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Thursday 16 September 2021

Nadine Dorries - A Nation Laughs

Not since Roman Emperor Caligula proposed to make Incitatus, his favourite horse, a Consul has there been an appointment to high office so risible as that made yesterday by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Bozo has promoted (yes, it’s her again) Mid Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries to the cabinet, as Culture Secretary.

Nadine Dorries. That’s an interesting name. It’s the same name as the MP who said that her blog was “70% fiction”, but later said that it wasn’t. The MP who claimed that her selection panel had a majority of men, except it hadn’t. The MP who was in favour of all-women shortlists, but then attacked Labour for, er, all-women shortlists.

Dead right it's fishy

The MP who told Bedfordshire Police she had four stalkers, then named her Lib Dem opponent as one of them. The MP who claimed her front door had been removed while she’d been away (you try removing a front door from outside the property). The MP who attacked David Cameron and George Osborne for being posh, but fawned over Bozo.

The MP who joined the pile-on against Labour over allegations of anti-Semitism, while managing to forget that she had been a party to an anti-Semitic campaign against a Jewish (now former) Lib Dem MP. The MP who attacked Piers Morgan for using the word “mad”, because Mental Health. But she’d previously used that same word multiple times, as well as “bonkers”, “insane”, “window lickers” and “barking”.

The MP who was caught (along with two others) disseminating defamatory far-right claims about Labour leader Keir Starmer. The MP who wasn’t happy with the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement because “This deal gives us no voice, no votes, no MEPs, no commissioner”. The MP who criticised wearing of the Burqa because “No woman in a liberal, progressive society should be forced to cover up her beauty or her bruises”. Yes, that MP.

So what was the reaction to this momentous occasion? For some reason, that reaction was less than 100% positive. Former Tory MP Anna Soubry was on the case: “The appointment of Nadine Dorries actually says everything that is wrong and rotten about this Prime Minister's stewardship of this country. She never made it even as a bag carrier. She was not in government at all and for very good reason, she's not up to the job”.

Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain noted she had “Shared tweets by Tommy Robinson … Asked Sadiq Khan about grooming gangs (what's it got to do with him?) … Said vote rigging is ‘commonplace’ in Muslim communities”. Femi Oluwole recalled that she “wanted the police to arrest someone for expressing an opposing view towards a government minister”. Also, Ms Dorries claimed Steve Bray was called Dave.

And Alex Andreou reminded us of Ms Dorries’ claim to cultural fame. “Nadine Dorries, a woman who took off on full MP pay, without even telling her party whip or constituents, to go eat ostrich arse on reality TV, is now a Secretary of State in charge of Culture, and every single TV journo is treating this as a TOTALLY NORMAL THING that happened”.

As for the “digital” part of her brief, it should not be forgotten that Ms Dorries once proclaimed “All my staff have my login details”. So she’s hot on security, too. Perhaps.

Why might the public not take our political class seriously any more? Search me, Guv.

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Ferdy Fox said...

She should fit in well..................

The Only Way Is Excess said...

Reminds me of Alan Bleasdale's 'GBH' where a dustbin collector is appointed Director of Education.

iMatt said...

In the past, we were encouraged to laugh at hapless characters such as Frank Spencer, Mr Bean and Private Pike. These creations were of course all fictional. And in their own way well-meaning.

When we have someone like Nadine Dorries who is not so much hapless but thick as three very short ones, very real thus making her a lot more dangerous, we somehow are supposed to sit back and accept her appointment.

Sandy Piffle's reshuffle once again shows just how shaw the talent he has to choose from. A Brexit govt held captive by Brexit can only appoint Brexit lackeys and minions. Talent, capability, experience and knowledge all very much take a back seat.

Mr Larrington said...

I see that the motley shambles of Super-Twats collectively known as “Turning Point UK” are endorsing Mad Nad's accession to high public office, which speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

The "cabinet reshuffle": pigs moving around a sty.

Nothing more.

Arnold said...

She was not in government at all and for very good reason, she's not up to the job”

That was in Theresa May's time. It's an essential requirement to be in a Bozo cabinet.
The Tory party wanted a useless clown to lead them. And everyone who voted Tory in December 2019 wanted one as PM. Will of the people in it? The fish rots from the head down.

Arnold said...

According to the DM, "Boris Johnson has put Michael Gove in charge of resolving problems with the UK's food supply chains amid warnings from business chiefs of shortages at Christmas."
I'm not reassured. Even if he's got an HGV licence, what difference can one man make?

Unknown said...

Why the surprised response? Liz Truss is Foreign Secretary! The government is behaving in a way which suggests a rest and a visit to a clinic might be beneficial.

Jonathan said...

While the Fragrant Nadine isn't upto the job, just look at the Shadow Cabinet, aka the Tory B team, who if in power would push the same disastrous polices as Nadine and her pals.

Beagle said...

@ Jonathan.

How do you mean? Any specifics or links?

Anonymous said...

@ Beagle.

Do you have any evidence whatever that the Quiff Quisling and his apologists would be much different to the Bozo Circus?

Thanks in advance

Beagle said...

@ Anonymous

Answering a question with a question is rather lazy.

What's a Tory boy like you doing on a left wing blog anyway?

Rosie said...

Anna Soubry also said that Dorries qualification for Culture Secretary was that she "had read a book. Once."

Anonymous said...

@ Beagle 14:00.

So do you have an answer to my question at 10:46?

Thanks in advance.

Beagle said...

@ Anon

Who is Quiff Quisling supposed to be? A WW2 Norwegian traitor?

If you're referring to Her Majesty's Opposition, then no, I don't have any evidence for the simple reason that they're not in power. At least it doesn't contain the likes of such 4th division politicians such as Dorries, Truss, Patel and Raab.

I'd love to know who your dream team is, but then again, perhaps not.

Anonymous said...

Quiff Quisling is of course red tory Keir "Keef" Starmer. Also applicable to his equally treacherous apologists.

Here to help. After you name the Quiff Quisling "alternative policies".

Thanks in advance.