relevance today when the hysteria whipped up by our very own spivs Farage, Banks & Co, ably supported by the Mail and Express, over immigration. And I wouldn't call all UKippers "spivs".

Anyways, I have to return to the real world of today and catch up with work and further news on #russiagate. I think we will have to agree to differ on this.