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Sunday 19 September 2021

AUKUS - Goodbye NATO, Hello EUDF

Those pretending that the move to European monetary union, which led to the single currency, was some kind of aberration, an unnecessary act, maybe even grandstanding and overreach, ignore that it was the USA that - inadvertently - began the process, when the Vietnam war needed lots of money, as well as bodies, throwing at it.

What was then West Germany, probably with encouragement from the French, suggested to Washington DC that the US Dollar should be devalued. As the response was not unlike that given by the defenders in the Bastogne Pocket, the authorities in Bonn reluctantly decided to revalue their currency upwards. Not even the mighty Deutschmark could hold a candle to the US Dollar. But a Europe-wide currency might just. And it now has.

That memory should be borne in mind today as the repercussions from the AUKUS deal, struck between the USA, UK and Australia, are examined. Sadly, it does not appear to be on the radar of new Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who has instead declared “Read my [Telegraph] piece on how we are putting at the heart of a network of economic, diplomatic and security partnerships. This will drive growth and jobs in the UK and across the world and help make us safer”. She ends with the sad and meaningless #GlobalBritain hashtag.

Maybe we should consider the reality here. John Lichfield, writing for The Local France, certainly has, and has concludedThe nasty row which has broken out between Paris, Washington, Canberra and (to an extent) London, is about more than a €60bn French contract to build 12 submarines for the Australian navy”. There is more.

It is about France as a Pacific and Indian ocean nation; it is about France’s desire to play an important role in Indian-Pacific affairs, containing China without antagonising China; it is about America’s willingness to treat allies as allies, not vassals; it is about honesty and openness in international affairs”. And he offers an ominous coda.

The AUKUS affair, coming so soon after the debacle of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, proves that [Emmanuel] Macron is right. Nato is brain dead. Washington doesn’t have allies, only junior partners. Britain has willingly accepted that role. It is time that for the European Union to consider how (to coin a phrase) it can take back control of its own security and prosperity”. There are other issues in play, too.

As Mutjaba Rahman has noted, “Macron's decision to escalate IS partly an electoral calculation. He remembers Chirac gained popularity not just by refusing to invade Iraq, but by taking initiative & publicly disputing US strategy”. But France, the UK and US are part of NATO, aren’t they? Founder members, too. But Mike Galsworthy has that one covered.

Another fine mess, son of Stanley

Lord Ricketts, a former UK ambassador to France said: ‘French diplomats have told me that America lied about what they were doing and they will be releasing documents to show that America lied.’ Well that's NATO royally screwed then”. What became NATO originated in the UK, and more importantly, mainland Europe. What may supplant NATO in the face of US indifference could also originate there.

It could simply be called the EU Defence Force. It would provide a countervailing power to the US, enable the EU and its pals to look after themselves, work constructively with the likes of China - and would leave “Global Britain” out in the cold. Another Brexit triumph.

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DorkUS? Nein danke said...

The USA foreign policy of destabilising countries in North Africa and the Middle East and keeping them unstable has created the refugee crises that Europe has had to deal with. Time to bid Uncle Sam a fond fuck off and create an new military alliance.

Anonymous said...

NATO has been a load of lethally dangerous bollocks since Kennan despatched his paranoid Long Telegram and triggered the utterly useless Cold War.

Paranoia that really began WITHIN TWO DAYS of the German surrender when loony drunk Churchill ordered a plan for an atomic attack on Russia. Fortunately the then-UKmilitary had more common sense than the current gang of poodles and ignored him.

Russia had suffered catastrophically in WW2 and was in no position to invade and occupy Western Europe. Nor did it have the slightest inclination to do so.

NATO was a product of baseless paranoia and the remnant of deeply embedded fascism in the West, particularly in the USA. It has always been a threat to peace and always will be.

Kennedy, an earlier Cold Warrior, realised this too late but tried to correct himself with his post-Cuba crisis speech at the American University in 1963. In which he rejected the notion of a Pax americana. But he was dead 16 weeks later and we've been stuck with a NATO-led Pax americana ever since.

NATO represents everything wrong and evil in Western culture. It is a murderous disaster that threatens apocalyptic catastrophe on the planet.

Simon said...

Read my [Telegraph] piece on how we are putting at the heart of a network of economic, diplomatic and security partnerships.

Again, no. Why the hell should anyone have to buy a newspaper to hear what our elected representatives are saying?

Anonymous said...

Macron - a deeply unpopular president in France - is grandstanding to save his ass come the next presidential election.

Anonymous said...

For this to happen, the countries of the EU would have to develop a hitherto unseen will to co-operate and intervene in theatres of interest. Germany has been notoriously nervous of this over recent years.

I'll believe it if and when I see it.

Mr Larrington said...

That Le Macrobe is absolutely fummin' at Washington and Canberra but not at London’s famous London tells us everything we need to know about alleged Foreign Secretary and cheese fangrrl Truss and her so-called #GlobalBritain.

Anonymous said...

We'd be equally cynical is Raab was still at the foreign office. What a shabby group of inadequates 'leads' not excluding himself from that description of course.

Ships Of Many Colours said...

See info: Operation Atalanta by the European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR).

Anonymous said...

No doubt there is some cooperation, but Germany's understandable reluctance to be seen as the prime movers has stymied efforts to develop a genuinely capable EUDF.

Some are trying to change that: https://www.facebook.com/99985820015/posts/10159952652215016/?sfnsn=scwspmo

Anonymous said...

The homicidal insanity of US-led NATO. From a former NATO commander.