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Wednesday 22 September 2021

Common Law Covidiots Go To School

The significant pool of rank stupidity, that manifested itself in the temporary “seizing” of Storyhouse Chester recently, resurfaced this week, as the priority changed to opposing the vaccination of 12-to-15-year-olds against Covid-19. To this end, the assembled idiocy rocked up at Blacon High School and demanded to see the head teacher.

An out-of-village idiot serves up a wad of waste paper

The head teacher, given her title, was busy doing actual work, which is more than can be said for the so-called Common Law mob. But they did manage a few minutes to harangue the deputy head, who must have wondered how the group presenting him with an alleged “liability notice” had supped so much strong stuff so early in the day. Perhaps they were on a particularly bad trip. He decided to humour them, and receive their wad of waste paper.

I either need to serve this to the head teacher, or the deputy head”, announced the group spokesperson. “I have to let you know that we are recording this for the high courts [there’s more than one of them now?] as evidence that I am serving you with a liability notice. The liability notice is served, signed, sealed to Blacon High School”. There was more.

This is a liability notice [again] so that if you decide that you are going to have the children injected with this lethal vaccine within your school, you and the head teacher will be held personally liable. This, I advise you to read through this paperwork, it’s full of evidence, liability notice [once more] is in there, and that’s it, we’ve served you”. So was that it?

Sadly not. Off camera came the voice of another out-of-village idiot. “It is against the law to vaccinate children under the age of 18 [courts full of MMR recipients, then? No, thought not] using trial vaccine”. The server of the notice concurred: “any trial drug or vaccine, it is against the law, anyone under the age of 18”. So what sanction did they propose?

And even under Gillick’s Competence” interjected another off-camera wacko. This momentarily put the notice server off her train of thought, but she soon rallied and began to rant about, you guessed it, Common Law. “Under Common Law, if you have the children injected within your school, and any damage is done to these children, you will be held personally liable”. How? Do they have an equally gaga legal team ready to go?

No matter, the notice server continued “that comes with full asset stripping and life in prison, and that’s under Common Law. Thank you, we’ve served you today, thank you very much”. This “liability notice” is of course meaningless, although the Police may find the threatening behaviour and recording on school premises interesting.

As one observer put it, “All those lawyers will be kicking themselves after wasting years at university getting qualified when apparently all you need to do is read a few posts on Facebook and suddenly you're an expert”. Why our free and fearless press wants to have the full force of the law rain down upon Insulate Britain, while ignoring the disruptive and increasingly creepy activities of the anti-vax wackos, is something to ponder.

Vanishing down the nearest rabbit hole is something anyone is free to do, should they be so inclined. But threatening others is out of order. And the longer the cops do nothing, the closer it gets to someone taking the law into their own hands to remove the idiots.

These are not harmless eccentrics. Stop playing nice with them. That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Good grief.

That's Dixie/Yank level foam-flecked, near-insane redneck hysteria. Rampant suburban ale house paranoia.

Thoughts and prayers for the remnant of Cheshire common sense.

J said...

The "free and fearless press" are letting this bollocks go on, because its a trial run for upping the stakes in the anti-climate change wars.

If loons can get away with this bollocks, the press will be able to push other loons into doing the same bollocks but against people who don't wish the world suffer massive upheaval. They are already trial running the "its going to be bad, but we can't afford to do anything about it" schtic.

The press are not against illegal activity, only illegal activity that they disagree with...

Anonymous said...

USA-style libertarian astroturfing. Someone should have words with the Tufton Street mafia and their American paymasters. Maybe Boris Johnson could whisper in their ear while he rides their ubiquitous fingers, all lodged firmly in his brown Tory pie.

Anonymous said...

Is taking the piss out of people who clearly aren't well not the kind of thing that's usually reserved for ignoramuses on the right? Seriously, what the f*ck is going on?

Ne sis stultus sanguinarius said...

Unwell or just plain thick?

Anonymous said...


Does that really matter? We're on a slippery slope either way.

Ne sis stultus sanguinarius said...

Well, you said that they were "clearly unwell".
If, according to you, we shouldn't take the piss out of people who display irrational behaviour, what action do you think is appropriate?
Critics of right-wing fanatics and conspiracy peddlers will continue to ridicule Trump, Piers Corbyn and others.

Anonymous said...

Taking the piss is the least of our duty.
These aren't kids with learning difficulties or emotional issues, but malicious adults.
A few years back, a similarly misinformed and enraged individual murdered an MP in broad daylight.

It's time the police and security services paid a lot more attention to these moon-howlers.

Anonymous said...

@ 15:36
Are you seriously comparing this dafty to the psychopath who killed Jo Cox? Wow! Unbelievable.

Moon-howlers? Yeah, hell of a lot of them going about.