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Tuesday 27 October 2020

Harry Cole - Stateside Pants On Fire

As so often with those out there on the right, when it comes to needing cast-iron proof of their ineptitude, it is they who ride to the rescue and willingly serve it up. So it is with the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, the non-journalist who is now pretending to be political editor of the Murdoch Sun, who has proved he is indeed not a real journalist.

Master Cole worked his way up to the summit of stupidity yesterday, making base camp with “Nothing says we're not a bunch of lefties like writing a letter to the Guardian complaining about being called a bunch of lefties”. Lawyers going about their jobs and concerned about cabinet ministers endangering them by indulging in gratuitous hate speech are now “lefties”. Thus Cole confirms he is a mere propagandist.

Then it was onwards and, er, onwards to peddling misinformation on the Welsh “firebreak” lockdown. “Can we just pack this madness in. Offer an amnesty on idiocy” proclaimed one of the Sun’s many useful idiots. The Tesco mis-step was not investigated; no journalistic process was followed. He had his line to take. Then came the Pièce de Résistance.

Biden says he's on course to beat George Bush ... oh dear”. The Murdoch press is backing Combover Crybaby Donald Trump in next week’s Presidential Election. Trump, so bent that he makes Richard Milhous Nixon, and even Al Capone, look like model citizens, is trailing Democrat challenger Joe Biden. The margin in FiveThirtyEight’s polling average is 9.4%, and Trump is also trailing in many swing state polls.

Indeed, Rupert Murdoch has privately said that Trump is going to lose. But his media outlets are still pumping out propaganda on The Donald’s behalf, and what Cole has endorsed is a claim that Biden could not remember his opponent’s name. The problem is that the story is a pack of lies, and the one who forgets names is Trump.

A real journalist would have stood the claim up first. Not Cole. The Sun article claimedBiden appeared to stumble over his words in the interview with George Lopez, as he said the Democrat campaign was fighting against ‘four more years of George.’ His wife Jill then appears to quietly correct him under her breath, and Biden went back to saying Trump”.

Two things here. One, Biden said “George” because, as the Sun article says, he was responding to someone called George. And Two, his wife had no need to correct him. Deliberately taking something out of context to serve a pre-ordained agenda is not journalism. That is the craft of propagandists. And it gets worse.

Jim Cornelius responded to Cole with a Now This video compilation of Trump getting names wrong. He got rather a lot of names wrong. Elly Davis itemised some of those, as well as reminding us of Trump’s claim “I remember the names because I have a good memory … I remember names”. He doesn’t remember, though.

Not that Master Cole will concern himself with such details, though. He has done his job, carried out his orders. But he has not checked out the story before endorsing it.

That’s because he is not, and never will be, a real journalist. I’ll just leave that one there.

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Ferdy Fox said...

"Offer an amnesty on idiocy” Is this not just self interest?

Anonymous said...

And nothing says you're not A Nazi like writing apologias for acts of far-right terrorism.

"Home secretary Priti Patel ignored warnings from at least two senior colleagues to stop targeting immigration lawyers after a knifeman threatened to kill a solicitor last month in an attack linked to her rhetoric, the Observer can reveal.

Lord chancellor Robert Buckland and attorney general Suella Braverman intervened after the attack to tell Patel that her targeting of the legal profession was already believed to have inspired an incident that might have left a solicitor dead."

Does the cuckservative think that Braverman and Buckland are lefties too?

Jonathan said...

Aye Master Cole who lost his gal to the man who desperately wants a Trump victory so he can go full Trumpian & call off EU/UK trade talks leaving us up shit creek.