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Sunday 5 April 2020

5G Hoax, The Sun, And Amanda Holden

With the numbers of Covid-19 infections, and indeed deaths, continuing to rise, and no end in sight to the lockdown, the ground for conspiracy theories is increasingly fertile. And there is no finer conspiracy theory than the totally wacko idea that 5G is being used as a means of transmitting the Coronavirus. This would be laughable, were it not for the sad fact that some people have taken their belief and used it to cause criminal damage.
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As the BBC has reported, “Mobile phone mast fires are being investigated amid conspiracy theories claiming a link between 5G and coronavirus … There have been fires at masts in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling in Merseyside … A video, allegedly of the blaze in Aigburth, was shared on YouTube and Facebook, claiming a link between the mobile technology and Covid-19”. So why do people believe this nonsense?

Sky News gave a hint as to one cause: “A leading scientist has criticised celebrities for ‘fanning the flames’ of these conspiracy theories, which he said were endangering public health. Celebrities including Amanda Holden, a judge on Britain's Got Talent, and Cheers actor Woody Harrelson have been among those amplifying these conspiracy theories in recent days”. And one health professional was unimpressed at that news.

Dr Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at the University of Southampton, described the conspiracy theorists as ‘a public health danger who once read a Facebook page … Here, we also see similar groups of people keen to show their ignorance on a topic where they have no helpful expertise, nor any inclination to post useful public health messages … The celebrities fanning the flames of these conspiracy theorists should be ashamed'”. So are those Slebs being duly shamed?

Ah well. Over at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, the Murdoch goons are telling readersCelebrity coronavirus scaremongers Lee Ryan, Calum Best and more spreading wild conspiracy theories to fans … CELEBRITIES have been causing outrage by sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories with their millions of followers”.
Celebrities such as? “Lee Ryan, Jason Gardiner and Calum Best … Ex-EastEnders star Michael Greco is another spreader of coronavirus myths, sharing a video by David Icke … Blue’s Lee Ryan”. What about Amanda Holden? But then, the Sun isn’t going to go there. They won’t be taking Ms Holden off her pedestal any time soon.

Nothing will be permitted to take the sheen off one of the paper’s favourite slebs, the one cited when deeply unpleasant creep Dan Wootton wanted to soften up Phillip Schofield, the subject of so much prurient copy (“Amanda Holden has to wear silicone nipple covers to hide her famous golden buzzers” … “AMANDA Holden’s gravity-defying chest is pretty spectacular” … “Amanda Holden says ‘there’s been lots of complaints about my t*ts’”).

So when the Sun wanted to shame the 5G hoax idiocy, they made sure they edited Ms Holden’s name out of the roll of ignominy. Because, well, Phwoarr! Eh?!? PHWOARR!!

The 5G hoax is still bonkers, even if Amanda Holden is involved. Hello Sun people.
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Anonymous said...

Well, as somebody else noted: there are two types of journalist. One who digs for the truth and one who buries it.

Citizen of Gammonstan said...

In the past, friends of mine received threatening phone calls as a result of shite posted on David Icke's website. To think that there are people out there who believe some sections of society are in cahoots with lizard men from space may seem laughable, but it's no laughing matter when there are plenty of gullible idiots out there who are prepared to take action!

Too many people these days are just plain fuckin' stupid.

The government needs to build mental asylums to permanently house these fools.

The Toffee (597) said...

''There have been fires at masts in Birmingham, Liverpool and Melling in Merseyside … A video, allegedly of the blaze in Aigburth''

...Melling is the North end of Liverpool - around Aintree way.

Aigburth is South Liverpool. about 8 or 9 miles south as the crow flies.

This reminds me of the shite the press used to run wuth in the early 80's after ther Toxteth riots. Anything bad that happened anywhere in the city, then it was in (Or nextdoor to) Toxteth, according to the MSM.

The Toffee (597) said...

Ah, having read the bbc link provided, it appears there were two separate incidents...

Still, Amanda Holden just doesn't do it, for me. None of these vacuous self-obsessed female so-called 'slebs' that appear in the dumbed-down shite that's responsible for the decline in awareness of more serious matters on the planet, do.