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Tuesday 28 April 2020

Darren Grimes - Speak Yourself Stupid

Much has been offered in support of all those clever (and often not so clever) right-leaning people who talk loudly in restaurants, and who have managed to worm their way onto the airwaves, despite possessing no talent or knowledge. Sadly, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced their kinds of shows off the air, or cut down the number of uninformed loudmouths. And one of their number may not be coming back.
The lights are on, but there's nobody home

To no surprise at all, that individual is Darren Grimes, perpetual victimhood player, who likes to tell anyone not yet asleep that they’re all out to get him because he hasn’t got a degree and is from a working class home. The reality is that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, a category at present achieving oversupply in media circles.

Grimes today underscored his congenital stupidity, putting several more nails in the coffin of his media career, as he took his cue from the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog and wibbled “It’s 10 years since bigotgate. It exposed much. Concern about community, nationhood and the impact of immigration was dismissed as swivel-eyed bigotry by our New Labour elites. It would bring Brown’s coronation and New Labour’s technocratic and Oxbridge-class rule to a swift end”.
Thus Grimes’ knowledge of politics in one Tweet. Gordon Brown attended the University of Edinburgh. His deputy, Harriet Harman, went to York. As to “technocratic”, well, if Grimes is saying that people understanding their subject ceased to hold the levers of power after 2010, he may be right. But that is not what he meant. Because he is terminally stupid.

Oxbridge-class rule, to use Grimes’ happy phrase, STARTED in 2010, when David Cameron (Brasenose, Oxford) was joined in the Downing Street rose garden by Nick Clegg (Robinson, Cambridge). Cameron’s Chancellor of the Exchequer was George Osborne (Magdalen, Oxford). Foreign Secretary was William ‘Ague (Magdalen, Oxford).
But Cameron, of course, departed Downing Street after fouling up the EU referendum campaign, and losing the vote, in 2016. He was succeeded by Theresa May (St Hugh’s, Oxford). Her First Secretary of State, appointed the following year, was Damian Grope (Balliol, Oxford). Her Chancellor of the Exchequer was Philip Hammond (University College, Oxford). Her Foreign Secretary, until he resigned to resume his climb up the greasy pole, was Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (Balliol, Oxford).

Basically, since 2010, it’s all been Oxford, with a dash of Cambridge. Which means that Grimes The Stupid has got it approximately 180ยบ wrong. And after Theresa May, we had the aforementioned Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (Balliol, Oxford) as alleged Prime Minister, with his First Secretary and de facto deputy Dominic Raab (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and Jesus, Cambridge). The current Chancellor of the Exchequer is Rishi Sunak (Lincoln, Oxford). Hello Darren. Am I getting through?
There, in his own words, is why Darren Grimes should be picking fruit and veg, and leaving punditry to those with brain plugged in and a hole in their backsides.

I could call him stupid once again. But that would be an insult to stupid people.
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Anonymous said...

I cannot take seriously someone who looks and sounds 12 years old. Let alone one who has the intellect of flea. Christ know what Grimes'll be like when he grows up, if ever.

James said...

I would make the argument that Darren judging from this and previous form, that is trying to appeal to the typical older generation readers of the Daily Mail...he comes out with crap like this as well as about patriotism and supporting the Queen. The guy is essentially another Toby Young.

Anonymous said...

I did have a quick glance at his website once, didn't buy him a coffee but did offer £100 to cum in his mouth.