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Thursday 4 February 2021

Covid Sceptic Favourite IS SICK BIGOT

Among those elevated to hero status by bad faith actors pretending that the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t so bad, that lockdowns kill more than they save, and that Government experts have got it wrong, is one Michael Yeadon. The former Pfizer scientific advisor has been lionised by self promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer, and given a platform by Lockdown Sceptics, domain of the loathsome Toby Young.

Michael Yeadon ...
... and some of those ...
... who gifted him a platform

He also garnered the recommendation of James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole, with whom he did a podcast. Ms Hartley Dooda defended him resolutely, telling “Yeadon's credentials are irrelevant. What he is saying, citing the research of VERY eminent experts, is what is relevant”. Whether this level of enthusiasm would have endured, had any of them perused his Twitter back catalogue, is doubtful.

That back catalogue had remained free of examination - until yesterday, when Yeadon told his followers “A tweet recently appeared under my ID, which was horribly offensive. As a result my account was locked. I of course deleted it. I want you to know of course that I didn’t write it”. So we can be sure that anything remaining after he posted that is fine.

What might that include? Just a trace of Islamophobic bigotry. Actually, rather a lot of it. “Sharia IS their legal system. That’s what we have, apparently, in a few areas already” he opined, going on to suggest that Muslims get away with killing young women because it’s “honour killing” and the cops won’t deal with it. And then he was away.

They’re concerned we’ll be concerned if it turns out to be true that almost every grooming gang into pedo rape & buggery are Pakistani Muslims … Remember, under aged unbeliever girls deserve no respect & any part of their bodies can be used for Muslim pleasure … There was a pseudo scientific paper out recently which claimed that there wasn’t a specific offence of gang grooming of children so there couldn’t be a report on it. Also, that Muslim men of Pakistani heritage were disproportionately involved was fake news. I called BS”. And when he heard the “Grooming Gang” report had been leaked?

Wait for it: “Currently, it’s making its way down the inner thigh of a 14 year old Rochdale schoolgirl”. Do go on. “In U.K. at least, I’ve searched but cannot find any non-Islam majority pedophile grooming & long term rape gangs. Plenty of individuals rape but this revolting gang phenomenon is almost exclusively a crime committed by Muslims, mostly of Pakistani heritage. Why, I’ve no idea”. And there was more. Rather a lot more.

Why did Muslim refugees not flee to other majority Muslim countries? “Insufficient numbers of kuffir underaged females, which are fair game to certain Muslims (those who interpret Muhammad’s relationships with female children as a fact & legitimate: this is disputed by others)”. Obligatory swipe at Ash Sarkar: “In multiple countries where Jews have recently been frightened or attacked, Muslims were more often than any other group identified by the victims as the originator of the fear/attack”. No citation. Nor will there be.

And on he droned. "I know their are white paedos but the gang MO is unique to Muslims, mostly Pakistanis … Google ‘Muslim & Goat rape’. There’s a disturbing and quite definitive YouTube video. No grooming involved, but defo non consensual … There are no examples of men other than Muslims of Pakistani heritage doing this. This industrial scale child rape has one type of owner”. Could it get worse, even more sick? Don’t ask.

You’ll need a strong stomach for this part. “‘To make the adverts particularly appealing to Muslim men of Pakistani heritage, HR’s telephone number has been tattooed onto the backsides of all white girls starting secondary school’ … I’ll prob get banned for this, but I’m only teasing. I meant ’14 year olds’, obv”. And it gets even worse.

A good half pint of Muslim cum injected into those girls. Strong chance of serious, potentially life course changing STIs, on top of the sex abuse & threats to life traumas they suffered. These young victims should have received priority CAMH care. Did they get it, anyone know?” Thus speaks the darling of the Covid denial fringe.

So who’s up for defending their hero, and saying it’s just a bit more of that FREEZE PEACH? Del Boy? Tobes? Ms Hartley Dooda? Don’t all shout at once.

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Ghost Whistler said...

"Ms Hartley Dooda defended him resolutely, telling “Yeadon's credentials are irrelevant. What he is saying, citing the research of VERY eminent experts, is what is relevant”. "

In other words: "I don't care about his credentials, but I do care about the people that agree with him, which I do because of their credentials".

She's a clown. Delingpole is a luddite and a crank

RodJ said...

Yeadon: projection much?

Anonymous said...

Yeadon's "supporters" tell you all you need to know about his sick racism.

Collectively they represent everything that's evil in a dying culture.

Some of his words wouldn't have been out off place in Der Sturmer.

Anonymous said...

No mention of jewish space lasers?

AndyC said...

It's not all bad news. I see today that lunatic anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn has been arrested (again), this time on suspicion of malicious communications and public nuisance, for his involvement in the production and distribution of a leaflet featuring a drawing of the gate to Auschwitz with the 'Arbeit Mach Frei' replaced with 'Vaccines are safe path to freedom'. He really is up there in the absolute s***s league.

Anonymous said...

Fartley-bagpuss at it again ....

Anonymous said...

But I see that no one is able to challenge what he says about Covid or the vaccines though ...

Hayley Jean Blackburn said...


Don't you see that a guy who is very selective on some forms of data, which exposes his bigotry, might not be trusted with his conclusions?

I mean, that's apart from the fact the lionisation of such people is an insult to us all. We have a local Nazi in my sleepy Hampshire village. He says he knows a lot about bird law. I'm not gonna come to him if I am ever in trouble with the birds, because he's a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's "able".

But nobody sensible argues with a dickhead.

Hope this helps.

Michelle said...

You can generate almost anything on twitter. Those with the right means would be able to do a lot more. If you have ever listened to one of Mike Yeadons interviews those tweets in no way even sound like the same person. They are written like someone in 8th grade. I mean why would he demean himself like that and use the word CUM? Its totally bizarre.

I mean really, go onto any search engine and you can find how to hack a twitter account. Its clearly a smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

To 11:49.

Given Yeadon's track record, I would guess there are no verbiage depths he wouldn't plumb.

Hacking wouldn't be necessary. He'd get there of his own accord.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Muslim, and while I am offended by the ignorant comments about Muslims, I don't see how they disqualify him from expressing scientific opinion on COVID-19. This article is an ad hominem attack.

Anonymous said...

18:49 Well spotted Sir!

Anonymous said...


If you care to consult the details again you'll see it's nothing of the sort.

Muslim or no muslim.

Cufflinks Australia said...

So he defo wasn't hacked?