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Monday 19 October 2020

Cambridge Analytica - Brillo Busted

The saga of Cambridge Analytica, and its involvement with the various Leave campaigns during the 2016 EU Referendum, along with linked company Aggregate IQ, have been the subject of all manner of argument, much of it aimed at discrediting the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr and anyone working with, or even supporting, her. And one of those passing adverse comment on her efforts has been former Murdoch editor Andrew Neil.

But since last Saturday afternoon, the cat-calling has died down. Maybe Brillo had more pressing demands on his time down there in the south of France. Maybe he had seen something that makes his cheap sneering and abuse look very foolish indeed. Because earlier that day, Ms Cadwalladr had toldLast night, AP reported [a] 180-page legal complaint filed by non-partisan Campaign Legal Center”. And its significance?

It claims Cambridge Analytica facilitated illegal co-ordination between Trump & PACs. 757 pages of internal CA docs were also released”. That’s one heck of a data dump. Ms Cadwalladr, and Peter Jukes of Byline Media, are now poring over it. And the highlights uncovered so far make for interesting reading. Unless you’re Brillo.

Such as “A legal contract with Donald Trump … ’AggregateIQ - IN PARTNERSHIP WITH - Cambridge Analytica' … 2 companies Operating together as ***1 legal entity*** … ’Aggregate IQ in partnership with Cambridge Analytica’ … Last week, [the ICO] told DCMS committee 'AIQ has consistently denied have a closer relationship beyond that between a software developer & their client'. And that all work was 'conducted with SCL & not CA’”.

The CA-AIQ link denial was bust. And there was more. An FT journalist had, out of the blue, put out a post, “Cambridge Analytica probe finds no evidence it misused data to influence Brexit”, which was seized upon by Brillo. Ms Cadwalladr mused “And who was the first person to leap on [the FT] article & feast upon it? Why [Andrew Neil] of course. Could [he] have any undeclared interests in this story revealed by these new docs??

He could. “Look who's there on the launch night of LeaveEU … With Banks, Farage & Cambridge Analytica. Why...it's only the Barclay Brothers! Or as we know them - [Andrew Neil]’s bosses. Did you know this [Andrew]? Have you ever asked them about their involvement?? You going to now??” She also notes the involvement of the Spectator magazine in talking about “The Cambridge Analytica conspiracy theory”.

Her message to Brillo? “You've attacked me personally & [The Observer]’s journalism. Your magazine [the Spectator] has run story after story claiming it's a 'conspiracy theory’. Well, if it is. It's one with your bosses - the Barclay Bros - at centre of it since day 1”. Thus far, The Great Man has been silent. But he might soon have to explain himself.

Meanwhile, for those on the Leave EU side who may have thought that they could sit this one out, they can’t. Jukes has already found one interesting nugget: “This is new from Leave EU. Two years ago [Carole Cadwalladr] and I got an invoice for $40k (payable to [Steve] Bannon’s account) for UKIP modelling in 2016. But this seems to suggest a contract worth $1.5m in 2015”. Wonder who opened their wallet to pay for that one?

Cambridge Analytica was a conspiracy, not a conspiracy theory. Hello Andrew Neil.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh there's a great deal more to Cambridge Analytica than that sweaty lump of Uriah Heep lard, Neil. Or any of the other minor propaganda clerks.

There's an awful hurry to forget it was an organisation that sabotaged elections and organised coups against democracy.

Neil is indeed involved and should be exposed. But it's fanciful to think this was hatched by a small gang of suited up barrow boys in a seedy London office. There's money, political intentions and organisation behind it.

Now where, just where, would all that come from?

Beware of "limited hangout".....