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Sunday 11 October 2020

Laurence Fox Hit By THIRD Lawsuit

After increasingly minor thesp Laurence Fox had a very visible Twitter meltdown last week, culminating in his calling three individuals “paedophiles”, it was inevitable that lawsuits would follow. And so it came to pass: both Simon Blake of Stonewall, and Drag Race star Crystal launched defamation actions against him. Only actress Nicola Thorp remained.

So Lozza might have been looking for her to make it three in a row. But that would have been to look the wrong way: Fox’s third lawsuit has not been over defamation, but the name of his nascent political party. He wants to use the name Reclaim. His problem is that someone else got there first. And the someone else is not happy.

As the Observer’s Michael Savage has reported, “The actor Laurence Fox has been threatened with legal action over his plans to set up a political party called Reclaim, after a charity that champions working-class teenagers said it already used the name and would face ‘substantial damage’ from any association”. And there is more.

Fox has said that he has millions of pounds in private funding for his party, including from the prominent Brexiter and former Tory donor Jeremy Hosking … However, a small Manchester charity that works with young people from poor backgrounds has now presented him with a legal ‘cease and desist’ letter, warning him to stop using the name Reclaim for his project”. So this is a serious action. In fact, it’s very serious.

A Twitter account has already been set up for the new Reclaim party, though the name has not yet been formally approved by the Electoral Commission. However, the charity’s lawyers have given Fox until Wednesday to stop using the name, surrender the website domain and remove use of Reclaim from associated social media accounts. The charity is also starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for its attempts to protect its name”.

Meanwhile, the real Reclaim project (“Ending leadership inequality that prevents working class young people from fulfilling their leadership potential”) has put out a video, telling its followers “Laurence Fox is trying to take our name but these young leaders have other ideas. Working-class people get pushed aside all the time and nothing gets done about it. Not this time”. You can donate to their crowdfunder HERE.

In any case, Fox could easily call his new party something else. After all, as one Tweeter has discovered, “Is the Facebook page for Laurence Fox's ‘Reclaim’ actually the old Facebook page for Jeremy Hosking's ‘Brexit Express’, repurposed? Why else would it be embedded in Brexit Express's website? You can even do it from Brexit Express's twitter feed”. The Brexit Express Facebook link from its Twitter feed links to the Reclaim party.

So it could just as easily link to any other name. So how about it Lozza and pals? Stop trying to nick the name already being used to help and promote working class young people, and use something original. You could always call it Reverse.

Because that’s what Fox seems to want to do with society. I’ll just leave that one there.

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Jonathan said...

Lozza isn't very bright, Lozza doesn't like people with alterative views, Lozza doesn't believe FREEZE PEACH comes with resposibilty to use it wisely and within the law.

Simply.like his friend Dazza Grimes, he's none too keen on looking before he leaps..

AndyC said...

No matter how depressing we find the times in which we now live, from the lunatic in the WH, the seemingly never-ending crisis that is Covid-19, the disaster that is Brexit, the criminal corruption that pervades the ruling party, we can always depend on Mr Fox to lighten our woes however briefly, by yet again shooting himself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

Not looking good for the people’s friend looooza faux

Anonymous said...

Not looking good for the people’s friend looooza faux .... perhaps he should call it rehash and draft farage in as a pr consultant

J said...

Damn it, left the comment on the wrong post...

He could always name it the "w@nked c*ck party"... because its small, sticky, rapidly cooling, and has an even more useless pr*ck behind it.