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Wednesday 7 October 2020

Laurence Fox Hit By SECOND Lawsuit

It might not have been such a good idea to tell the world that his new political party had already raised £5 million in funds - whether these are donations or loans is not currently known - when combined with his recent Twitter meltdown. Because increasingly minor thesp Laurence Fox, after smearing three people as “paedophiles”, has attracted the attention of lawyer Mark Lewis, and the defamation actions are stacking up.

Will sorry be the hardest word?

First came Simon Blake of Stonewall, who, as I noted yesterday, “has announced that he is suing Laurence Fox after the actor called him a ‘paedophile’ during a bizarre Twitter rant about Sainsbury’s”. He then revealed that “Mr Fox seriously defamed me and I have instructed Mark Lewis from Patron Law to sue for defamation”. So what would happen with the two other individuals that Fox had so unwisely smeared?

We did not have to wait long to find out. Once more, it was Pink News that brought Lozza the news he would rather not have received, telling readersDisgraced actor Laurence Fox is being sued, again, for ‘homophobic defamation’ by RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Crystal, who he accused of being a ‘paedophile’”. And there was more.

The actor later deleted the tweets, but Blake soon announced that he would be filing a defamation lawsuit against Fox. Now, Crystal has announced she is doing the same, and will be represented by the same lawyer”. Crystal has put out a statement.

Mr Fox seriously defamed me, and I have instructed Mark Lewis of Patron Law to sue on my behalf. I will not stand for racism when I see it, and I will not stand for homophobic defamation when it is directed at me … An accusation of paedophilia is one of the oldest homophobic tropes, and it was very shocking to have that levelled at me, not just by Mr Fox, but also his many followers who believed him”. A pile-on. Oh dear, Lozza!

Back by popular demand. Allegedly

Because that makes it worse. As in more expensive worse. As in more open and shut defamation worse. This matters, because Lewis is probably taking these instructions on a no-win no-fee basis - for him, it is a no-brainer too: the defamation is blatant, there was a subsequent pile-on from Fox’s followers, and he did not qualify the statement with, for instance, “My opinion is”. There is only one question outstanding right now.

And that is: will Nicola Thorp follow suit? After all, Fox used the “paedophile” smear against her, too. If she was subjected to the same pile-on as Crystal, it’s an equally bang to rights defamation, and an equally straightforward opportunity for Mark Lewis.

Meanwhile, one has to wonder if all those free speech obsessives who backed Fox so slavishly are beginning to discover buyer’s remorse. The loathsome Toby Young, and the inmates at Spiked, so called because it should have been long ago, are still talking up the new Lozza Party, while not mentioning its now disgraced figurehead. But they must ultimately get real: Fox can’t lead a party when he can’t keep his trap shut.

Meanwhile, were I a betting man, I’d have a few notes on Mark Lewis already being in contact with Nicola Thorp. I said it could be expensive for him. Looks like I was right.

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Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Poor Lawrence (not) har har haaar haaar. Can he pay damages from the £5mil ? I think not.
Soon to be remembered as the bloke who used to be married to Billie Piper? She has certainly had a rum selection of ex husband's.

Jez Box said...

This is all just magnificent! A twitter search on Laurence Fox Libel yesterday evening, produced literally hours of happy scrolling.

Lossa Fox is a leader? My arse!

James said...

I really hope this cretin gets his day and is bankrupt.

Going around accusing people of peadophila like this is something you expect from a leader of a mob not a political party.

What if one of the persons accused gets attacked - will Lawrence take responsibility ?

Upperclass shithead.

Arnold said...

I wonder who legally owns the £5m.

Anonymous said...

Poor Lawrence?

Soon, my friends, soon...

Anonymous said...

So it is okay to call someone a racist now is it? Become as meaningless as Nazi and/or Fascist? With the left able to through it around without repercussions we will see.

Interest that this blog has failed to print the original insult hurled at Mr Fox, indeed hasn't even alluded to it, doesn't fit narrative I presume.

Jonathan said...

Hopefully Lozza wil get the Hat Trick of libel writs, if he does a Hopkins and it goes to a hearing Lozza is looking at North of £2 million plus in damages and legal costs..

Tufton Street will be looking for a new front man, who knows when to keep his trap shut.

Anonymous said...


Well, you know, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.....

Wankdkok is a more appropriate name for the new Party said...

That State of Victimhood in which you live - Ask Trump to make it the 51st.

Anonymous said...

Well, as the saying goes if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck .......

Anonymous said...


You do realise that this blog is thoroughly enjoying your meltdown over Fox's self-own. Wah wah false equivalence wah wah victimhood wah wah fake news wah wah whataboutery wah wah tone policing wah wah ... et cetera et cetera.