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Monday 6 April 2020

Sun Pundit Volunteers For Euthanasia

The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has meant a temporary end to many everyday events - going to the pub, a visit to the cinema or theatre, any form of sporting activity, many forms of shopping, just taking a day out, maybe travel around the country or abroad - all have been curtailed. If only the malicious rantings of faithful Murdoch retainer Trevor Kavanagh had been put aside as well. But, sadly, they have not.
Unless we act now to save our economy and our kids’ future we won’t be ready for the next catastrophehe tells readers of the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, as if he cares about anything other than relaying the word of Creepy Uncle Rupe, and continuing to line the pockets of Himself Personally Now. And then come the lies.

Senior ministers wonder why we shut schools in the first place. Others want them reopened after Easter, in time for the new term. ‘Most children enjoy school,’ says one. ‘It’s where their friends are. It’s where they feel safe. It is often the only place they can rely on for a meal. Importantly, they are also at the lowest risk from coronavirus.” Bullshit.

There was a good reason for closing schools. That was the spreading of Covid-19 among pupils - and then to their parents and often grandparents. But there are more whoppers to peddle. Like “Covid-19 is both a wake-up call and a dress rehearsal. Britain’s bureaucratic ‘Blob’ failed the screen test. Whitehall, Public Health England and the medical quangos were left slack-jawed and floundering by a predictable - and predicted - pandemic”. Eh?
It was war-gamed by the Cabinet Office in 2016 - and the lessons ignored”. Very good, Kav. It was “war-gamed”, as you put it, and ignored, by the same intercoursing Government that your paper has been slavishly supporting for the past decade.

On he drones: “there is sure to be another [crisis] along in a minute. It might be a tsunami, nuclear or biological warfare or a hostile cyber attack. Covid-19 has taught us to take such black-swan events seriously … We must revive fracking, rely less on imported fuel - and shake up the bureaucratic ‘Blob’ whose culpable negligence has left us exposed to catastrophe”. Bullshit. The Civil Service carries out the policies of the Government.

As to fracking, forget it. But he finally makes the ultimate concession. “As someone in the high-risk age group, I wonder who comes first - the elderly or our children and grandchildren - and children yet unborn … Should we be asking those trapped at home, with the economy crumbling under their feet, to live in penury for the rest of their lives to give us a little extra time? It’s a tough choice, but that’s what we elect governments for”.

So he’s volunteering not to have that “little extra time”, if that’s what the Government decides. Having spread yet more disinformation, Trevor Kavanagh is putting himself forward as a sacrifice to the great God Mammon. Rupe will be pleased.

There is a more pleasant alternative, of course - he could just stop lying instead.
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The Modern Prometheus said...

"The next catastrophe" - he's right, Brexit is just round the corner :-D

rob said...

@ ModProm

The Rule of Three?
Trump, Brexit and the Covid-19 virus.

A perfect storm for disaster capitalists and hedge funders. They don't even have to stop work like those professional footballers who have been singled out to make the ultimate sacrifice of opening their wallets.

"shake up the bureaucratic ‘Blob’ whose culpable negligence has left us exposed to catastrophe". Like all those editors kowtowing to their owners whims and landing us with incompetent politicians from all parties?

squizzler said...

This is not the first time I heard opponents of 'enforced isolation' claiming concern that the young have 'had their futures stolen'.

Actually the young have had their futures stolen - by the climate catastrophe - and they know it too. Witness the school strikes and Extinction Rebellion. The young would be entitled to be angry at how the previous generation has treated the world they must inherit, and whilst the financial distress is surely real, they are probably not wildly keen to return to Mr Kavanagh's status quo either.