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Tuesday 6 October 2020

Katie Hopkins Grovels Before Muslims

The time of pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins on Twitter came to an end earlier this year, but not soon enough to stop her from making one last grave error of judgment, and one that would have been a lot more expensive, had she not been prepared to prostrate herself before yet another group of people she had casually defamed.

Viewers may still want to look away now

Hatey Katie was banned by Twitter for “hateful conduct” in June. The previous month, she had failed to do her research and had Tweeted “Finsbury Park mosque just after 8pm. Officers attacked. 5 representatives of the Religion of Peace arrested. Zero media coverage”. The clear inference of the word “representatives” was that whoever did the attacking had something to do with the Mosque. But they did not.

Nor did the incident occur outside the Mosque, but two streets away. Ms Hopkins eventually deleted the Tweet, but by then a legal action had been set in train. Ultimately, she had to apologise. And what an apology it was. Here’s some extracts.

I am genuinely sorry for any offence or hurt felt by Finsbury Park Mosque for this clear factual error and I am happy to put the record straight … Furthermore, it could be inferred from my Tweet that the aggressors in this altercation with the Metropolitan Police were members of the Finsbury Park Mosque. I offer my sincere apologies to the Mosque for this incorrect reference and the offence or hurt felt by it”. And there was more.

In the course of my correspondence with the solicitors for the Finsbury Park Mosque, it has been brought to my attention that the Mosque has involved itself in … charitable works, especially during the pandemic … I would like to take this opportunity to to acknowledge the contributions made by the Mosque to society”.

That must have hurt. Her only consolation was that, as she has been banned by Twitter, the statement, published on Parler and Instagram, will have been seen by far fewer people: Ms Hopkins had a million Twitter followers. So why the grovelling? Dan Sabbagh at the Guardian has revealed the reason: she is flat broke.

Although she deleted the tweet, the mosque was told by Hopkins that she would be unable to pay damages if she lost in court, having already applied for insolvency in 2018 after losing a costly libel case to the food writer Jack Monroe”. She is most fortunate that those followers of The Prophet were indeed merciful and did not decide to push her over the edge into bankruptcy. And so the fall of Katie Hopkins was complete.

This is, let us not forget, the person who had a weekly column in the Murdoch Sun, and after that a regular berth at Mail Online, who had a weekly show on broadcaster LBC, who was courted by broadcasters including the BBC, was greeted at a mainstream party conference (hello Tories), and who showed off her house in Exeter to the press.

She then threw it all away because she couldn’t keep her trap shut, and didn’t have the common sense to say sorry when she loused up. Here endeth the lesson once more.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed every single word of that Tim. Top stuff.

Nick S said...

Wonder if "Lozza" is reading this.

Jonathan said...

She should be grateful to the Mosque and it's leaders that they showed mercy and forgiveness and accepted an apology.

Muslim communities up and down this country have been doing amazing things during this pandemic, like as always the Islamic faith teaches it's followers to do works of charity without payment or reward.

Maybe Katie, could actually,learn something from any faith and give back to society instead of trying to divide and spread fear and hate.

Here is hoping she has learnt a very important lesson.

Anonymous said...

After losing her family home and lots of money, it's a wonder her husband hasn't yet smothered her to death with a pillow while she slept.

Anonymous said...

I would've stuck the libel debt on her for the rest of her miserable ranting life.