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Saturday 25 September 2021

The Day Brexit Died

The warnings having been dismissed as Project Fear, and the General Election having been won, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his coterie of rank ineptitude charged onward to the cliff edge. His Brexit negotiator “Lord” David Frost, hopelessly out of his depth against the EU’s Michel Barnier, was turned over and signed up to a deal which would hobble the UK for decades to come.

But Bozo, and his pals in our free and fearless press, were not listening. They knew better. And then came the fall: supermarket shortages, energy price hikes - and now, to cap it off, fuel shortages. Scenes of motorists queuing at the pumps, fuel stations running dry, and those same press cheerleaders in a blind panic. It was more or less exactly as predicted.

The winter of discontent had arrived early: all that would be needed now was for all those shortages to get worse, and for Covid-19 to come roaring back, helped on its way by Bozo and Co dispensing with common sense restrictions - like wearing face coverings on public transport and in enclosed spaces, like shops. 1978-9 would look like a picnic.

So what would our Government do to address the shortages, which were caused mainly by another shortage - not enough HGV drivers? Urged to ease visa restrictions for drivers from mainland Europe, Bozo and his Transport Secretary Grant “Spiv” Shapps initially resisted. Maybe they still held to the line pedalled by Michael “Oiky” Gove, and handed to Tim Shipman of the Murdoch Sunday Times, before the 2016 EU referendum.

MIGRANTS POSE A DIRECT COST TO US ALL” was the headline. The reality is that not having migrants poses a rather greater cost - the country gradually seizing up. But while “Oiky” and Shippers join all the other Brexit Guilty Men And Women, Bozo and “Spiv” Shapps need to act. And so it came to pass: the U-Turn that signalled the end of Brexit.

The BBC reportedMinisters are working on plans for a temporary visa scheme to make it easier for foreign lorry drivers to come to the UK. Final details of exactly how the initiative will work are expected to be announced this weekend. Any changes to immigration rules will be temporary, with a cap on the number of workers allowed to enter the UK”.

But here a problem enters. As iNews has pointed out, those drivers may not want to return: “European lorry drivers are likely to shun the UK despite an expected relaxation of visa rules for truckers … the head of the European Road Haulers Association (UETR) has said drivers on the continent are likely to ignore the UK in favour of ‘higher pay and better working conditions’ across Europe”. UETR represents more than 70% of EU truckers.

Marco Digioia (for it was he) added “There are driver shortages right across Europe as well, but the EU has committed to improving driver facilities and haulage companies are committed to improving pay and conditions. Until the UK offers the same pay and working conditions as drivers have in the EU then many will stay away”. Well, well.

We could get drivers to return by paying them more and following the latest EU rules. Or we could remain proudly independent and munch on a little more of that sovereignty. But one thing is clear: Brexit is a disaster, and will need to be at least partially reversed.

Meanwhile, the UK is in the shit. What our media class won’t be telling you any time soon.

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Arnold said...

"His Brexit negotiator “Lord” David Frost, hopelessly out of his depth against the EU’s Michel Barnier, was turned over and signed up to a deal which would hobble the UK for decades to come."
Hardly turned over. Bozo's insistance on leaving the SM/CU made the present mess inevitable. I expect Brexiters to blame the EU, not Zelo Street.

BTW, how long will it take to get one of these temporary visas? Weeks? Months?

Anonymous said...

So those far right racist Brexit Gammons actually want "forrins comin' over 'ere takin' ar jobs".

I'd laugh if this mess wasn't so tragically stupid. And self-inflicted.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people will say Boris "Fuck Business" Johnson and co are inept clowns?

They are not inept clowns at all.

If you call them clowns you are apologising for them and it allows them to wriggle out of responsiblity for their actions. What you witness is their "Brexit bonus" - isnt it strange how all the cheerleaders like Liam Fox are now silent on Brexit?

They knew damn well what they were doing and chose to carry on despite warnings

They know damn well what they were doing and choose to carry on despite warnings

They simply do not care about this country other than dragging it into a ditch from which it will never get out. I really fear for the future of this country, not because the UK will split up (I dont believe this will happen), but because it will irretrievably and irrevesibly decline economically, socially, and politically so that its condemned to an impoverished future (think former Soviet bloc countries) and that will never be able to get back out of because politics will have become so poisoned that the idea of reversing Brexit in any way will prevent any sane politician from any political party to STFU.

The Brexiteers seem to have some sort of existential deathwish for themselves and this country.

Anonymous said...

If the Labour Party was in Government when this happened, what do you think the reaction of the Daily Heil and other newspapers would be?

They's be openly calling for anrmed insurrection against the Labout government, yet when the Tories (the so-called natural party of government) does this the press does nothing

And the opposition parties (Labour, Liberal, SNP, Plaid) which now have the biggest open goal in history do nothing and keep schtumand not mention the B word (as per the artices in th Guardian and New European).When John Major was on his arse in 1996 and 1997 Labour stuck it to him with steel toe capped boots, but in 2021,the Tories get away with it

Like I said, I fear for this country

Anonymous said...

Why isn’t farage being hung from a lamppost by his ankles? Instead he’s still crowing on about ‘filthy migrunts’

Jonathan said...

Our Establishment should carry the can for the folly of Brexit and British concept of exceptalism, but they won't.

All the problems we are experiencing are done to the short termism that dogs the UK & it's economy, always looking no further than the Sunday paper headlines particularly the Murdoch rags.

Successive governments have allowed wages, conditions & Trade Union rights to be slashed so to line the pockets of the big hauliers, with the inevitable consequences and lack of investment in technical skills training & development in favour of university education.

Where is Quiff & his gang of Tory B team Tory wannabes? Nowhere, too busy trying to destroy their opponents. What self indulgent idiots, of it wasn't so serious you'd laugh at this childish behaviour. With Bozza quoting Kermit the Frog at the UN, the UK government is now a joke, it's opposition can't be bothered to work together to defeat the Tories.

Where are the grown ups?

Mr Larrington said...

Apparently it's come as something of a surprise to the Usual Suspects – Bloody Stupid Johnson, Tim “Horst W├╝rzel” Martin, etc &, moreover, etc – that if you repeatedly tell people to fuck off they:
1: fuck off, and
b. are in no great hurry to come back

JJ said...

I think it's worse than some of the comments above: this is Disaster Capitalism in action. You can totally destroy a country, and make gazillions of money out of it (first tested in Chile 1973 on). Rees-Mogg definitely understands this. Remember, Boris and his ilk have nothing in common with ordinary people and they can just sail off on their superyachts elsewhere. They really don't care.

So it's not incompetence, it's a plan. Brexit has succeeded massively in those terms.

Anonymous said...

To 23:12.

Rees Mogg is a typical tory thief.
See https://www.indy100.com/news/jacob-rees-mogg-coronavirus-profit-investment-9449121