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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Guido Fawked - Burnt To Ash

As those who look in regularly on Zelo Street will already know, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog are not only not the sharpest set of tools in the box, they are not the most honest ones either. This has been superbly illustrated by an attack on the people at Novara Media, which has proved to be a campaign that has developed not necessarily to The Great Guido’s advantage.

Earlier today, Andrew “HS2 Ate My Credibility” Bridgen, MP of no discernible principle, took to Twitter to attack the Rotten Lefties™ in the Labour Party. “Today the Labour Party conference are voting for a minimum wage of £15 per hour. Imagine the impact that would have on lorry drivers wages. Why would any driver face nights away from home, poor living conditions and low pay when they could stay home and earn nearly as much?

Eh? So Lorry drivers shouldn’t make £15 an hour or more? Not sure that what Bridgen Tweeted at 1036 hours makes sense. But the idea that £15 an hour was too much for the proles caught the attention of Aaron Bastani at Novara Media. “You live on £10 an hour for a month and come back to me Andrew” he responded at 1132 hours. Note the timing.

Why is that significant? Ah well. Just 62 minutes after Bastani’s Tweet came the hit job, as the Fawkes Massive told anyone not yet asleep of “Brighton’s Minimum Wage Hypocrites”. Who they? “Ash Sarkar has slammed the 'shameful' Labour Party for instructing shadow ministers to argue against a £15 minimum wage. Given Ash’s passionate diatribe one would expect all Novara Media staff to be paid at least £15 per hour”. Do go on.

Wrong! Novara Media recently advertised for a 'Social Media Editor' to be paid just £12.50 per hour, for a job interviewing in January of this year … Luckily for Ash, she isn’t the only minimum wage campaigner to underpay staff. Last week Guido exclusively revealed that Labour Party’s conference stewards are being paid less than £10 per hour”.

Sadly, someone chez Fawkes had not only failed to notice that we are almost nine months on from that closing date, they also failed to check with Novara Media, such was their eagerness to put one over on the lefties, and lack of anything approaching journalistic principle. And the Fawkes piece accused Ms Sarkar of underpaying - present tense.

So it should not have surprised them when Ms Sarkar fired back “Hey [Guido Fawkes] - we did pay £12.50 in 2020, but it’s now £15 (and going up to £16.50 from this Friday). Amend and retract, or fuck off into the sea. I don’t mind which”. Come on, O Great Guido!

The job advert clearly says 2021, so your charming tweet can't be true. When exactly did you stop paying ‘shameful’ poverty wages to all your staff? What was the date?” Like I said, not the sharpest tool in the box. Moreover, we know it was Staines who responded, as the idiot left his location on (Waterford, Ireland - in the EU, dontcha know).

Ms Sarkar dismissed this slice of stupidity with characteristic directness and brevity. “We raised our wages in February 2021, thanks to our supporters. Now amend and retract, or get fucked”. But Staines and his rabble aren’t clever enough to say sorry.

And it’s not the first time they’ve been caught lying. Another fine mess, once again.

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iMatt said...

As if those on the hard and far-right give a ha'penny toss about those on low wages and improving their lot in life. For them, Brexit was a means to reduce wages and slash regulations.

Red lorry, Blue money - Grrr said...

Meanwhile, the Daily Heil is bleating on about HGV drivers getting £78,000 per year.

The unsightly Staines needs to get real said...

"Waitrose has also joined the national plea for delivery drivers by advertising salaries of up to £53,780 – more than the £45,000 being offered to senior executives in other recruitment ads." - WalesOnline.

Anonymous said...

You should've been tuned into BBC Radio 5L this morning.

During which, some knobhead styling himself a "Pizza Express executive" tried to claim a minimum wage of £15ph would be "inflationary", and that he had "created thousands of jobs" whereas his Labour opponent hadn't created even one. Which was promptly called out for the lie it was.

Then said knobhead disappeared up his own arse with the usual tedious bullshit that "The free market solves all problems". Conveniently forgetting "the free market" brought us the 2008 Depression, plus all the preceding and yet-to-come depressions, plus all the inevitable wars, plus the miserable society we currently endure.

But apparently everything will be OK as long as the likes of Pizza Express can keep its workers on less than £15ph, while the "executive" is busy "creating wealth" at a LOT MORE than the minimum wage from behind his desk.

Which is the kind of hypocrisy which prompted McDonald to resign from Starmer's cabinet of red tory spivs.

Not that it matters much. Economic nazism is set to continue when the Labour "opposition" is led by a Quiff stiff with the lacquer of treachery and betrayal.

Andy Foster said...

So Andrew Bridgen thinks HGV drivers don't earn £15 an hour. I wonder what people earn at A.B. Products, in its lovely factory and warehouse situated so picturesquely in the green belt.

Anonymous said...

And right on cue this morning on the British Bullshit Corporation....out slithers obedient tory propagandist mouthpiece Kuentssberg to vomit from the right side of her crooked mouth.

This time lying the Labour manifesto of 2019 was "fantasy" and a "utopia". The kind of garbage manufactured by her Langley alma mater. All designed of course to reinforce red tory apologists before the Quiff* Quisling does his performing seal act for the Establishment. All of which demonstrates how far political decency and honour has been abandoned to accommodate red toryism.

Post-speech, you can guarantee Kuentssberg will reappear to hail it a "success" as the words slide down the right side of her crooked mouth, complete with background close ups of assorted applauding Yankified red tories. The whole scene reminiscent of a pack of sit-up-and-beg spaniels.

*Guess what....Starmer was ordered to flatten the quiff by the make-over people. Naturally he did as he was told. But it won't make the slightest difference. He always was, and always will be, a red tory Quiff Quisling. He'll betray at the drop of a hat....and he'd drop the hat himself.