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Thursday 9 September 2021

Michael Yeadon Wibbles Back

After Zelo Street exposed his sick anti-Muslim bigotry, Michael Yeadon, who once upon a time was a sensible individual working in the service of companies like Pfizer, vanished from Twitter. At the same time, those who had previously given him a platform, like the loathsome Toby Young, and self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Dooda, were mysteriously struck down with selective memory loss, and forgot all about him.

Michael Yeadon

But nothing is forever, and so Yeadon, without even the plausible deniability that our free and fearless press deploy to such advantage, has returned to the social media platform, this time as “Mike Yeadon’s Right Hand Man”. Here, he harangues anyone not yet asleep with false equivalences, conspiracy theories, the idea that alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson could organise anything, and a surprising admission.

Here’s his pinned Tweet: “18 months on we're still witnessing super market staff all over the country cracking on, touching 1000s of items of shopping, touching £1000s in cash, at the same time as 1000s of shoppers breathing all over them. And not one story of any of them lying on a mortuary slab!” Try looking, brainbox: ONS data HERE, BMJ information HERE, and one typical news item from the BBC HERE. But there is more. A lot more.

Yeadon is obsessed by something called The Great Reset: “Fire breaks, restrictions, scare stories about the NHS under pressure, and fraudulent positive cases, will not end until the objectives of 'great reset' have been delivered. Unless of course, we all, as a collective, say no!” What will that entail? “Lockdowns imminent late Autumn with a change of narrative to justify them, a narrative that will vilify the ones who haven't been jabbed and their children, We need to be ready. It's coming. It's all in the plan!” The plan! The plan!!

The plan from Yeadon and his fellow wackos is to demonise those trying to navigate their way through the pandemic: “Chris Whittey’s [Sp] no better than Harold Shipman. The guy is a fake. A narcissistic psychopath hell bent on creating as much damage as possible to innocent children. How's he getting away with it? No accountability, no transparency, now pushing a jab with no long term safety data!” Nowt like endangering health professionals.

And nowt like his paranoia. “The damn will burst. Absolutely it will! We'll see a sign of this when they come for the NHS staff. Once they're forced to get jabbed a lot will walk, it'll be then that we'll see whistleblowing like never before!” And remember, it’ll be on YOUR conscience: “A shout out to the ones who are happy for an innocent child's life to be potentially sacrificed so you can sit at home feeling safe!

But still, at least he’s prepared to own up as to where he is right now. “It's heavy going down the rabbit hole, and not for the faint hearted. It can be wearying and weighty on our shoulders. Sometimes we need to back away. Look after your mental health, it's important!” And how does The Great Man look after his mental health?

By serving up a diet of TalkRADIO idiocy and whataboutery, recycling Allison Pearson, Gillian McKeith, Alex Jones and - inevitably - David Icke, serving up false equivalences and constantly repeating the paranoid mantra of The Great Reset.

Mike Yeadon was once capable of coherent thought. Now he’s off over the horizon.

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Anonymous said...

Good grief.

Has Yeadon been at the meths again?

The guy obviously needs serious specialist help.

Andy Foster said...

I hope Chris Whitty is consulting his lawyer. Not only for the outrageous libel on him, but also by implication for all the people he works with.