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Wednesday 27 May 2020

Sun Pundit Demands Critics Are Censored

The Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun are the first to howl in outrage at the suggestion that they should be prevented from routinely stirring up hatred against others, especially if their targets are not white. The deeply unpleasant Rod Liddle is a prime example, last year protesting about the possibility that Islamophobia could be made a hate crime. The headline was a supreme example of faux victimhood.
Olivia Utley - not posh, not elite, not using a keyboard

Madness, a politically correct madness ... a denial of truth and logic”. The truth being that the Sun wasn’t peddling any if it could get away with it, and the logic being that the press can stir up the mob as it likes, accepting no constraints on its actions. Which brings us to the magnificent hypocrisy of Liddle’s stand-in, Olivia Utley.

Ms Utley recently used her Sun column to stir up hatred against people of her own age group, asserting that they were “Remainers” who should be made to take their holidays in the UK. She, of course, was not so constrained, and was duly called out. Now she has returned to the fray to demand she has freedom of speech, but her critics do not.

Under the headlineTrolls who whipped up lockdown frustrations are to blame for anti-Dominic Cummings mob”, she whines plaintively “LAST week I became a national hate figure”. But do go on. “An opinion I expressed in these pages attracted the wrath of the keyboard warriors”. Doesn’t she use a keyboard? Perhaps she has already graduated to becoming one of those who has people to do that sort of thing for her.
But do go on. “And before I knew it, my name was trending on Twitter and my boyfriend was fielding death threats”. Yes, anyone who criticised her caused her to get death threats. From this exercise in extrapolation, it was on to defending Polecat Dom.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the vast majority of that posh mob were not actually driven by personal grievance” she says of those taking exception to Cummings’ comings and goings. Dom and his wife paid £1.68 million IN CASH for their Islington pad, then had a six-figure sum of work done on it, but they are not the posh ones.

And, sadly, there is more. “In fact, I’d happily bet good money that their anger was whipped up by pondlife keyboard warriors who dedicate their lives to cultivating rage”. Sun pundit who dedicates her life to cultivating rage calls “Pond Life” on others. So what’s her remedy for the ability of her critics to express themselves as freely as she does?
You’ll love this: “it’s time for the Government to step in. The draft law on online communications has the right idea. It promises to get tougher on online hate speech, clean up the internet for children and impose tough sanctions on social media companies who fail to keep users safe. It must not be delayed”. Censor those who dissent!

Only in the world of the Murdoch press, which howled “Censorship” at the Leveson proposals, because it would have made papers like the Sun properly accountable for its spreading of hate speech, could we see calls for others to be censored.

Dominic Cummings brought public revulsion upon himself. Because he doesn’t care. The only difference with Olivia Utley is that she does - but only about Herself.
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Anonymous said...

A rag then, now and forever. Don't buy it. With any luck it will go under. If there was true and just censorship in the UK the rancid rag would have ceased to exist years ago.

Jonathan said...

The Sun the Tory propaganda sheet, only suitable as kitty tray liner...

Anonymous said...

She really is a particularly sad individual

N said...

She's going to be sorely disappointed when, in a few decades, others her age are the ones in charge of this country. Some young people today will be PM, and in the Cabinet, and on the benches. And she will be feeling very left out when she realises that none of her fellow young people will entertain her pathetic ideas while they are in office.