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Monday 18 April 2011

Not The Royal Wedding – Confirmed

The last few days have seen an air of grim determination in the Zelo Street house, as the Royal Wedding approaches, and my vow to avoid it at all costs remained to be implemented. But now an announcement can be made.

Thanks to the wonders of the Web, I should (subject to minor considerations, like bothering to get up in time on Wednesday next week) be out of the country when the news cycle focuses all its considerable power on Wills’n’Kate’s big day.

Not only should I be out of the UK, but in a country where they talk foreign and understand that spuds do not just come in ready formed shapes delivered in pre-frozen plastic bags. As a consequence, there may be Very Few Brits around.

But there should be Wi-Fi, and so Zelo Street will feature blogging from Not The Royal Wedding. No doubt events in the UK will intrude, but the off switch should see to those.

Oh, and I’ll be using Euros to do my shopping and eating. They will not be subject to sudden crisis or collapse. Having them about my person will not cause the world to end.

More next week!

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