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Thursday 25 May 2017

Katie Hopkins Manchester Smear BUSTED

As the Manchester bombing was claimed by ISIS, or whatever they’re called this week, there was the inevitable parade of Islamophobia masquerading as Proper Journalism  following on behind. The Scary Muslims (tm) done it! So, with the predictability of night following day, there had to be an intervention from pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, who at least attempted to be cordial this time. Perhaps her clock had stopped.
Viewers may want to look away now

Ms Hopkins contacted Ben de Pear of Channel 4 News after seeing an item on Wednesday’s edition from the vigil in Manchester. There was a live debate featuring people from the city’s part of the Libyan diaspora, which appeared to displease her.

Her email asked “Can you help me understand three points for a column I am writing … why did you allow the interview with the Libyan community - including a woman with a T shirt featuring weapons, and a man who was a proponent of sharia - on Channel 4 News when the country has been hit by tragedy … do you regret your editorial judgment on this … and if not, why have [you] deleted the link to the clip. Was this a response to the content or complaints”. Questions mark absence courtesy of Dan Hodges there.

So there you have it - interviewing anyone with Libyan heritage when one of their number was the suicide bomber should bar them from being interviewed. Hatey Katie is always good for a bit of collective punishment and guilt assumption.
But it was over the woman and her “guns” T-shirt that Ms Hopkins came badly unstuck. As Channel 4 News said in reply to her, “On Wednesday Channel 4 News broadcast this live debate at a vigil for the Manchester bombing victims. When it was brought to our attention that the woman being interviewed by Krishnan Guru-Murthy was wearing a gun-themed T-shirt, we removed the online versions to investigate”.

Then came Katie’s bad news. “We are now satisfied that the intention of that image is to subvert weaponry and is an anti-violence protest T-shirt … The image was made famous in 2013 when the singer Jennifer Hudson was pictured wearing a very similar design, which spelled out the word ‘love’ in guns and other weapons. She told fans ‘It’s time to turn all of that into this LOVE’”. Not a good assumption, Katie.

The statement also noted “members of the local Muslim community gave their reactions to the bombing … several spoke of their devastation and also took the chance to speak out against extremism … It is now available to view online”.
Strangely enough, there has not yet been a response from Hatey Katie. How she will spin the Channel 4 News item to show that the rotten MSM is in league with the Scary Muslims (tm) who are all hell-bent on feeding us Falafel and stopping right-thinking Brits from venturing down the Rub-A-Dub so they can become Elephants Trunk and Mozart will no doubt be a joy to behold. But her suggestion of improper behaviour is totally wrong.

Still, she needs to keep those trashy Mail Online columns, and appearances on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), after that libel loss earlier this year. So there will be more of this playing to the Muslim bashing gallery. What a waste of time and money.


Anonymous said...

Mainstream media is indeed rotten. Rotten to the core in fact.

But so is Hopkins.

They deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

I have just walked past somebody who was wearing a T-Shirt that said "Kiss Me " on it.

I think it's totally outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Hopkins and "Can you help me understand..."

I fear this task would be beyond an intellect as strong as Bertrand Russell or Noam Chomsky.

Nobody can "help" a stone dead mummy.

Anonymous said...

But you kissed him anyway? Fair play to you, sir.