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Sunday 31 May 2020

Dominic Raab - Terminally Useless

As the succession of supposedly leading Tories presents themselves for viewers’ inspection on the Sunday politics shows, the impression of ineptitude is inescapable, not least from de facto deputy Prime Minister Dominic “cash flow problem” Raab, who this morning appeared before the inquisition of both Sky News’ Sophy Ridge, and the BBC’s Andrew Marr. He was, let us not forget, running the country recently.
That was because alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson had been whisked away to the intensive care unit at St Thomas’ Hospital, the moment when many in his own party began to realise that the welter of propaganda being pumped out, telling that Bozo was just in for observation, could not mask the inconvenient fact that their figurehead came perilously close to pegging out. So Ms Ridge had a rather obvious question.

Given the dependence placed by Bozo and his pals on chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings, did Raab know that Dom had piled off to Durham? After all, he’d need to keep in touch, wouldn’t he? Not according to the Ridge show’s Twitter feed: “Dominic Raab says he was not aware that Dominic Cummings was in Durham whilst he was acting Prime Minister and says he found out ‘when the story broke’ in the media”.
When did he know Dom had left London for Durham? “I’m not sure”. Ms Ridge tried again. “While you were de facto Prime Minister, did you know Dominic Cummings was in Durham?” Come on Cash Flow! “I just knew he was out of action”. Like some kind of robot, perchance? She had another go. “Was the first time you knew that he went to Durham when you read it in the media, then?” The Raab evasion wasn’t making it.

I wouldn’t be able to say with any precision, I want to give you a really accurate, reliable answer, but I hadn’t at the time, I wasn’t aware of it, other than as I said, that he was unwell, he was out of action, and to be honest with you I didn’t inquire as to his own personal circumstances, I was just getting on with the job”. Waffles for breakfast.
Ms Ridge summed up. “So you didn’t know, did you?” Raab agreed that, at the time, no he didn’t. Then, from being grilled outside the BBC, he entered New Broadcasting House to see if he could do better on The Andy Marr Show™. This turned out to be another campaign which developed not necessarily to his advantage.

Marr mentioned the unrest which is developing in many cities across the USA, and the infamous Tweet from Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, who was called out by Twitter for inciting violence with his assertion that “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”. Would Mr Cash Flow care to offer BBC viewers his thoughts on that incident?
Stewart Wood summed up the response. “Dominic Raab on #Marr when asked about Trump's comments on the #GeorgeFloydProtests: ‘I've long kept to the self-imposed guidance not to comment on what President Trump says ... It's not really what my job is’. That's the UK Foreign Secretary”. Or, put another way, it is what his job is.

Dominic Raab, the best the Tories could manage today. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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Anonymous said...

It'd be reassuring to have a Labour opposition holding the tories to account...if not shredding them over criminally needless loss of life.

Instead, we have Starmer bleating gutless slogans while awaiting his right wing turn in Downing Street.

And oo look!...Suddenly no corporate media concentration on "Labour antisemitism" or the internal report revealing corrupt betrayal by McNicol and Matthews and other righty lackies.

This country suffers from terminal cultural cancer. And it injected it itself.

Anonymous said...

The Tories still have a lead in the polls!!!!!!

Well done Sir Keir. Piers Corbyn shows how true socialists should be behaving!

Stultus Sanguinarius said...

More 'look over there'.
Some people wouldn't be satisfied even if Keir Starmer started advocating violence and civil disorder whilst drawing attention away from the Tories with some internal bloodletting in the Labour Party.

Anonymous said...

Raab ain't the only one. They are all terminally useless. A bunch of clowns led by BoJo the number one clown. How did it ever get to this?