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Sunday 5 September 2021

Piers Corbyn And Inciting Terrorism

Recently, we saw struck-off nurse turned rabbit hole dweller Kate Shemirani, telling anyone who would listen that “Covid vaccines are ‘Satanic’, citing ‘the pattern 060606’. The graphine oxide single-molecule sheet ‘is a conductor’”, and claiming that face coverings were “subjugation tools used by the freemasons”. But in and around the Wibble and Hatstand were some serious threats against health professionals.

Piers Corbyn

Like anyone involved with administering vaccines against Covid-19: “Ask those who are giving it - have there been any deaths? Ask them - what is in it? Ask them! Get their names. Email them to me … we have a group of lawyers, we are collating all that. At the Nuremberg Trials, the doctors and nurses stood trial - and they hung”.

And Ms Shemirani is not alone: the anti-vax wacko mob has been out again this weekend, this time featuring crap weather forecaster Piers Corbyn, who has, if anything, gone further down the rabbit hole than Ms Shemirani, and rather further when it comes to the level of incitement he is willing to urge on others. Including a little criminal damage.

A video from “Resistance GB”, whoever they are, features The Great Man reeling off a list of targets (as you do). “Go round to all the institutions of the impositions of the new normal. We go and take down the vaccine. We go and take down the 5G towers. We go to Police stations and say ‘you people have to be defending the right to us, not taking away our rights'. We go to the town hall”. And what will that achieve?

We know the town halls are here as implementers of the new normal locally, and we know what they’re up to. We should take over town halls, I’m perfectly serious, go through the front door, chain it closed and just take it over. [inaudible] yesterday we’re in Stafford, Stafford county council offices and the doors were wide open. Quite amusing. So we went in there. They never heard a megaphone so loud, and we asked where was the MP”.

Kate Shemirani

Add to that former London Assembly member David Kurten telling the gathering that was later harangued by Kate Shemirani “These vaccines are not actually vaccines, they're experimental injections … The people sitting in the parliament are doing the bidding of evil”. Kurten has been seen recently in the company of Tory MP Mark François (note cedilla under the c) outside Parliament. What kind of topics might they have discussed?

But, as the late Clive James might have put it, I digress. This is not so far from the recent wacko protest in Chester, where the Storyhouse was briefly occupied by a group claiming to have been empowered by Clause 61 of Magna Carta (which has been inoperative for more than 800 years). Except the likes of Piers Corbyn are advocating criminal damage.

Damage to communications networks, endangering citizens by blockading vaccination centres, illegal occupation of local and national Government buildings - if this were being threatened by those Scary Muslims™, it would be immediately called out by our free and fearless press, and their cheerleaders, as terrorism. So why not this time?

Right now, it’s merely stochastic terrorism. But if the cops sit back and do nothing about it, it’ll become domestic terrorism. And Piers Corbyn and Co will be duly emboldened.

Call this for what it is. It’s incitement to perform acts of terrorism. And then deal with it.

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David said...

Piers Corbyn says " we’re in Stafford, Stafford county council offices and the doors were wide open. So we went in there. They never heard a megaphone so loud, and we asked where was the MP”." Well it is no wonder they couldn't even find the proper BBC news studios. Someone should tell him MP's are found in the House of Commons - not a local council office..............

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Marc Francois told the Met …. “It was the vaccine made me do it” … but I s’pose we’ll never know the truth about old dirty b*****d … domewhere locked in a desk drawer somewhere in the annals of Great Smith Street the full unredacted confession

Nigel Stapley said...

The delicious irony is that the sort of people who avidly support Piers' crap are largely the same sort who thought that his brother was a Commie-Islamist-Anti-Semite who was such a danger to us that he had to be disposed of by whatever means necessary.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to predict the next action of these lunatics.

Take this act as a baseline. Then project the next logical step away from rationality - NO MATTER HOW CRAZY IT SEEMS. Works every time.

That is why Britain has turned into a morally corrupt sewer. It is perfectly obvious what the logical conclusion is when its political class is overwhelmingly concerned only with maintaining its status quo. Any lie, any hypocrisy, will serve its purpose.

Small wonder it breeds paranoid crazies in and out of a useless Parliament.

Sam said...

There's no winning with these goons. They railed against the proliferation CCTV claiming their movements would be tracked but now they can wear a mask which makes everyone look the same they're still not happy.
5G towers are vital communication infrastructure for first responders, ambulances and so on and they probably use the service with their mobile phones to liaise when planning their demos. We're at war with a vicious virus and these creeps are dangerous fifth columnists. Should be locked up until it's safe.

Mr Larrington said...

Shemirani is so much of a moonhowling loonspud that even her own son is calling for her to be locked up as a danger to the public.

Rosie said...

I it is true that conspiracy theorists have something missing-in their make-up. It may be brain cells in the reasoning part of the cerebellum or an emotional need that demands attention, or both. This allied to a cult-like existence with like minded people on the internet, they feed off each other, push so doubt, misinformation and downright lies, and in so doing present a clear and present danger to the rest of us. Even when they get Covid, or they cause the death by Measles ,Mumps or Rubella of others, they are so brainwashed, they do not recognise what harm they have caused. Their beliefs having given a meaning to their lives that perhaps did not exist before. Sad but dangerous.

Anonymous said...

You all seem to be ignoring the fact that there's nutjobs on both sides. Google 'Jean in Suffolk Cristo' if you want to know what a real wacko is.