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Tuesday 2 May 2017

Sun Reinvents EU Dinner Disaster

Yesterday it was the turn of the legendarily foul mouthed Paul Dacre and his obedient hackery at the Daily Mail to go in with both feet on anyone and everyone connected to the hated EU; today it is the Murdoch Sun’s turn. The Mail’s rant was overtaken by events, as news of just how disastrous Theresa May’s dinner date with Jean-Claude Juncker and his team had been leaked out. The Sun has merely been overtaken by reality.
The approach of the two papers, though, is more or less identical: tell readers to disbelieve everything that is inconvenient, blame those who voted Remain last June, and heap on the abuse. So this morning has brought forth a Sun Says with the headlineTalking Junck” and telling “THERE are vipers more trustworthy than serial liar Jean-Claude Juncker …Theresa May can learn from his treacherous, one-sided, self-serving leak of the alleged details of their private ­dinner at Downing Street”. Do go on.

It is profoundly depressing that this blustering Euro-toad has any part in the Brexit process … He is contemptuous of democracy, admitting he will cheerfully deceive millions of EU voters if it serves ­Brussels’ blinkered interests … We can be 100 per cent sure, then, that he has grossly distorted what went on at No10 and, more seriously, told Angela Merkel the same tall tale”. Then comes the assault on anyone who voted Remain.

What was almost as repugnant yesterday was the shameful glee of diehard Remainers as they gullibly swallowed Juncker’s every last syllable, desperate for their prejudices to be confirmed … They are willing him on, willing ­Brussels on, hoping their own Prime Minister falls flat on her face … Because it is more important to them to be proved ‘right’, to assert what they see as their intellectual and moral superiority over 17.4million Brexit voters, than it is for Britain to emerge with a decent deal and prosper thereafter”.

The standard of discourse did not improve as the article progressed. “Talking to this delusional buffoon is therefore a waste of time … Even by his own account he said nothing constructive at the meeting … maybe a big majority for Mrs May next month will sober him up”. There just had to be a drink smear. And a delusion switch.
The personalities change. The abuse, sadly, does not

Allied to this assault is another article assertingEU CHIEFS spent weeks plotting to scupper Theresa May’s plan for a quick solution over the fate of EU migrants and British expats post-Brexit, a shock report claims … Documents show when Donald Tusk came to No10 at the start of April the Prime Minister demanded he work with her immediately to come to an agreement”. It’s not on his say-so, though, is it?

Moreover, the article admits later on that Tusk had concluded Ms May’s demand was not feasible, and so all that Juncker did was confirm it. There was no plot. Worse for the Murdoch goons, they are unable to offer any counter to the dinner disaster revelations other than to dole out more personal abuse. But we do get victimhood in spades, and the false premise that a big Tory majority next month will make any difference.

What we also get is the assertion that Britain is “one of the world’s great nations - one Europe has repeatedly relied on, and still does, for the security of its people”. In other words, DON’T YOU FOREIGNERS FORGET WHO WON THE WAR.

The issues change. The level of Baby Shard bunker discourse does not.


pete c said...

The inmates of Baby Shard and Northbrook House can fester in their own stupidity and downright lies.

But how ever do we get those who consume all this shite back on side, in much less than a decade or two.

Anonymous said...

There just had to be a drink smear.

Does the phrase "Nigel 'thirsty' Farage" ring any bells Tim?