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Sunday 12 April 2020

Labour, Anti-Semitism, And A “Thrown” Election

Not long after the 2017 General Election, I was commiserating with one of Labour’s losing candidates when he told me that the seat concerned could have, he believed, been won - had it not been for the lack of response from Labour HQ. They had been asked for more assistance - bringing canvassers in from outside the area, for instance - but this had apparently fallen on deaf ears. It seemed they wanted to just run a defensive campaign.
The story did not square with the campaign fought by party leader Jeremy Corbyn and those around him; thus the thought entered that there had been, at the very least, a lack of communication between leader and party management. But now, with the release of an internal party report ostensibly into handling of complaints of anti-Semitism, has come what looks not just like confirmation of that story, but far, far worse.

The draft report, whose contents were apparently offered to the Guardian, an offer which it seems was declined, has now been released by the people at Sky News. The only conclusion that can be reached on reading the gory details is that Labour HQ was actively working against the party leadership. Labour HQ was at the time the domain of Iain McNicol, already accused of trying to stop Corbyn standing in the 2016 leadership contest.

McNicol has disputed this view vigorously, and will no doubt also vigorously dispute the view that the anti-Semitism problem was not communicated properly to the leadership, who were therefore kept in the dark about how serious it was, while all the time allies of those in charge at Labour HQ were gaslighting Corbyn supporters about it.
Iain McNicol

But after the conversation I had with that losing Labour candidate, the part that leapt off the page was this: “The report claims private communications show senior former staff ‘openly worked against the aims and objectives of the leadership of the Party, and in the 2017 general election some key staff even appeared to work against the Party's core objective of winning elections’”. Because that ties in with what I was told.

Moreover, one of the Sky News bullet points talks about “A discussion about 'unsuspending' a former Labour MP who was critical of Jeremy Corbyn so they could stand as a candidate in the 2017 election”, which sounds a lot like the Simon Danczuk affair. He had been suspended from the party, and it was rumoured in the run-up to the 2017 General Election that he might be allowed to stand as a Labour candidate. He wasn’t.

What is also interesting is this passage: “[the dossier] singles out for criticism some who gave whistleblower evidence to last year's highly-critical BBC Panorama investigation on antisemitism within Labour … These include the former General Secretary Lord McNicol and the former acting head of the governance and legal unit, Sam Matthews”. Those defending the Panorama programme may have cause to stop and think.

But what will stick in the craw for all those who canvassed tirelessly, and saw the candidates they supported fall short, is the thought that while they worked to achieve victory, some of those in Labour HQ were actively trying to prevent it.

That is totally, absolutely unforgivable. And must never be allowed to happen again.
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Anonymous said...

Too late they won, we lost, the blairites are back in charge, if you think Starmer, Nandy, streeting, reeves and god heelp us Jess Phillips are going to offer anything but neoliberal bullshit you are sadly mistaken.

Those of us on the left tried to tell people what was going on but we were up against the BBC, the whole of the press, the Israeli goverment, the boerd of deputys, the arseholes in the Jewish labour movement, a great deal of whom aren't even Jewish and of course the vast majority of the PLP.

The Establishment got what they wanted and unfortunately a great deal of the voting public believed the lies they were told.

Most of the people expelled on dubious grounds had a long history of fighting racism for many years, and many of them were theiselves Jewish, a fact that the press never dwelled on.

I will not vote for them even if it means another Tory goverment, the mendacious bullshit that came from all these sources was propped up by the very same people who are sitting in the shadow cabinet now.

I will not and can not vote for people who are so vile that they would bury a man who wished nothing but good for the British people.

Anonymous said...

Lordy! There was MOST definitely a conspiracy to destabilise Corbyn from day one - and I say this as a dispassionate observer. The New Labour behaviour ( if you looked hard enough ) certainly followed a pattern. He'd only gone and 'nicked 'their' party His election as leader came as a complete shock to them. They quickly organised against him. They bided their time. They constantly briefed against him.They won. He's gone. He was - in my opinion - the least worst option in a field of cretins, freeloaders and c***s. He was never going to Step Up To The Plate, as some of his most supporters with a massive hard on claimed, but he might - just might - have slightly changed British politics in a way other parties show no interest in I don't do tribal politics. I see what's in front of me, and what I see is is a cesspit of mediocrity and nasty self-serving dishonesty. Like many.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't come as a shock at all.

Nor will it surprise if,the Starmer Quiff Gang attempt to brush it under the carpet as quickly as possible. Aided of course by the usual media gobshites.

What DOES surprise me is that Sky chose to get it out. Congratulations, subject to further inquiry of their motives.

If the Starmer Quiff Gang was trusted - which it isn't - there would be an IMMEDIATE genuine inquiry. And if proved guilty, McNicol, Matthews and the rest of the motley crew would be expelled from the party.

Of equal importance is the alleged involvement of the Israeli government in destabilising British democracy. If proved, this is a prime reason for expelling the culpable Israeli ambassador and his entire "advisory" staff.

Finally, this would prove the full extent of far right organised evil faced by a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party. My bet is that only a corner of the stone has been lifted - turn it over completely and you can guarantee you'll find creatures from Vauxhall Cross and Langley clinging to the underside.

But expect nothing from that slippery creep Starmer. Or the usual cowards and urfascists in corporate media.

Britain 2020. Who in their right fucking mind thinks we're anything other than a deluded rat hole of a country.

Anonymous said...

A parcel of backstabbing Neo Labour c@#ts working against JC comes as no surprise. What does surprise me is Sly news publicizing it. No chance of the BBC doing so. To far up the rearend of the Tories. If Starmer doesn't go after those responsible it only shows us that he has no interest in unifying the party just expelling the left.

Anonymous said...

I don’t care... I didn’t care when it was the left side of the party trying to get those who were more central deselected - I don’t care when it’s the other way around. We HAVE to accept that the Labour Party is a broad church and Blairites and Corbynites are not the enemy - the TORY PARTY is! The last thing Labour needs now is to tear itself apart all over again. Stop, just stop - or there really is no point in this party existing any more. HOW can you end up hating someone on your own side more than the other side - what has happened to you - stop and think about that for a minute (and hint - that answer isn’t “well they did it to” - rise above it!)

Derek said...

Dear Zelo ,
Someway to go then , Keir !