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Thursday 1 October 2020

Nigel Farage Antifa Lie BUSTED

As the candidates sparred their way through the first Presidential debate the other night, watching and cheering his pal Combover Crybaby Donald Trump was Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. Nige was ready to talk up The Donald and diss Joe Biden in whatever way he could, which meant talking well, but lying badly.

Sadly for him, he did this on an open Twitter feed, and so the rest of the world could call him out. So when he asserted “The Green New Deal is a fantasy. It will cost jobs”, along came Dan Clarke to remind him “You spelt Brexit wrongly”. When Farage claimed “Trump is superb on law and order. His best part of the debate so far”, there was just derision.

Then, after he pitched “Joe showing first signs of tiredness. Could be a long 45 minutes for him” (it was 90 minutes, Nige, details, eh?) and was rebuked by one Tweeter pointing out “Don't mistake exasperation for tiredness”, the law and order business arrived at far right violence, which Trump tried to blame on the left, while convincing no-one.

This was difficult for Farage, especially as Trump uttered the line “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by”, which he has tried to row back since, to little avail. The neo-Nazi group has taken the remark as a ringing endorsement. Instead, Mr Thirsty homed in on Antifa, an area where he was keen to show he was in lockstep with the Trump campaign.

And it was at this point that the Farage pants spontaneously combusted. “Antifa is a domestic terrorist organisation. Far from condemning them, Biden says ‘they’re just an idea’. Disgraceful”. The problem for Nige is that Biden is right, and he is wrong. Antifa, for starters, is not an organisation. And calling it one will not change that reality.

Carole-Anne Collins asked The Great Man “Where's their HQ Nige? Who are the ‘organisation’s' leaders? Come on, tell us all”. Benjamin Smith was unconvinced. “They're not an organisation Nigel. Basic stuff. There's no central organisation. Stop talking about things that you blatantly don't understand. It's getting embarrassing”. Indeed it is.

As a Vox article put it, “It is not a unified organization, but rather a loose ideological label for a subset of left-wing radicals who believe in using street-level force to prevent the rise of what they see as fascist movements … Internal FBI assessments and protest-related court documents tell a consistent story: Antifa members are not responsible for the unrest … the ‘antifa’ discussed in the president’s tweets and on Fox News … are a trumped-up boogeyman for the conservative movement”. Including Nigel Farage.

The Vox piece also reminds us “Antifa’s origin story begins in the 1930s, in two European countries: Germany and the United Kingdom”. Like in the resistance to the British Union of Fascists that culminated in the Cable Street protests. Which side of those protests would Nigel Farage have been on? Who were the domestic terrorists then?

Which side would he have backed in World War 2? Don’t all shout at one, Farage fans.

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Jonathan said...

People like Farage depend on the oxygen of 'shock', and 'awe', so people start talking about the fool and his ideology and his love of the Narcissitic one in the White House.

Just block the fool, his ideology and lies have caused enough problems already.

Anonymous said...

No doubt he'll "support" tory Britain's proposed new island concentration camps and prison hulks.

Probably apply to be a kommandant.

Then recruit an orchestra from the victims.

What an utterly immoral, conscience-free, racist shit hole we've become.

RodJ said...

If Operation Sealion had happened, and if Nige had been around at the time, "Farage would have been the word for collaborator with the occupier. Not Quisling.

Anonymous said...

Farage's continous brown-nosing of Trump, like a faithful puppy dog, will one day result in him disappearing up the President's backside for good!

Anonymous said...

Does Fromage not know that two weeks ago FBI Director Chris Wray testified the exact opposite when he said of Antifa that “It’s not a group or an organization. It’s a movement or an ideology”? According to Fromage, the FBI would then be disgraceful for failing to condemn Antifa. Or, he's a racist cunt that doesn't know what the fuck he's drivelling about.

Oh, and the Guardian today reports on a survey which found that "Between 1 January 1994 and 8 May 2020, white supremacists and other rightwing extremists in the US carried out attacks that left 329 people dead. In the same period, a single attack staged by an anti-fascist resulted in a killing. And during that incident, the one person who lost their life was the anti-fascist perpetrator." The statistics clearly demonstrate that it is those who share Fromage's beliefs who are the terrorists.

iMatt said...

The 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Given who was in charge of both Nazi Germany and the Luftwaffe at the time, I'm sure even Farage would agree those RAF pilots were very much anti-Fascist. Little doubt who he'd be cheering on though.

Anonymous said...

Anon - 15:08. Yep, everyone seems to have forgotten about Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing. Interestingly at the time the right-wingers were trying to pin it on a 'false flag' and were insisting that the FBI set it all up. A modus operandi followed by the right-wing ever since who spew out a ton of disinformation on every far-right shooter - usually saying is a sneaky plot to ban guns.

Past few years we had fan of Melanie Phillips Brevik shooting the kids in Norway, the scumbag in NZ last year live-streaming the mosque massacre to his mates on the Chan sites, the little shit who shot up the black church, several Synagogue shootings... they all have in common one thing - young men with far-right politics.

Anonymous said...

If Trump is kicked out in a few weeks, things may well get bad for Nige. The Trumpist wing of the Repubs are so crazy that any new government will have to make sure they're completely exposed and discredited forever (else we'll get President Serena Joy Ivanka or some such horror).

This means releasing all the dirt on Don's financial dealings, and dirt on his associates. Once we get to Nige we've got the Don links, the Putin links, the (strange but true) Assange links and the Hindu Nationalist links amongst others. In short Nige is going to be a target of every investigation under the sun for the next half decade and a nice easy target for US authorities to stamp on.

Jonathan said...

Quisling was executed by firing squad