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Monday 30 August 2021

Magna Carta Wackos Seize Public Building

Storyhouse Chester is one of those success stories led by local Government intervention: the re-use of the city’s former Odeon cinema, an art deco building dating from the 1930s and listed at Grade II. It now houses a theatre, a cinema, a restaurant - and the city’s library, which last week played host to a display of significant stupidity.

A group which has since been identified as the True Honourables, many of them brandishing camera phones and other video recording equipment, assembled in the library, fronted by a rambling fool reading from a notepad. He declared that the group had seized the building. The manager summoned the Police.

In the video, put out on BitChute - the thought enters that YouTube or Facebook would have taken it down - the assembled idiocy kicks off by asking the cops “Are you on your oath of office?” before nonchalantly declaring “We’re seizing the building”. Then it was on to the rambling fool reading from his notebook. And citing Magna Carta.

We’re common law standing Chester … Article 61 has been invoked [which has been invalid for several Centuries] law abiding citizens are now seizing public buildings which have been usurped from us by the legislative Government, which is not a lawful Government. Common law is the law of the land. We stand under common law”.

Wibble. Hatstand. Do go on. “We have chosen this building … a public library … should not be usurped and placed into a profit-making organisation”. Idiot. Storyhouse is a charity. “We’ve taken control of this building under Magna Carta 1215, which is our right to do so [no it isn’t] … there is no law in this land that says we have to wear masks, even if the Government brings out a bill and says we have to do so [oh yes there is]”. Enough.

Suffice to say that the assembled idiocy claimed the Covid-19 pandemic was a hoax. The video was promoted by one Vic Button, a locally notorious former market trader whose Twitter feed includesHow the jab works to end humanity”, “Globalist scum wants your kids to be MRNA lab-rat junkies”, “lethal poisons in the Covid jab”, “You can become dangerously magnetic after taking the jab”, and “We have a one world Government”.

Added to which is the off-the-scale wacko claim that over a million have died after taking the jab. Some in Chester have seen enough of the “True Honourables”, not least the folks from the Carlton Tavern in Handbridge: “they made threats to my business, my customers and my staff all because I was complying with government guidelines [on] mask wearing”.

Go on. “They also tried to spout this nonsense here prior to mask restrictions being lifted when they were refused entry. The chap in the vid then proceeded to threaten to hang one of our locals who called them a disgrace from a lamppost whilst quoting the Magna Carta … We then received a 12 page ‘legal’ document from the common law society quoting the Magna Carta and warning us that we committed high treason for refusing them entry”.

Believe what you like, but wasting Police time - and everyone else’s time - talking out of the backs of your necks is not going to win any friends or influence any people.

What this sad shower shows, though, is that once you have gone on down the rabbit hole, you’ll believe anything. The anti-vax crowd do just that. Until The Rona gets them.

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Gonzoland said...

Well, this and Gove doing a Brown (George Brown not Gordon) has lightened a bleak weekend.

Mr Larrington said...

The daft twats did something similar in Edinburgh the other day without pausing to contemplate that Magna Carta was strictly an ENGLISH thing. Those who do not study history are doomed to public derision and possible legal proceedings.

Sam said...

Too ignorant to understand they live under Capitalism which wants and needs mow and more customers every year and unlikely to kill off it's customer base with a virus that is decimating their profits.
Can't we kill of Magna Carta once and for all? Put a stake through her heart and bury her in a lead coffin.

Anonymous said...

All of that property democracy stuff would've greatly upset the barons who forced John Plantagenet to agree the Magna Carta. Which was later abrogated anyway.

Silly Gammons. Very silly.

AndyC said...

These morons seem to have as much knowledge and understanding of the document in question as did Anthony Aloysius Hancock.

'Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you? Did she die in vain? Brave Hungarian peasant girl who forced King John to sign the pledge at Runnymede and close the boozers at half past ten! Is all this to be forgotten?'

Nigel Stapley said...

It's a terrible indictment of how appallingly bad the teaching of history is in schools in England, and of how that self-regarding, self-congratulating, self-something-else version of it has - through flag-shagging pols, pundits and media alike - come to rule the public imagination. That's also how we ended up with B**x*t, of course.

Flatlander said...

Ideally, the police officer would have just said "Oh yeah?" and then administer a drubbing.

J said...

Should have done what the barrons would have done had they come across such thick commoners... twatted the bastards and if that didn't work run the bastards through with a sword as was their right.