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Friday 10 September 2021

Churchill Charity Sparks Tsunami Of Lying

Two years ago, the trustees of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, in consultation with hundreds of the Trust’s fellows, agreed a change of name, to The Churchill Fellowship. This reflected what the organisation, set up after Churchill’s death in 1965, was about - awarding fellowships for study abroad, and bringing the knowledge obtained back to the UK for the benefit of the communities in which they live. There were no complaints.

The Shun Newshpaper? NEVAH!

Until the Murdoch Sun heard about the renaming, and then all hell broke loose - two years late, and somehow missing that Churchill’s family approved the move. Rupe’s downmarket troops start relatively gently, with “A CHARITY set up to honour Sir Winston Churchill sparked a ‘woke’ storm by changing its name and erasing him from its website”.

Then the lies begin. “Its volunteers accuse the trust of ‘re-writing history’”. But here a problem enters: The Churchill Fellowship has no volunteers. So the quote from “One source said” is a lie, as is “One outraged source told The Sun”, and “Volunteers at the charity accuse the trust of ‘re-writing history’ and pandering to ‘cancel culture’”.

Liars on parade - Bozo The Clown ...

Any more lies? You got it. “One volunteer told The Sun”. No they didn’t (see above). “Another said the new-look charity was ‘bandwagon-jumping’”. And they didn’t, either. So they didn’t say “This new agenda is being spearheaded by the chief executive who is now focused on shaming Sir Winston in a woke attack”. Oh dear, WOKE WOKE WOKE.

Meanwhile, the Mail was also lying. “Volunteers at the trust were fuming at the move, saying it was 'rewriting history' and 'cancelling' greatest PM”. There are still no volunteers. But by now, outraged lying on a subject about which those ranting knew Sweet Fanny Adams had taken hold, led by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

... desperate Dan Wootton ...

And the Sun was on hand to obediently take dictation. “BORIS Johnson today slammed a charity's ‘absurd, misguided and wrong’ decision to scrub all trace of his hero Winston Churchill from their website”. But that hadn’t happened. So more lying, then. And soon the lying rather got out of hand, as the pundits and outrage merchants cashed in.

The deeply unpleasant Dan Wootton was in their vanguard: “I am boiling with rage today at news the one woman who should be fighting against the loony left's bid to piss on the reputation of Churchill is the person attempting to cancel him”. Yes, it’s all “the brainchild of Julie Weston, the charity's £100,000-a-year chief executive”. So he’s lying as well.

... and the inevitable trouser-burning Farage fartarse

Anyone else fancy a little whopper-telling? Gammon Broadcasting™ News (“Bacon’s News Channel”) would. Former Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage led the charge, backed up by a trio of nobodies - Colin Brazier, Andrew Doyle, and Patrick Christys. “We call it cancel culture but it's the virus of Marxism coming back” moaned Farage. “Winston Churchill has been cancelled” sneered Christys. Liars every one of them.

Fortunately, the Churchill family has put the record straight, as reported by the Guardian: Nicholas Soames, Churchill’s grandson, asserted “I and the rest of my family, fully and unreservedly, support the remarkable work of the Churchill Fellowship”. Also, “The changes were overseen by the charity’s trustees headed by Jeremy Soames, another grandson of Churchill”. But the lies have already taken hold. And that’s not good enough.

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Anonymous said...

If that gang of foam-flecked ranting righties are against it...you can guarantee it's a good move.

Gammons in a rage is never a pretty sight. Hugely funny, though.

Bun and Fail Duped said...

The Royal Society For Putting Things On Top Of Other Things Disbanded
The Sun says: Cancel Culture Whurr

dawo. said...

I'm german. I read "Oberscheissenführer" and hab mich kaputtgelacht.

Jonathan said...

Surprised there isn't a DSM category for Gammonistas, with all their rage, blood boiling, table bashing and steamed up glasses ..

iMatt said...

Dan Wooton, " “I am boiling with rage today..." Yes, more synthetic, faux, plastic anger at something not only untrue but even if true would be a fair bit behind other things Wooton, Farage and Johnson should be rather more miffed about such as the shortages in shops and supermarkets, price increases, homelessness and the massive rise in foodbanks. They really are the cardboard cut out right-wing reactionary, aren't they?

Simon said...

He must be a bit of a snowflake if that's what gets him 'boiling with rage'. Poor thing.

More dead cats to distract the easily led from the manifesto breaking raid on their wallets.

stan said...

Until the press is forced to give a retraction the same prominence as the incorrect story, nothing will change.

Mr Larrington said...

Given that the new name of the organisation still contains the magic word “Churchill” who/what do these pin-brained lumps of cured pork think it refers to? The town in Canada with the polar bears? The fish and chip shop in Pitsea? The insurance company? The East London estate agents? The character who did the møøse costumes for “Monty Python And The Holy Grail”?

I despair for humanity.