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Wednesday 10 May 2017

Tommy Robinson Arrested

Those who look in regularly on Zelo Street will recall the incident last month when former EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who now styles himself Tommy Robinson, fetched up on my doorstep in dead of night, spent some time banging at the front door, shouted through the letterbox, and then claimed to the world that he wanted a “polite conversation”, and to ask me “just one question”. There was more.
Tommy Robinson

Yaxley Lennon (or Robinson) then claimed I was not really called the name by which I am known, a bogus accusation he continues to make. This behaviour met with great approval from those who think that whatever he does is right. It may have emboldened him and his pals at Rebel Media to confront more people and organisations. And it was his latest such confrontation that landed him in a non-trivial amount of trouble.

On Monday last, Tommy and his Rebel Media pals fetched up outside Canterbury Crown Court, where four men are on trial, accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. The men are all, it seems, Muslims, and Tommy had already decided that They Done It.

This morning, at 0430 hours, the Police signalled their dissatisfaction at Robinson’s latest stunt and arrested him at his home (unlike Robinson’s visit to my house, I am not going to try and identify where he lives). He claimed “It’s 4.32 and the police are at my house, and I’m being arrested for going to a court case in Canterbury and trying to video the Muslim paedophiles”. That, in itself, may be a contempt of court.
This is polite and not at all intimidating, honetly

The Police confirmed “On the morning of Wednesday May 10, 2017 officers attended an address … and arrested a 34-year-old man for contempt of court … The arrest is in relation to an incident at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday 8 May 2017”. The Evening Standard helpfully explains “Any filming and recording of courts and court precincts is illegal in the UK under section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925 and the Contempt of Court Act”. And the contempt of court may extend further.

In a blatant attempt to play the victim, Robinson’s pet creep Caolan Robertson posted a video today (no link, in view of the potential contempt) once again claiming that the four on trial were guilty. He asserted that there was now a petition to “Free Tommy Robinson”, as if such a petition, and sharing a video on social media, could somehow circumvent the rule of law. It will be interesting to see what action the Police take.
Why are there suddenly all these filmed confrontations, sorry, polite chats, involving Tommy Robinson and his pals? Ah well. That appears to be down to his now being engaged by Rebel Media - in other words, it is his present day job. And, in my case, his night job as well. He also has a book to flog, although I’m sure the thought that a heightened media profile might move a few more copies has nothing to do with it.

As to whether Robinson and his pals have committed a criminal act, I will consider them to be innocent until proved otherwise. After all, it’s the polite thing to do. If only they would extend the same courtesy to followers of The Prophet.


Rivo said...

I find it slightly depressing to discover that Yaxley-Lennon/Robinson is only 34 and therefore younger than I am...

Anonymous said...

Where do we get our free Tommy Robinson and can we hang it from the rear view mirror?

Be interesting to discover how many sign up to the petition...

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Had anyone enumerated the pseudonyms used by Lennon? I'm up to four.

Then, those of greater numeracy, can start toting the number of warnings, arrests, infringement, convictions, etc. this egregious unreconstructed delinquent has amassed.

I don't know, but I think we should be told [© the late John Junor].

Anonymous said...

I opened the comments section just to see if TR/YL and pals had shown up again to blurt their brains.
No result - almost as though they briefly pick on a random subject and make a loud fuss to draw attention to themselves. Then rapidly lose interest and move on.

Anonymous said...

Why did this justify a dawn raid on TR? Good overtime for some officers?