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Friday 1 February 2013

Toby Young Loses The Plot

The loathsome Toby Young, fresh from his sacking by the Murdoch empire to the relief of all those right thinking people who wish it had happened earlier, is most unhappy at seeing his bosom pal James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole called out for bullying the disabled, and for his vicious misogyny towards Suzanne Moore. His protests of “he’s apologised” cut no ice, either.

Not a particularly convincing oenologist, either

And, following Ms Moore calling out Del Boy yesterday, Tobes is now additionally unhappy with her, because she not only objected to the vicious misogyny, but told people about it. Heck, how rotten and lefty is that? So Young has taken to Twitter to not really attack her, honest, because he’s only calling her out for allegedly trying to set the same Twitter mob that attacked her on to Del Boy.

By now, it should surprise nobody that there has to be a certain suspension of reason in order to find Tobes credible on this one, and by extension the thought may enter that he may not be as credible as he would have folks believe on the subject of education, and his adoration of the ground trodden by his idol, the not at all saintly former Murdoch hack Michael “Oiky” Gove.

Moreover, he certainly isn’t getting away with calling Del’s offending Tweet “non-PC”. It was not a question of mere political correctness: vicious and clearly premeditated misogyny is not something that is up for argument. Delingpole was not only bang out of order, but he was also utterly unrepentant – up to the point that Suzanne Moore put Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher’s handle on her next Tweet.

So when Tobes whines “Drawing it to the attention of @gallaghereditor in order to get @jamesdelingpole fired was disgraceful”, he is being a stinking hypocrite as well as ignoring the act of misogyny. Young was nowhere to be seen while his fellow right-wingers were blatantly trying to get the Huffington Post UK to sack Mehdi Hasan by misrepresenting his past writings.

Besides, if what Del Boy did was a sacking offence, then (a) he shouldn’t have done it in the first place and (b) it was not mere “political correctness”. The idea that Suzanne Moore should have stuck to the lofty heights of debating the merits of “Oiky” Gove (or lack thereof) with Tobes, while leaving Del free rein to descend from the gutter of sneering to the sewer of abuse is laughable.

But Tobes has persisted: “You want all the misery you suffered at the hands of the Twitchfork mob to be visited on someone else” he asserts, but all Suzanne Moore is doing is using the resources at her disposal to defend herself. Somehow I get the impression that he has not yet faced the mildly inconvenient fact that his pal has ventured so far beyond the pale that his behaviour is no longer defensible.

Young and Delingpole cannot understand this. It is beyond their ability to do so.

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