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Saturday 6 May 2017

Katie Hopkins Says Vote Tory

The impression given when looking though the local election results, and then checking on the parties’ policies, was that UKIP may have been all but obliterated across local Government, but the Tories had effectively become poisoned by the Kippers’ rotting corpse, lurching to the right and playing the European Bogeyman card for all it was worth. And now has come the ultimate hate speaker endorsement of the party.
Viewers may want to look away now

Over at Mail Online, where has-beens and never-weres congregate to eke out a little more disposable income before being shuffled off to rant and rave in ever-greater insignificance, the deeply unpleasant Katie Hopkins has effectively confirmed that the Tories are a replacement for UKIP by telling Paul Nuttall and his motley convocation of bigotry that they might as well disband their party after yesterday’s losses.

Hatey Katie cites the decision earlier in the week by the Duke of Edinburgh to withdraw from Royal duties later this year as she proclaims “Follow Phil’s example, UKIP. You did your country proud but your job is done. Now it’s time to take a bow and retire gracefully”. For Ms Hopkins, the spread of xenophobia and intolerance is “doing your country proud”.

So what does she have to tell the “Bad Bootle Meff” and his pals? “UKIP has lost everything they've been trying to defend … As the results came through UKIP-0 was trending on Twitter, much to the amusement of weirdos and vegan liberals whose only pleasure is the suffering of others”. I had a pork pie in the Hops last night, and it didn’t stop me thoroughly enjoying the final grilling of the Kippers, thanks.

But do go on. “Many of the party faithful are depressed by this nonsense, having to listen to the mocking of the bitter Remainers, to the press pointing out the obvious that the night was a disaster … But loyal UKIPers should not feel this way, they should not feel brow-beaten. The very opposite is true”. Do not be downhearted, says Reg, this is a minor setback for all at the Peoples’ Front of Judea.

There’s more: “They should be proud, triumphant, jubilant in fact … And for that they need to be set free. For Farage to give one last speech disbanding the party he embodies. (No one listens to Nuttall anyway) … A speech thanking the membership for their hard work, praising the voters for their support, and reminding the party faithful that they are the authors of the book we are all now reading”. Who’s reading it? I’m not, thanks.

And then she says it: “It is time for UKIP to be free to celebrate their monumental success without the shackles of perceived humiliation at the polls … To be free to enjoy watching Theresa May romp home to victory on election night. Knowing that she has taken over the baton and is standing up to Brussels; knowing that she best represents the hard working majority”. Hatey Katie confirms what so many had suspected.

The Tories are the new UKIP. The Nasty Party is now so nasty that Katie Hopkins feels at home there. And next month, she’ll be whooping and cheering when they win the General Election. I’ll just leave that one there.

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pete c said...

I know no Bitter remainers. Angry and frustrated yes, but bitter - no. Not even at the prospect of the ruination of their country in the aftermath of this bloodless coup.

But the average Brexiteer - now there's bitter and twisted in spades. Presumably because they know deep-down it might yet not all happen.And if it does it won't be what they thought they'd voted for.

Odd that the only Leave person who voices that sentiment (the not happening possibility) in public is Farage.

Quite how we get all these folk back on board is beyomd me.