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Friday 3 September 2021

Covid Denier Denied Covid Test

Demonstrating that in the USA even a talentless mouth artist can make a career out of their inability, Candace Owens, known in the UK mainly for her singularly unfortunate comments about Hitler, has been spending some time in the upmarket resort of Aspen, CO. She has also, whisper it quietly, been claiming the Covid-19 pandemic is a hoax.

Candace Owens

Hence her suggesting “I believe the Democrats will attempt this #coronavirus scamdemic again in the fall and we need to resist them at all costs”, or the priceless and paranoid “#Coronavirus is and always has been a hoax. Democrats masked & impoverished America to rig an election”. And don’t even mention vaccination to her.

I’m unvaccinated. I’ve been to six countries and 28 states since the start of this pandemic (maskless outside of planes) and I still don’t have Covid. I slept next to my husband every night that he had it (what amounted to a light chest cold) and I still never got it. How?” So none of that for her. “This is your daily reminder that under no circumstances will I be getting any #coronavirus vaccine that becomes available. Ever. No matter what”.

And then Ms Owens got sick. Had she got The Rona? She requested a test from Aspen Laboratories, a private concern that receives no federal or state funding. Co-Founder Suzanna Lee declined. “We cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations”.

Suzanna Lee, co-founder, Aspen Laboratories

There was more. “My team and myself have worked overtime, to exhaustion, unpaid and underpaid this past year, spending our own capital to ensure that our community remains protected. It would be unfair to them and to the sacrifices we have all made this year to serve you”. Ms Owens, as is her wont, went on the offensive. And very offensive it was.

As Ron Filipkowski noted, “She says, ‘The last time a white Democrat refused a black person service … was in the Jim Crow era.’” How did Ms Owens know that Suzanna Lee was a registered Democrat? No matter, there was more abuse to hurl: “here is the email from the rabid activist declining to give me a test, plus my response to her. She clearly isn’t stable enough to work in health and is a danger to the Aspen community”.

If Ms Lee didn’t vote Democrat last year, or didn’t vote at all, that is very likely to change when the mid-term elections come around next year. Candace Owens, and those who engage in similarly abusive attacks on ordinary Citizens, may enthuse the Republican faithful. But their behaviour will only alienate the remaining moderate Republicans, and all-important independents, in 2022. And, maybe more importantly, in 2024.

So what would a sensible person have done when considering their next move? What would Nietzsche have done? But Candace Owens is not Nietzsche. Or even sensible. “No more testing for conservatives. Exempt us from this fake pandemic please”. And then came “It turns out the facility that rejected my ability to take a Covid test receives both state and federal funding. So no - she had NO RIGHT to deny me a covid test when my taxes go toward her operations. This situation is currently being escalated to the HHS”.

Who to believe, Candace Owens - or the journalists at the Aspen Times who have researched their article thoroughly before publication? The US right is so full of crap.

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J said...

Funny she was praising the court ruling that said shops don't have to cook cakes for gay people because they are a private entity... and now she's scrating because a private entity didn't want to serve her.

I mean, there's two faced and then there is GQP faced - usually with a funny tinge of Hitler praise thrown in for good measure.

That her praise of Hitler didn't get her perma-cancelled by her own side says everything about her side: who are obviously racist as fuck but like her because she says there is no such thing as racism and that the GQP can't be racist because she's in it... a Hitler lover.

Mr Larrington said...

Aspen is the most revoltingly twee place I've ever set foot in*, but even Aspen doesn’t deserve a witless clod like Ms Owens in it.

* I needed to to put more petril in my motor-car before tackling Independence Pass

iMatt said...

This nasty woman now has the nerve to suggest she was refused a test because she is black.

When George Floyd was killed, she refused to accept it was anything to do with Floyd's ethnicity and happily brought up his totally irrelevant past misdemeanours. When other black people suggest they have been poorly treated due to their skin colour, Owens dismisses them totally. Now she attempts to put the boot on the other foot!

People such as Ms Owens do not deserve your or my sympathy should they be struck by Covid.

James said...

Here is what I think should occur to the likes of Ms Owens, they should either

1)Go onto a Covid ward without PPE and catch it, see first hand what it is like to struggle to breathe and be reliant on a Oxygen cannister. See whether or not she experiences anxiety upon learning her breathes exceed the average adult and her pulse oximetry is below 96%.

2) Go tell a grieving family that Covid does not exist. Tell them that their loved one, regardless whether they be husband, wife, brother,sister, daughter, son, grandparent or grandchild etc did not die from Covid and that it is all a coincidence that the deceased persons' appearence matches other victims. Lets see what happens..

That I think is how these morons should be tested.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Covid kick off during Trump's presidency? And I'm sure he's a Republican 😂

Rosie said...

What a loon. She is obviously cultivating that foaming at the mouth persona that might get her a job under the next Republican administration. Meanwhile she is a danger to the public at large and should be ridiculed and then ignored.

Anonymous said...

She was "interviewed" by niggle farridge on GB(not)News last week. Says it all, really.