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Tuesday 4 July 2017

The Sun’s Hard Working Hypocrisy

After a motion put before the national Football Supporters’ Federation summit last Sunday, which called for a boycott of the Sun newspaper, was passed unanimously, meaning more than seventy club supporter’s groups had backed it, one might have thought that the Murdoch goons would sit up and take notice. Instead, they have carried on as before, and just to rub their readers’ noses in it, their editor made sure they knew he didn’t care.
Sun editor Tony Gallagher - far less pleasant than he looks

As the Liverpool Echo observed, “All Premier League fan groups represented including Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal and others from the Championship and lower leagues will now go back to their local areas and pick up the campaign that was launched by the Total Eclipse of the S*n group in Liverpool”. And there was more.

Both Liverpool and Everton football clubs have this year banned The S*n from all club premises as well … The motion was proposed at St George’s Park in Burton today by Spirit of Shankly member Roy Bentham and seconded by Dave Kelly of the Everton Supporters Trust … The fact it was passed means the call to boycott the newspaper is now official Football Supporters Federation policy and means the FSF will now ‘call on all retailers and vendors of newspapers in their areas to stop selling The S*n’”.
But the Murdoch mafiosi haven’t even commented. They don’t care. Even though the paper claims to defend the hard-working - running stories likeTheresa May promises to govern for hard working Brits rather than the privileged few as she sweeps into No10 with immediate reshuffle”, as well asTax and benefit changes could hit hard-working parents the hardest”, and running a Theresa May comment piece in the same vein, “Conservatives’ energy cap will stand up for millions of working families repeatedly hit with rising gas and electricity bills”, they aren’t interested in real hard-working people.
What the Murdoch faithful are interested in, apart from kicking Labour with cheap shots likeJeremy Corbyn is snubbing Britain’s hard working troops to preach to Glastonbury festival goers instead”, is lording it over the people they claim to champion.
We know this because of the inadvertent candour of the paper’s deeply unpleasant editor Tony Gallagher, who has taken to Twitter to give the game away in no style at all. “Here is @ElizaDolbey - @RestaurantMoro alumnus - now starring at the always staggeringly good @RiverCafeLondon” he observed, the Tweet timed at 2318 hours yesterday.

So Tone went to the River Café for his nosh last night. Shall we see what that would set back just one person? This is from today’s Lunch Menu - it won’t be cheaper in the evening. Hmmm, Buffalo Mozzarella for antipasto is £19, Taglierini for Primo is another £19, Cornish monkfish for Secondo is £36, selection of three cheeses for afters is £13, a couple of glasses of Chardonnay is £42, and that’s £129 before any service charge or tip.
The attitude of Sun management to its readers in one photo

That, folks, is the Sun editor’s response to his hard-working readers who can’t look further ahead than a plateful of nosh and a pint at the local Spoons. He and the rest of the Sun’s management have so much dosh they can afford to wave it in your faces while they lord it over you. He’s got LOADS OF MONEY. Sales boycotts? They don’t care.

So don’t hold back when it comes to consigning the Murdochs’ vicious and out of touch propaganda sheet to the dustbin of history. Remember - Don’t Buy The Sun.


A.Robot (Mrs) said...

I know it's only the Sun, but you'd think a newspaper editor would know that the female chef he mentions won't be an 'alumnus' of Moro but rather an 'alumna'.
Literacy standards at the Sun slipping, eh Tone?

Sam Best said...

Newsagents in my home state Victoria in Oz are being urged to boycott Rupert's Rags and stop selling his ghastly local propaganda sheets. It's just a matter of time before the whole Murdoch shebang implodes.

Anonymous said...

"Gallagher" is one of those irregular English words.

It rhymes with dick head.

Anonymous said...

It's not even useful as toilet paper as there's already a load crap in it!