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Sunday 9 July 2017

Breitbart ITV Race Smear BUSTED

Once again, someone out there on the right has not stopped and thought that a potential story that looks too good to be true might look that way - because it is too good to be true. Jack Montgomery, who speaks for Leave EU and Leave Means Leave, and who writes for the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise knows as Breitbart London, believes he has broadcaster ITV bang to right for deliberate racial bias.
Robert Peston - not in trouble with equality laws

The channel’s political editor Robert Peston took to Twitter yesterday to tell his followers “At @pestononsunday we're looking for an intern keen to learn about production and excited by politics. Is it you?” A link was included. Now here’s a thing!
Montgomery, though, was not happy. “ITV's Robert Peston advertising for an intern to work on his Sunday morning programme. Please note: WHITES NEED NOT APPLY. #EverydayRacism” he ranted. It was true that the internship was being sourced via Creative Access, who look to increase the BAME presence within the creative industries.
So after seeing the statement “All roles advertised through Creative Access are only open to UK nationals from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority”, he was up for a complaint: “Free to report this as a hate incident. Guidelines state that if it's reported it must be recorded, whatever it is”. Was it a real hate incident? “It’s real”.
Sounds serious. Serious enough, in fact, for Montgomery to have taken a step back and indulged in the mystical art known as “Five Minutes’ Googling”. But he did not: after all, there was the hated MSM to kick, and a little paranoia to dispense. Was it really realism? “Hard to say ; according to the census ‘White British’ are already less than 50% of the population in London, where this job is based”. But his complaint will go nowhere.
As Zelo Street regulars may recall, the Murdoch goons at the Sun tried this one with the hated BBC last year, the result being its infamous - and, not for the first time, totally wrong - claim “AUNTIE IS ANTI-WHITE”. The inmates of the Baby Shard bunker had claimed “Telly jobs just for minorities”. But then, as now, there were no jobs.
The opening Peston is trailing is an internship. And as the BBC said in response to the Sun’s fictitious drivel last year, “these are not jobs but training and development opportunities permitted under the Equality act”. So no law is being broken, there is no hate incident, no racism, and Jack Montgomery is well and truly bust.
We've been here before - and it was wrong then, too

Make that doubly bust: on top of all the other ranting, he signed off his attack on Peston and ITV in supremely disobliging style, Tweeting at the ITV host “Could you clarify whether your ‘No Whites’ policy applies the one-drop rule to mixed race applicants? Also, how do you class Jews? Thanks”.
Robert Peston is Jewish.

And that is Breitbart in a nutshell: white paranoia, no research, fake allegations, and the sure and certain inability to ‘fess up and say sorry when rumbled. More fake news.


Ceiliog said...

Breitfart, burning like cancer
Breitfart, why don't you close and fail?
How can such shite, with turds all darkly,
Try to out do The Mail?

Anonymous said...

What concerns about Peston is not his alleged racism (which may or may not be true, who knows?) but his words on page 336 of the 2008 paperback edition of his right wing propaganda trash Who Runs Britain?

Which claims, "It may not be pretty, but, on the whole, greed is good."

Which tells you all you need to know about Peston's political "values" and how they are applied, racist or not.

He's just another London spiv/barrow boy.

Gonzoland said...

@Anon 9 July 2017, 12:39
Super Rich: The Greed Game Documentary by Robert Peston.
Maybe Peston's book is a bit like the film 'Patton: Lust for Glory' in that two opposing sides (hawk or dove, have lots or have nots) see it in different lights?

Anonymous said...

To Gonzoland.

Believe that about Peston and you'll believe anything.

Or believe Patton was a "military genius" instead of a recipient of the "easiest" stretch of the Western Front and an "end run" even he couldn't screw up.

Meanwhile, Peston will peddle his usual ranting righty shite in a phoney hesitant style that wouldn't pass muster at the Godalming Bell Ringers Rep.