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Sunday 26 September 2021

Telegraph SFH Hit Piece UNRAVELS

While much of our free and fearless press is covering the Labour Conference, along with the travails of party leader Keir Starmer, or spooking the public over potential fuel shortages while blaming the result of their handiwork on the Road Haulage Association, or even blaming someone who once worked for the BBC and opposed Brexit, one corner of the press has today put the boot into campaign group Stop Funding Hate.

That particular corner is occupied by one Edward Malnick, who claims to be Sunday political editor at the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph. “Group behind GB News advertising boycott summoned by regulator over 'political campaigning' claims … The Community Interest Company watchdog says it will monitor Stop Funding Hate and 'act accordingly' should it breach legislation” is the less than arresting headline.

It is also not supported by Malnick’s own article. Although he claims “The campaign group behind the advertising boycott of GB News is being summoned to see a government regulator and will be ‘monitored’ following claims that it breached company laws by engaging in ‘political activity’. The directors of Stop Funding Hate, which is registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC), are being called to a meeting with the CIC regulator over allegations that it has taken part in political campaigning”, this is not true.

We know this as he tells readers “The move comes after ten Conservative MPs called for an investigation into the group” but then admits “In a response to the MPs' complaint, Louise Smyth, the CIC regulator, said that the company's activities had not breached the relevant regulations”. SFH has not breached the relevant regulations. Case closed.

Brendan Clarke-Smith MP

Moreover, Ms Smyth added “I will be contacting the directors of Stop Funding Hate and requesting a meeting to discuss this matter further”. So no-one is being “summoned”. Also, only later in the article does Malnick reveal his source: “Brendan Clarke-Smith, one of the signatories of the letter to Ms Smyth, and a member of the Common Sense Group of Conservative MPs”. And who would Brendan Clarke-Smith be?

Ah well. Representing Bassetlaw, following the flouncing out of “Lord” John Mann, he has attacked Marcus Rashford over free school meals provision, attacked the England football team taking the knee, and claimed food banks are a “political weapon”. He has said it is “‘simply not true’ that ‘people can't afford to buy food on a regular basis’”.

He has also asserted “The actions of this group and its attacks on free speech are not only an affront to democracy, but have undermined the trust that many people might have had in Community Interest Companies”. Most people don’t have the foggiest idea what a CIC is. And there is no attack on FREEZE PEACH by SFH. Gammon Broadcasting™ News (“Bacon’s News Channel”) is free to have its hosts say what they want.

Others are then free to pass adverse comment upon them, or indeed, ask advertisers if they wish to be associated with Dan Wootton, Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, Tom “Hardwood” or any of the channel’s other “stars”. As for the Common Sense Group of Tory MPs, Tim Bale summed them up well: “a heady mixture of hyperbole, highly questionable assertions … and frankly risible conspiracy theory”. That’s how credible Malnick’s source is.

But good to see that SFH scares the Tory right. Their campaign is clearly working.

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Arnold said...

From the Mail.
HGV boss is accused of triggering petrol pump crisis: Ministers point the finger at ex-BBC man and diehard Remainer who 'leaked remarks made by a BP executive at a private Government meeting'
BBC and Remainer. Stone him! And why are Leavers never diehard?

Anonymous said...

No substantial difference, then, between Clarke-Smith and erminised "Lord" Mann.

In Mann's case, payment in full for treachery services. Such as ambushing and abusing - almost physically assaulting - Ken Livingstone while a TV "news" camera crew just "happened" to be in tow. Mann even checked one camera angle during the whole finger-pointing farce.

Yes, on the whole both Clarke-Smith and Mann are morally corrupt far right tory twats. The former in blue, the latter in red.

Anonymous said...

The comedy gets funnier.

Supposedly the shortages "have nothing to do with Brexit". But they can be "solved" by, erm, employing more Europeans.

Oh my aching sides.

Mr Larrington said...

On top of Bloody Stupid Johnson's risible U-turn over the employment of drivers from Abroad, we now have disgraced former International Development Secretary Piggi Patel announcing the formation of a “Task Force” to ensure all the temporary migrants are turfed out by Christmas. I do not think they’ll be overworked; one chap on Twitter said he posed the question of a move to Britain on a European truckies’ forum, to which the response was a resounding “FUCK OFF”.

Sam said...

My Brexit voting pal in Maidenhead is most upset as her very reliable and modest cost Polish auto mechanic has packed up and gone home.