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Monday 26 October 2020

Bozo Admits Brexit Means More Migrants

After Brexit, we were promised freedom: freedom to do as We The British pleased, freedom from all those rotten Euro-regulations made by people who talk foreign, freedom to make alliances with whoever we like (providing they’ll play ball), freedom to import crappy chicken from the USA, and for some Brexiteers, most importantly, freedom to decide who gets let in to the UK. We would take back control of our borders!

Still your hero, is he, Brexiteers?

Indeed, when Theresa May was PM, it was spelt out: skilled migrants would have to be offered a job paying over £35,000 a year. We would therefore be able to pick and choose who we let in. Migration would come down to just tens of thousands a year. But as with all those other Brexit promises, this turned out to be another mere chimera.

Which explains why there have been so many dead cats slung recently by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his chief polecat Dominic Cummings. But the Mail has found out. “Boris Johnson has scrapped the target to lower net migration to tens of thousands as he slashes the £35,800 salary cap for skilled UK migrants”.

There is more. “The plan, which ditches the aim put forward by Theresa May's government, was announced in a 507-page rulebook on Thursday. Under the new proposal, the cap needed for skilled migrants to stay in the UK without any time restrictions will be reduced to £25,600”. More migrants! Hello Brexit boosters!

And what kind of excuses are Bozo and Co pitching this time? “It comes as Mr Johnson pursues an Australian-style points-based immigration system, which will take earnings into account along with a myriad of other factors, and comes into effect from January next year”. Yeah, right. If we had the same rate of immigration per head of existing population as Australia, inward migration would be a lot higher - not lower.

What we do know is that the Tories tried to sneak this one out without telling the press. However, “The move, which has been confirmed by the Home Office and will be introduced from December 1, was spotted by Oxford University's Migration Observatory”.

And The Usual Suspects were not at all happy. “Migration Watch UK's Chairman, Alp Mehmet, described the move as 'outrageous', adding: 'To make matters worse, these major changes are being sneaked in through the back door with scant detail and a lack of advance warning’”. Another idiot who trusted Bozo. You never trust Bozo.

Nor do you trust his pals: “It follows figures revealing in August that net migration to the UK soared to its highest level since the Brexit referendum in 2016 in the build up to the coronavirus outbreak … Meanwhile, Home Secretary Priti Patel has been grappling with a surge in migrants crossing the Channel in recent months”. Course she has.

But remember, there’s always the spin. “A spokesperson for the Home Office said: 'We have changed the salary threshold required for settlement from £35,800 to either the general level - £25,600 - or the going rate for the individual's profession, whichever is higher.’” Which means there will be lots more migrants from non-EU countries.

The Gammonati will be close to self-combustion. You won, Brexiteers - get over it.

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How Nice To Be In England Now That Brexit's Near said...

Wait for The Singapore Model where 40% of the workforce are migrants.

Anonymous said...

Merely one more confirmation that capitalism requires cheap labour to function. No matter the source.

Boiler said...

Come on now. She has made mistakes, sure, but she's an intelligent woman unworthy of the criticism she has received here.

Anonymous said...


That Bozo is a woman is the most credible of your claims.