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Friday 28 July 2017

Labour MP Backs White Supremacists

Most Labour MPs backed Remain in last year’s EU Referendum. Some, though, campaigned for Leave. And one was so shameless in flaunting her new-found friendships that she was happy to be photographed gazing longingly into the eyes of her new bestest friend Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. Yes, Vauxhall’s MP Kate Hoey was for Leave, and what’s more, she didn’t give a damn who knew it.
Pass the sick bag

Now Ms Hoey has gone one better: not content with cosying up to Farage, the presence widely believed to be a go-between for the Trump Gang and the gangster régime of Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin - via those dealings with Julian Assange - she has let the world know that her preferred news sources include the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart. Breitbart. A Labour MP.
And so it came to pass that Ms Hoey took to Twitter to tell her followers “Labour Commits to Full, Clean Brexit from EU's Single Market, Customs Union [link] … via @BreitbartNews”. Quite apart from Labour not having committed to “Full, Clean Break from EU’s Single Market [and] Customs Union” - minor point, and all that - Breitbart is a borderline Fake News site with disturbing far-right connections.
So, while she was whining “Access NOT membership #Brexit bias @georgeaton" at Staggers political editor George Eaton - access to the Single Market is not difficult, what we have now is something rather different - and happily deflecting criticism by backing anodyne statements such as “Brexit belongs to the British people – not any political party” (as if most Brits will end up wanting to “own” that mess), there was increasing disquiet at her choice of Breitbart. Eventually even she realised this.
So much bile from trollers just because I retweeted article from @BreitbartNews  @JackBMontgomery most of which was quotes from Guardian” she grumbled. The pretence that Breitbart echoes the Guardian is preposterous. What Ms Hoey seems to have missed is rather more serious. So let me put her straight.
Steve Bannon, lately Breitbart’s Stateside main man, is a white supremacist, a bigot, an utterly intolerant far-right sleazebag.

Andrew Breitbart made his name spreading falsehood and misinformation, especially against the poor and disadvantaged in the USA. Or has Kate Hoey not heard of ACORN?

Breitbart is the domain of virulent climate change denial, as witness its employment of James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole.
THIS is what Breitbart is really about, Ms Hoey

Breitbart is also associated with the UK’s far-right, via its involvement with UKIP. It has championed Farage, who is now under FBI investigation.

Breitbart is a cheerleader for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, a racist, misogynist and most likely traitorous self-promoting and self-enhancing fraud, who is highly likely not to be in the White House this time next year.

Breitbart promotes Fake News. And it demonises its opponents in a poisonous and vicious way (see headline about Gaby Giffords). No sensible MP should go anywhere near it.


Anonymous said...

Two individuals that are a total disgrace to the Labour movement - Hoey and Gisela Stewart.

iMatt said...

Hoey along with Galloway was used by ukip to suggest they could gain support from both the left and the right. We saw that hit the buffer in Stoke (which voted heavily in favour of Brexit) where ukip was soundly thrashed.

Just why Hoey is in the Labour party is questionable. The issue is not so much her supporting leaving the EU. But rather the unsavoury racists and bigots she freely associates with.

Anonymous said...

Hoey is New Labour.

Says it all really. A red tory, nothing more.

The sooner she's deselected the better. She has no place in the Labour Party.

A sickening hypocrite of a woman.

Brittun Frist said...

Northern Irish and German. I'd send 'em back.

Stephen Butcher said...

Kate Hoey actually belongs in the DUP.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood the point of Kate 'nothing wrong with fox hunting' Hoey. I accept - and sometimes admire - politicos when they refuse to follow official policy (think robin cook/Iraq) but Hoey's of a different stripe who belongs in a different party. Go now or get yourself deselected. Your time is up.

nparker said...

Although I'd rather wish it didn't have to be said, If Labour don't get rid of Hoey for this white supremacist supporting disgrace, they'll show themselves up to be frauds.