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Tuesday 14 April 2020

The Curse Of Lee Harpin

Following the leak of an internal Labour Party report into the manner in which complaints of anti-Semitism were handled, the fallout has continued. And alongside the vigorous debate that has been going on within the party has come the obligatory sideshow, this one being over the allegation that some personal data was released along with the leak.
Lee Harpin

There have, in turn, been a number of allegations made about what has already been done with the allegedly improperly leaked personal data. The upshot is that legal action is now being threatened, or at least contemplated. Or that is the impression that some of those viscerally opposed to Labour under Jeremy Corbyn would like to give.

Which brings us to one Lee Harpin, whose Twitter bio describes him as “Journalist, crisis management, publicity and campaigns”. For reasons which will become all too clear, Harpin is not at present attached to any one publication. But he does know a self-promotion opportunity when he sees it. And he saw this one first. Sort of.
He told “In response to the publication of the leaked Labour report Mark Lewis of Patron Law has said: ‘I have been instructed to pursue libel claims and claims for breaches of Data Protection against those publishing the defamatory allegations in the leaked Labour Report … Those who choose to repeat such allegations and put out private information have only got themselves to blame when the consequences catch up with them'”.

Leaving aside for a moment the thought that Lewis is probably the last lawyer in town to need a spokesman, having Harpin’s endorsement might not be the most sought-after commodity in the world of “crisis management … and campaigns” right now.
That is because Harpin’s latest headline-grabbing achievement was one which, shall we say, came at the conclusion of a campaign that turned out not necessarily to his advantage. He was the author of a series of articles published by the Jewish Chronicle attacking Labour activist Audrey White. These, in turn, precipitated a complaint to press regulator IPSO and an action for defamation. The JC lost both.

Not only that, but IPSO, which is normally wont to do no more than wipe the press’ backsides, unloaded on the JC in a manner that remains unprecedented. It is clear that the JC did not cooperate with the IPSO complaints process, and IPSO said so in no uncertain terms. And after shelling out for those legal costs came far worse news.
The Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News were both liquidated, with all remaining staff made redundant, on the eve of Passover. The titles had become the first press casualties of the lockdown era. What had, in addition, not helped their cause was the fallout from those attacks on Audrey White. All of which were written by Lee Harpin.

All of which explains why Harpin’s Twitter bio makes no mention of any publication. Because he was at the JC and it just went bust, helped into oblivion by his crap journalism.

Anyone still want Lee Harpin’s ringing endorsement? Don’t all shout at once.
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Andy Foster said...

Rumours of the JC's demise have alas been greatly exaggerated. The website is still active this morning. Never thought I'd ever say 'alas' until the last couple of years. Something will emerge from it and the Jewish News and I'm prepared to bet that Stephen Pollard will still be in the editor's chair. And Lee Harpic (clean round the bend) will still be writing for it, as he is today.

Jim said...

The photo you have printed of Harpin proves beyond doubt he is the love child of Tom Watson.

Anonymous said...

The lying assault on Audrey White - even by contemporary ranting righty propaganda "standards" - was one of the most disgusting, unprincipled, low life pieces of far right detritus. It finally marked out Pollard and co as the gang of hate-filled mendacious tory shits they are.

A lesser woman than Audrey would have folded. But Pollard picked on the wrong target and literally paid the price. Which yet again proved you take on Merseyside at your peril. Ask Murdoch and his lickspittle MacFilth.

Harpin is merely another propaganda clerk and chancer, the sort of tramp you can find anywhere in corporate media.

Anonymous said...

Lee harpin is a complete and utter twat, his lies and false editorials have ruined alot of people's lives, but now the tide has turned and karma is coming Mr Harpin your career is OVER

Anonymous said...

Harpin is complete and utter scum and deserves everything he gets

Sam said...

The JC might survive as Andy says above, possibly online but it's pretty clear Britain's Jewish community couldn't give a stuff about both rags as they never bought the things.You would think the BoD and newspaper proprietors would take notice but they won't.