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Monday 18 February 2013

Gove Polecats – Pants On Fire

Whoever is behind the (still anonymous, and still misbehaving) @toryeducation Twitter feed cannot drop the bone when it comes to anyone, but anyone, who is of dissenting view. Thus there has been more childishness displayed towards Toby Helm of the Observer, as well as a particularly defamatory attack on author and former children’s laureate Michael Rosen.

Yes, "Oiky", YOUR SpAds

So last night came the trolling of Helm’s own Twitter feed, but sadly @toryeducation didn’t get a bite. So he changed tack and pretended that Helm’s article had made a false assertion against the information source that is really not being run by Dominic Cummings and Henry de Zoete, honestly. And here Rosen was involuntarily co-opted in yet another attempt to discredit Helm.

Helm’s latest Observer piece contained this: “Last week @toryeducation launched an extraordinary attack on the author and former children's laureate Michael Rosen, accusing him of being a member of the Socialist Workers Party”. Well, whoever was working @toryeducation yesterday evening was not a happy bunny at reading that, and duly went into attack mode.

One of many @tobyhelm fictions this weekend was [that] we called @michaelrosenyes a ‘member’ of SWP” protested neither Cummings nor de Zoete. So one might think that some form of words had been used that could not be interpreted as having that meaning. Well, it’s only last week, so as Cilla might have said, shall we have a look and find out? Why, yes we shall.

And look what we found: just after 1330 hours on 13 February, @toryeducation referred to “SWP’s @michaelrosenyes” not once, but twice. There can be no other inference than that Rosen is part of the SWP. And how can one be part of the SWP, other than by being a member? Toby Helm was spot on, and Cummings and de Zoete (allegedly) are bang to rights.

I do hope the fire extinguishers are working over at Great Smith Street this morning. Because there is an immediate need to deal with two pairs of burning trousers before Michael “Oiky” Gove’s retinue of polecats find themselves in the nearest A&E with third degree burns.

Expect Dominic Cummings and Henry de Zoete to appear very soon on the list of prospective Tory Parliamentary candidates – with that kind of whopper telling ability, they’ll be ideal Conservative MP material.


Anonymous said...

I can only assume @ToryEducation is one of 2 things:

1) A Tory mouthpiece made to look so bad that they make Gove look competent.

2) A fifth columnist trying to make the Tories look stupid.

Surely no-one can think the account does Gove or the Tories any favours?

Unknown said...

If you subscribe to my theory that the whole Gove DfE is devoted to smashing state education and hiving it off to Rupert and Capita and so on, the point of @toryeducation is to demoralise and smear anyone who tries to oppose this. The fact that he's a laughable clown indicates that this is probably done with plausible deniability, at a distance from Cummings and de Zoete, but nevertheless in concert with them. There's even a name floating around if you look not very hard, who hasn't been mentioned in the Helm coverage for some reason.