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Saturday 10 October 2020

Darren Grimes Protests Too Much

For failed trainee hairdresser Darren Grimes, defeating the Electoral Commission was easy: his defence against electoral malpractice was, effectively, that he was too stupid to fill in a form correctly. Now, though, he faces a potentially far more difficult challenge, and claiming he was too ignorant to know what he was doing will not help his cause.

Yesterday afternoon, Dazza let it be known that he was “Taking on the Metropolitan Police”, which would not be a wise move. What had happened is that a complaint had been made concerning his infamous interview with appalling old bigot David Starkey, who had asserted “Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain, would there?” Grimes did not push back, or criticise.

Worse, and this is the point that Grimes is either too stupid, or too wilful to figure out, he could have told Starkey that maybe they should go back over that part of the interview in view of the incendiary nature of his guest’s comments, but he did not. He just nodded along, then published the result on his YouTube channel. That is important.

It is the one thing that has evaded all those out there on the right. So after reading that Dazza is to be interviewed under caution by the Met, and that he is being accused of stirring up racial hatred, off the end of the pier they have all gone. The loathsome Toby Young has whined “The only hatred Dr Starkey stirred up was against himself”. So the so-called Free Speech Union is taking up the cudgels on Grimes’ behalf.

Other luminaries also not concerning themselves with the law are increasingly minor thesp Laurence Fox, who has airily declared “Why don’t you go and investigate an actual crime? Do something about the 10 year knife crime high maybe? No one gave you consent to police our thoughts. We give you consent to police criminal activity”. The Met is investigating criminal activity, Lozza. You don’t get to decide that. It’s the law.

Iain Dale has gone one better: he claims they’re out to get Grimes because of Brexit. “Failing to challenge someone in an interview is not a crime. The worst thing Darren Grimes was guilty of was naivety. Somebody in the Met is clearly out to get Darren. They failed to over Brexit so they're now trying it on with this. Disgraceful”. Dale has been publishing material for so many years, you’d think he knew the law.

Most likely there will be no further action taken; if there is, perhaps Grimes will join Dale in accepting a Police Caution. Toby Young and his pals will be able to claim that they were the ones that kept Dazza from the slammer, and Grimes will think twice before committing his uncut interviews to pixel - especially given the build-up he gave the Starkey one.

Maybe it will sink in with Dazza that those actions which have consequences may include his own. In the meantime, ignore the over-egging of the pudding: he’s not taking on the Met or anyone else - he’s just going down the cop shop to have a chat with them.

Think carefully before you hit “publish”. I always do. But Darren Grimes didn’t.

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Sigil said...

The Law: We are required to process asylum seekers
The Right: Lawyers are communists

The Law: we are required to hold by international treaties we've signed
The Right: doesn't apply to us

The Law: police are required to investigate the reporting of a potential crime
The Right: this is like the fucking Stasi

The Law: please wear a mask
The Right: the weak must perish

Anonymous said...

a political private pike

Anonymous said...

Funniest sight of the year would be softshite Grimes in an orange jump suit and leg irons.

Law and order in full cry.

Utterly hilarious.

Jonathan said...

Reading the minor thesp's complaints on Twitter about what real crime is...

Would this include the behaviour of deliberately starting arguments with his ex wife Billie Piper, which he self disclosed to the media? Which if Ms Piper had reported to the police could have landed our hero batting on a very sticky wicket with the CPS...

Dazza, should do some media training, he might get clued up about the law regarding publishing or broadcasting via the internet.

The puppet of Tufton Street is too stupid to learn from his mistakes.

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.J.E.N.C.E. said...

Darren Grimes a real person?
It's a marionette in 'Team America: World Police'.

Unknown said...

You can't prosecute someone for something that someone else said. If you were to quote something that someone else said should you be prosecuted for it? No of course not.

"The Met is investigating criminal activity" No. The met is investigating a claim of criminal activity, which isn't the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Typical of the left to get hold of the wrong end of the stick in order to beat someone from the right with it. You can guarantee this wouldn't happen in reverse, it doesn't.

The Met have rightly come under fire for its decision to investigate Grimes under the Public Order Act, it's plainly absurd and not what the act is designed for and all sensible right-thinking people have come out and said so.

Meanwhile on Youtube you can see any number of videos of BLM protesters abusing the police in clear contravention of numerous sections of the Public Order Act, they don't move a muscle.

Meanwhile the BBC gave voice to a certain Sophie Duker.....I rest my case and ask for the Home Secretary to intercede.

Anonymous said...


"The Met have rightly decided to investigate Grimes under the Public Order Act, it's plainly what the act is designed for but all Nazis have come out and said the opposite." FIFY.

That would be the same Home Secretary who was accused by Police chiefs of “absolutely disgraceful” interference after she demanded a clampdown on Black Lives Matter protests, then? Typical of the right to lie and accuse the left of the behaviour they engage in. Your 'guarantee' is absolutely worthless.

Anonymous said...


I also note you haven't retracted your accusations over the Barrington declaration now that Sky News have revealed the unreliability of the signatories. Is that egg on your face or cum from fellating Nazi propagandists?

Anonymous said...

@ 17:10.

You don't have a case to rest.

Plenty of far right bullshit though.

David B. said...

If anyone knows what *actually* constitutes a crime, surely it's OAP-assailant Dale?

Anonymous said...

What a miserable species of humanity on here, 20:39 needs to seek help as a matter of urgency, such personal insults are unnecessary in the context of debate but probably essential to your well being, get yourself sorted out! Especially I haven't commented anywhere about the Barrington declaration whatever that is !

Anonymous said...


I don't debate Nazis. FYI I was referring to your post at 20:32 https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2020/10/herd-immunity-media-being-played.html. Get a tissue bukkake boy.