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Thursday 7 May 2020

Fawkes MP Sacking Dead Cat BUSTED

More embarrassment for alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his pals, not least Matt “watch your tone” Hancock, has come from the Guardian today, as it has decided to publishthe secret report that gave ministers warning of care home coronavirus crisis”. That’s the report which “said the UK was not prepared for a pandemic and forewarned of the Covid-19 crisis in care homes”. Do go on.
What time is it Eccles?

The report is based on the findings of a government simulation of an influenza pandemic, codenamed Exercise Cygnus … It contained 26 key recommendations, including boosting the capacity of care homes and the numbers of staff available to work in them. It also warned of the challenge facing homes asked to take in patients from hospitals”. The chief executive of Care England has passed severely adverse comment on the Government.

So who out there on the Bozo-loving right would like to deposit a care home dead cat on the table, and look sharp with it? Would someone, anyone care to make a pointless gesture? Well, yes they would: Tom Harwood, replacement teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, would certainly like to have a go.
Teaboy Tom has brought forth a hot and steaming pile of weapons grade bullpucky titled “Curious Case Of Nadia Whittome’s Sacking”, where he tells “23 year old Corbynista MP Nadia Whittome made a splash yesterday evening as she declared she had been ‘sacked’ from her role as a casual worker at a retirement home in her constituency”. Ms Whittome has become a “Corbynista” in the retelling, just to make the smear more effective.

There is more. “Whittome claims that she was ‘sacked’ for ‘speaking out about a lack of PPE’. This is despite the home, which has not had a single Coronavirus death, saying it has ‘three months’ supply of PPE, including over 25,000 pairs of gloves, 7,700 aprons and nearly 6,000 masks’ … Guido can see why a retirement home may ask a gobby casual worker to no longer very occasionally saunter in, especially if her media appearances from the local press to Newsnight were unduly scaring the residents”. Harwood would know about being “gobby” and “very occasionally sauntering in”, of course.
So let’s look at one or two of those horribly inconvenient things called facts. The ExtraCare trust, which runs the retirement village where Ms Whittome worked before becoming an MP (not mentioned by Harwood) and where she had been volunteering, did indeed have a shortage of PPE. Hence their urgent appeal, which they acknowledged on 16 April, when they also admitted they were still short of supplies at 20 locations.

The following day, April 17, ExtraCare Tweeted “We’re trying to thank as many people, businesses and organisations as possible, for supporting our #PPE appeal over the past few weeks”. Had they not been short of PPE, there would have been no need for an appeal, so once again Harwood has been caught being economical with the actualité.
Then, to make himself look even more foolish, if such a move were necessary, he ends by being far too clever for his limited intellectual capacity: “A Government source tells Guido ‘Another week, another false story lapped up by the BBC.’” The Government runs ExtraCare trust? No it doesn’t. So what relevance is a Government source? It isn’t.

There’s a problem with that dead cat the Fawkes rabble just chucked. It really is dead.
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