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Tuesday 9 May 2017

So Farewell Then Simon Danczuk

When the time came, he jumped before waiting to be pushed: Rochdale’s now former MP Simon Danczuk resigned his Labour Party membership yesterday. Few in the constituency will even bother to warn him not to let the door hit him on the way out, such has been the bad grace with which he has accepted being banned from standing for the party in next month’s General Election. And he may not be done with Rochdale yet.
Although Danczuk told in his resignation letter “I am also concerned that the Labour Party has shown itself not to have the interests of Rochdale at heart. The way in which the party are treating the Parliamentary seat of Rochdale as a 'safe seat' in to which they can simply parachute a Corbyn supporting candidate is deplorable … Rochdale people need someone who will speak up for them, who will voice their concerns rather than simply being voting fodder for Jeremy Corbyn”, his replacement is not a Corbyn backer.

He claims “The Labour Party is no longer the positive political movement that I joined nearly 30 years ago”, as if he were some kind of idealist, but as Zelo Street regulars will know, he has openly admitted that he joined Labour, rather than the Tories, because they would have him. His own views on a variety of policy areas are at variance with those of the party, and have been for most of the time he’s been active within it.
When he claims “With frontbench spokespeople, such as John McDonnell, continually obsessing about Karl Marx, the benefits of communism and celebrating the reign of Joseph Stalin”, that’s just hyperbole and dishonesty in one. He was caughtsexting” a 17-year-old girl. There were other episodes of bad behaviour. That is all.

And even now, Spanker may not be finished with electioneering, as his former agent Allen Brett has let slip. Rochdale Online reports Brett reflectingI feel Danczuk has let us down, he promised he wouldn't stand against us, but it is all about money and himself”. BuzzFeed has more from Danczuk’s former pal: “One of his reasons for standing is that he doesn't get redundancy if he doesn’t”. And what might he need that for?

He has no money. He needs the money, he's desperate. He has two ex-wives and a new girlfriend and he's soon to be out of a job”. That would explain the ending of Spanker’s propensity to make legal threats towards those who pass adverse comment on him. It would also explain the increasingly wayward ranting of his second ex-wife Karen: my information is that her distinctive white Range Rover is now at risk.
The vehicle, I’m told, is on a lease contract, with Danczuk making the payments. But if he’s got no dosh, it’ll have to go back. Who will make the mortgage payments on Kazza’s bungalow might be her next problem, and it is already being suggested that she could be reduced to returning to being a checkout operator down the local Asda. If they’ll have her.

As for Spanker’s prospects as an independent candidate for Rochdale - he’ll probably lose his deposit, but in what could be a tight contest, with the less than stellar Tony Lloyd representing Labour, he could cost his old party the seat.

Then he really would be as popular as the proverbial turd in a swimming pool.


Mr Les said...

If Kazza lose her white charger she might selectively express her anger in the media. May Danczuk is worried at what old reminiscences could reveal.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Si was the Sun and Express go-to man for Labour in turmoil style leaks.
It only lasted a couple of weeks, maybe Dan Hodges was on annual leave.

He must have trousered a few grand briefing against his party, and expenses and the MP salary.

Where did it all go wrong Si?