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Sunday 26 April 2020

Tory Councillor’s Violent Nazi Relapse

Last July, Roger Patterson found himself in the news for all the wrong reasons. As Lincolnshire Live reported at the time, “A councillor has been suspended by the Conservative Party after he deleted a tweet calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be ‘swinging from the gallows like Saddam Hussein’ … In the post he referred to the Labour Party leader as a ‘traitor’ who had 'betrayed this country by his support for terrorists and our enemies’”.
Roger and out - it should be

Being suspended by the Tories? It must have been bad. He even apologised to Jezza. “The councillor’s apology read: ‘I tweeted something stupid about Jeremy Corbyn. It has been misinterpreted. I would never suggest or condone using violence against anyone and it certainly was not my intention to incite anything. I sincerely apologise to Jeremy Corbyn and anyone else offended’”. Misinterpreted my arse. Still, he learned his lesson.
You'll have to speak up, I'm a bit Mutt And Jeff

Or rather he didn’t: Patterson’s claim that he would not “suggest or condone violence against anyone” did not manage to celebrate its first anniversary before he was at it again. After Lee Harpin, now a freelance after helping the Jewish Chronicle into serious legal hot water recently, Tweeted a video clip which showed Kerry Anne Mendoza’s concern over anti-black racism, he went full Nazi in response, as well as full incoherence.
This is above party politics, people like this are a disease in our society and have to be eradicated. They represent no party, they just leech on to a particular one and infest it from the bottom up. I'm all for free speech but these people need to be silenced” he ranted.
Er, WHAT? The blowback was more or less instant, “Jesus wept! That’s full neo nazi views right there. Plus you’ve proven [Kerry Anne Mendoza] point about those wanting black women silenced and hating on them when they speak out. Shocking rhetoric even from a Tory” being typical. Barrister Jane Heybroek exclaimed “‘...people like this are a disease in our society and have to be eradicated.’ Oh my”. What say Mr P?
So you don't think anti seminisum [sic] needs to be eradicated from society? It's not only effecting [sic] the Labour party [punctuation missing] it's affecting society”. That’s not what he said. He said “People like this … have to be eradicated”. Still he kept digging. “My language is purely about stopping people making hate speech. I’m no facist [sic] but the things they say are above what's acceptable in free speech”. What things they say?
That the tendency to hate on black women is worrying? Maybe he missed that. He certainly didn’t like being called racist. “Racist? In what way is standing up to anti semetic [sic] abuse racist?” Where’s the anti-Semitic abuse? One thing was for sure, the Tory councillor representing Scampton was back in the deep shit of last year.
One Tweeter tried to let him know where his rhetoric could lead: “Is this your final solution Roger?” But on he ploughed. “How am I horrible for wanting anti Semites to be stopped? They shouldn't be allowed to say the things they say no matter how suttle [sic] and get away with it. Some of the things aimed at people like Rachel Riley like pity the ovens aren't still fired up is beyond what's acceptable”. And so he libelled Kerry Anne Mendoza.

Any credible political party would expel Roger Patterson right now. Hello Tory HQ.
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The Toffee (597) said...

Fucking Hell.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Thing is, he's not an aberration. He's much nearer the tory (hushed-up) norm.

Steve Woods said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Woods said...

Being a coward as well as a bigot, Patterson has since locked his Twitter account.

Andy Foster said...

Councillor Roger Patterson is not just a district councillor. He's President of the Gainsborough (constituency) Conservative Party. So they're no going to expel him. He's a local big cheese.

I looked to see how many people actually voted for this man last May and the answer is none. He was elected unopposed. But the history of the ward is interesting. Patterson won it by 10 votes in 2011 from a Liberal Democrat with Labour in a good third place (he got only 37% of the total vote). In 2015 he was only opposed by Labour, who in a bad year for the party still got 35% of the vote, i.e. he won by less than 2 to 1, and in a rural ward. There's an anti-Tory vote there. Either Labour needs to find a candidate for next time who the Lib Dems might in these exceptional circumstances support, or there needs to be a decent local independent who could stand with Labour and Lib Dem support. That should sort him out.

grim northerner said...

Bnp brownshirt bellend.