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Thursday 18 May 2017

Karen Danczuk’s Council Tax Secret

[Update at end of post]

When Hannah Al-Othman of BuzzFeed News called on Karen Danczuk yesterday, she can hardly have imagined Kazza’s later meltdown. The two had what sounds like an amicable conversation, it was established that Kazza’s ex-husband Simon did not live at that address, but she helpfully agreed to pass on a message for him to call the reporter.
Karen Danczuk - not smiling at BuzzFeed News

Ms Al-Othman and her colleague Jim Waterson may therefore have been surprised when Kazza took to Twitter to creatively reimagine a meeting which the BuzzFeed reporter had wisely recorded. “So @BuzzFeed thinks sending journalist to terrorise my 7 & 9 on doorstep at family home is professional? Yet again @jimwaterson shocking” she started.
It got worse: “By the way @jimwaterson @BuzzFeed your message is also classed as blackmail … Police call is happening now … Having spoke to powers that be @BuzzFeed @jimwaterson have broke [sic] the law. They recorded conversation without my permission tut tut tut”. Waterson and Ms Al-Othman may have wondered what had caused Kazza to be on the hair trigger. I have an answer to that one.
I am reliably informed that Karen Danczuk is claiming Single Occupier Council Tax discount for her bungalow in Rochdale.

Have a think about that. The BuzzFeed story establishes that former MP Simon Danczuk does not, by Kazza’s admission, live at that property. But here another problem enters.
Simon Danczuk has put that address on his nomination papers for next month’s General Election. And after what happened to Paul Nuttall in Stoke recently, we now know that giving an address where you don’t actually live is against electoral law.

Of course, he and Kazza could now furiously backpedal and say OK, he’s actually living there. But that would be a flagrant breach of the Council Tax exemption which I’m told she is claiming. Oh dear! And it gets worse still.
What Mail Online reported last year

When Ms Al-Othman called on Kazza, she reported “A man who answered the door said Simon Danczuk did not live at the address and that he did not know where the former Labour MP lived”. Kazza has previously made great play of her Spanish boyfriend moving in with her. If he’s living there now, that is also a breach of the Council Tax exemption.

Just to help BuzzFeed News - and the authorities in Rochdale - with their endeavours, I’ve included a screen shot from the Mail Online article on Kazza and her Spanish partner David “moving in together”. How they choose to proceed I will leave up to them.

The folks at BuzzFeed may already have figured that they have uncovered a rare old can of worms with their latest Danczuk story. Now they have it confirmed.

[UPDATE 1700 hours: two further stories today have confirmed that both Spanker and Kazza are now in big trouble.

First, the excellent Rochdale Online has revealed that Simon Danczuk has for some months now been living at an address in nearby Littleborough - so putting Kazza's address on his nomination papers is an apparent breach of electoral law.

Meanwhile, ex-wife Karen has appeared in Mail Online with her Spanish partner - along with lots of staged photos from FameFlynet - and with the horribly incriminating confirmation "David, 25, moved into Karen's home at end of last year ... The waiter moved into her Rochdale home in November last year".

So that single occupier Council Tax claim is looking increasingly shaky. I'm sure she'll have a suitably creative explanation when the authorities put their questions to her]


Anonymous said...

The funniest part of that 'moving in together' piece, for which no doubt Kazza received a few hundred quid, is that the chairs David the Toy Boy from Spain is 'moving' are actually Kazza's own dining room chairs. She's posted photos of them on Twitter previously. So, the chairs were moved out then moved back in to make a 'non story'?

Anonymous said...

According to @RochdaleOnline Simon Danczuk has in fact been living at an address elsewhere. It's all very murky, isn't it?


Arnold said...

7 & 9? Rhyming slang or the character in Star Trek : Voyage Voyager?

SteveB said...

to pick at another loose thread in the Buzzfeed story and see what comes undone....

It says in a previous conversation that he said that was the address he was registered to vote at. Did I miss a change in the law?? Surely the address on the electoral register should be you real one? And registering at a false address is an offence?

Anonymous said...

Does this have much more relevance than any other corner shop or ale house tittle tattle?

I'm all for exposing these two for the political charlatans they obviously are. But this is getting dangerously close to really small time stuff.

Anonymous said...

Surely 'public figures', those with aspirations to be MPs (that's both the Danczuks) should be acting within the law? It's of great public interest to find they possibly aren't?

After all. police are still investigation Simon Danczuk for possible expenses fraud.

Milnrowmart said...

Who says Rochdale is a deprived area when we have such a wonderful long-running soap opera?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:41.

I wholeheartedly agree.

My point is, photographs and descriptions of furniture-moving and other small time stuff verges on tabloidesque stalking.

There's already massive evidence of wrongdoing and chicanery by these two con artists. More than enough IMHO.

Birddogtoo said...

Come on! If Laws have been broken then no matter how tired people are of seeing 'tittle tattle' pics The Bottom line it is evidence of their wrong doing and stupidity!

We all moan how high our bills are and it cuts to the crawl to see someone blatantly breaking laws and seemingly getting away with it. What's the alternative.. we all break the law ?

Pap's lurk in bushes ( or in the Danczuk's case are pre-arranged) to get their exclusives along with many others who do it as part of their professional job i.e. Insurance investigators, police, council Employees, DSS employees.

Anonymous said...

@Birddogtoo 17:33.

Of course there's an alternative.

It could be called Not Falling To Levels We All Castigate In The Sun And The Daily Mail.

For instance, what's to be gained by identifying a "Spanish waiter" with all the jeering xenophobic connotations that entails?

I too want to see Danczuk face the full weight of the law. God knows he's got it coming. But there are ways of doing it, and this isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

The 'Spanish waiter' was the root cause of the domestic violence incidence between Karen Danczuk & Simon Danczuk in Spain, at their Spanish apartment.

David IS a 'Spanish waiter' it's how he and Karen Danczuk met.