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Sunday 12 September 2021

Piers Morgan Raducanu Hypocrisy

Winning the women’s singles event at the US Open Championships, without dropping a set and having had to get through three qualifying rounds beforehand, Emma Raducanu made history yesterday. At the age of just 18, she had only played one major tournament beforehand. One moving coda was that she was cheered on by the last British woman to win a singles major, Virginia Wade - whose victory came at Wimbledon in 1977.

And what's more, Ron

But while most pundits were reaching for the book of superlatives, and praising Ms Raducanu for her achievement, others were either hoping that no-one looked too hard at their previous utterings, or frantically trying to reinvent them, so as to appear that they were in her corner all along. In the former category was former Brexit Party OberscheissenfĂĽhrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who offered his congratulations.

Yes! COME ON!! Er, Piers who?

What Mr Thirsty hoped no-one would notice was that Ms Raducanu is of Romanian and Chinese heritage, and was born in Canada. Farage infamously told anyone who would listen that he wouldn’t want to live next door to, er, Romanians. But his was a mere bit-part, compared to former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan.

Morgan, who is famous only for knowing famous people, and whose sporting achievements extend no further than being a season ticket holder at Arsenal FC, was characteristically keen on not merely congratulating Ms Raducanu, but telling the world that he had a part in her victory, even though this proposition is complete crap.

When Ms Raducanu was forced to retire from her fourth round match at Wimbledon after experiencing breathing difficulties, Morgan scoffed “McEnroe told the truth. Ms Raducuna’s a talented player but couldn’t handle the pressure & quit when she was losing badly. Not ‘brave’, just a shame. If I were her, I’d tell my fans to stop abusing McEnroe, & seek his advice on how to toughen up & become a champion like he was”.

Hiding behind John Mac and spelling her surname wrong. And as one Tweeter pointed out yesterday, “McEnroe’s comments were taken out of context. What he also said: ‘Maybe it’s not a shame this has happened right now when she is 18, I played this tournament at 18 and in a way I was happy I lost. I was able to understand what it would take to make it.’ He wasn’t wrong was he?” Also, Morgan accused Ms Raducanu of choking. Baselessly.

But even last July, Morgan was gearing up for the all-important process of basking in someone else’s reflected glory. “I trend all yesterday for saying Emma Raducanu couldn’t handle the pressure of her Wimbledon match which is why she quit … Then Emma tweets that she couldn’t handle the pressure”. We’re on first name terms already.

Brutus Moriartus, this man is a bit of a crawler

Then came the reinvention of reality as Ms Raducanu won. Had he had a bad day? “A bad day? I've been totally vindicated. She took my advice and won”. It got worse. “Imagine if [Emma Raducanu] had taken Twitter’s advice & carried on ‘bravely’ and ‘heroically’ quitting and losing… thank God she’s made of tougher stuff & realised that winners don’t quit & have to learn how to handle the pressure. That’s why she’s Champion today”.

Who is this Twitter of whom he speaks? Who knows, and, indeed, who cares? Once again, Piers Morgan is unable to admit he called it wrong last July and didn’t know what he was talking about. Honesty is clearly for losers. The sickness of our media class laid bare.

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Anonymous said...

"Winners don't quit."

Appropriately, Moron quit a TV programme. Then headed for the gang of losers at Gammon Bullshit Nerds.

Anonymous said...

Much asi loathe obese oaf moregums, I’d much rather we were reporting on Patel with her hands down the Pakistani fellas undies at Heathrow, the 100k bung gove got from the Israeli property developer (rip j corbyn) and the three MPs laid off for a day after being naught trying to pervert the course of justice. There’s more than this to run with.

Mr Larrington said...

(Wonders who this “Emma Raducuna”, to whom colossal bellend Piers “Morgan” Moron refers, might be)