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Sunday 21 May 2017

Don’t Menshn Impeachment

Some of us here in Britain have watched the troubles of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump unfold with one particular interest in mind - to see when the scales would fall from the eyes of those Stateside and the wibbling of (thankfully) Tory MP Louise Mensch would be called out for the conspiracist tosh we already knew it was. That moment has now come.
The pivotal moment when Ms Mensch’s house of cards began to collapse was when Vox ran a piece titledDemocrats are falling for fake news about Russia … Why liberal conspiracy theories are flourishing in the age of Trump”. This focused on Ms Mensch’s constant outpouring of claims about the Trump Gang, and rather a lot more.

And it’s interesting for us in the UK to see Ms Mensch linked to Democrats and others called liberal. This is, of course, part of the problem for Dems looking for Trump to topple - Louise Mensch is no liberal. She’s a Tory, she backed every Republican except Trump last year, and she is also a taker of the Murdoch shilling. That’s the same Rupert Murdoch who is devoting serious amounts of media resource to talking up … Donald Trump.
But that she’s away with the fairies is at last becoming clear to more and more watchers of the unfolding Trump crisis. After Ms Mensch claimed the process of impeachment had started - it hasn’t - Alexandra Erin lost patience: “Louise Mensch is lying to people and saying impeachment has started. She is spreading dangerous lies that can demoralize the resistance”. That could be because she isn’t really part of that resistance.

Ben Dreyfuss was less subtle: “These are the most shared lies from Louise Mensch’s actual fake news blog”. There were rather a lot of them. And Graham Linehan, seeing that the Mensch and Gamergate connection had also been twigged, declared his relief: “Good that Americans are beginning to see Mensch for the hustling opportunist she is”.
That anyone in the USA ever took Ms Mensch seriously is baffling to many here. Her lack of credibility was exemplified by the Rochdale grooming saga, which saw many men jailed after a Prosecutor had the files reopened. She got it totally wrong and claimed the same prosecutor was covering it all up for his mates and the Police.

Her vicious pursuit of anyone not backing her line on Tim Hunt (the Gamergate connection) resulted in the Association of British Science Writers declaring her complaints to it vexatious and without credibility. The Korean Federation of Women in Science and Technology talked ofthe ongoing serious distortion of facts by foreign commentators”.
She claimed the Russians killed Andrew Breitbart. She claimed the Guardian and New York Times had revealed “agents’ names” when discussing the Edward Snowden leaks. She viciously harassed a teenage girl over nothing more than a hashtag. She told her readers there had been an EU coup in Portugal (wrong). She was sure that Charlie Hebdo was an actual person. She even threatened me with a libel action (didn’t happen).

There are more examples of Louise Mensch’s idiocy - many more. It is my pleasure to bring them to the attention of all those good people in the USA.


Anonymous said...

That woman is in serious need of psychiatric treatment.

In most cases that would draw a lot of sympathy.

In her case she is so outright evil it produces the exact opposite. The same goes for those who promote the same malevolence.

She belongs in the same hospital ward as the Murdochs, Northcliffe, Macfilth, Dacre and all the other crackpots.

If the polls are to be believed that's the kind of mentality about to govern this country. Insanity is now the norm.

Nick63 said...

As you know Tim, generally where Ms Mensch is concerned you and I have been on the same page for a while; bonkers, usually disingenuous and, well, unhinged.

However, I fear that, probably almost entirely accidentally, she may be rather more right than wrong on this particular story. It may stick in the craw, but it's a probability.

Her problem now - and this is where she's beginning to piss people off stateside, is that she can't stop telling everyone how right she is and how wrong they are... addled-brained arrogance.


Gerald Hornsby said...

I've been wondering for some time why she appears to be so anti-Trump. Maybe this is all a clever ploy by Bannon (who, let's face it, has nothing else to do than to play internet psychology all day) to give the Trump regime something to point at. "See? Fake news!"

Anonymous said...

To be brutally honest with her gig as Murdoch's tame blond now gone to his new wife Mensch is at her wits end she has failed at every job murdoch has appointed her to and his sons and heirs are not so prepared to keep on an expensive failure just for the political kicks

For the old man he owns media for politics and profits for the boys its just profits you can buy as much loyalty as you need in their view

There is soon to be a vacuum in british politics when the old codger finally succumbs the big question is to see who is lining up to replace him and wielding their muscles my money is on the Big data guys they are the new gods of information and we ignore them at our peril

TPC said...

Hi Tim
I agree with Nick63.
Mensch has published some nonsense but the major part has proved to be correct AND she is weeks / months ahead of the formal media.

Also ... is she still taking the Murdoch shilling? I got the impression that she had left / was fired / amicable parting ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim.
I don't agree with Nick63.
This is because Mensch is a New York based far right shithouse without a conscience.
Just thought I'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

Simpler explanation: Mensch thinks she's in the vanguard of ultra-right types who want someone to hurry up and catalyse impeachment so that Pence can get cracking. In that way, she is just being a useful idiot. Trump can't last (unless he crowns himself King) but Pence will be a loyal passer-on of the ultra-right baton.

TPC said...

Easy to say that Mensch is pushing for Pence. Reality is her "Theories" actually suggest he is going down also ... President Orrin Hatch ... on the right also BUT further theories propose that GOP will get hit with RICO charges.
The thing to look at is how much of her information ends up being proved correct. Her strike rate is good.
Not a fan, at all, but credit where it is due.