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Friday 3 April 2020

Nigel Farage Demands Labour In Power

While some pundits are criticising aspects of the Government response to the Coronavirus pandemic, one of those who cannot even qualify as a has-been, because he never was, has been shooting off his North And South demanding that his view should prevail. And to no surprise at all, that individual is Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, still Oberscheissenf├╝hrer of the not-really-a-party-at-all Brexit Party, now with no MEPs at all.
Nige has decided that health secretary Matt Hancock should be removed, because he is a “managerial career politician”, unlike the career politician managing what is left of the Brexit Party, which is a completely different proposition. “Health Secretary Matt Hancock says we are going to build diagnostic capability never before seen in this country. We hear this every week and no longer believe him”. So what’s your solution, Nige?

Ah well. That, invariably, involves More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now, which means he has written a monumentally tedious op-ed for the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph, a paper that is rapidly positioning itself as a beacon of total irrelevance, pumping out article after article telling readers how the lockdown is rubbish, and the Government’s measures are worse than the virus.
Under the heading “It's time to remove Matt Hancock and call in a no-nonsense outsider to win the coronavirus war”, Mr Thirsty tells readers not yet asleep “‘Action this day’ was stamped by Winston Churchill on every crucial government document during our country’s greatest test in the Second World War, and he meant it”. And who would have been taking that action, Nige? A “no-nonsense outsider”, or a “managerial career politician”?

The answer is that, invariably, it would be the latter, and most likely the decision as to who took that action would have been down to Clement Attlee, the Labour leader who was Churchill’s de facto deputy from 1940, a position formalised in 1942. And it seems that Farage is, perhaps accidentally, suggesting a very similar arrangement today.
Because this is what he says next: “It is now vital that Boris Johnson assumes his great hero’s style of leadership and acts quickly. If he does not, his reputation will collapse and so will the public’s respect for the lockdown”. What Churchill did was to appoint a number of opposition figures to his War Cabinet. Not only Attlee, but also Arthur Greenwood (Labour’s deputy leader), Ernest Bevin and Herbert Morrison served thus.

So, with voting in Labour’s leadership election having concluded, and a result imminent, what Farage appears to be saying is that whoever wins the leader and deputy leader contests should be invited to join a coalition Government. After all, the only “no-nonsense outsider” who served in Churchill’s war cabinet was Max Beaverbrook, and he had significant previous political experience. No-one else fits Farage’s template.
Unless he is trying to wangle a role for Himself Personally Now, which would be an act of Governmental suicide by Johnson if it happened. Farage knows all about standing on the outside pissing in, but nothing about standing on the inside, pissing or not.

But good of him to recommend the new Labour leader and deputy leader as part of a coalition Government to save the country from Tory ineptitude. What a trouper.
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Anonymous said...

He is not, of course, "a trouper".

He's a fucking racist nutjob.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of things I wish he would do.

Maybe all of these self-serving and elitist loving old men should huddle up together now?

Those duplicitous men in their lying machines said...

Farage ought to be doing something during this crisis that suits the man of talent. Fart lighting; that's a good one.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.48

When referring to him we could say retreat but he never was a treat in the first place...
Did you have to choose such bad timing?

I can't work out if you went back in time or forward?

J said...

Good god man - NO!

The last thing Labour wants is to be a part of this gov... all that would happen - and we all know it - is that every failing by the tories would be put down, again by the tories, to the Labour MP's helping the tory party.

The tories would use any involvement to put all the blame on the Labour party... something they can't to at the moment.

Then again, Nandy has said she would be join with the tories till this was over... and Starmer is currently AWAL. Heck Starmer is more invisible than Boris, and - lets be brutally honest - Boris spends most of his life hiding in fridges.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's not exactly renowned for thinking things through

asquith said...

Major Attlee wasn't just a politician; he had fought bravely in World War 1.

Only thing Farage has ever fought for is to get to the front of the queue at the bar.

Also, Churchill was able to enlist the talents of Attlee, Bevin, Morrison and millions of Labour voters in a way that Chamberlain and Halifax couldn't. Now imagine Johnson rallying the nation in a similar way. Exactly. Johnson isn't a tenth of the man Churchill was, and hopefully his 1945 is coming soon at the hands of Keir Starmer.

SteveHolmes11 said...

This sounds like Nigel grifting for a cabinet place for himself.

He can then replicate his MEP act, fail to attend while running up an impressive bar tab.

How that will help us survive a pandemic is quite beyond me.