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Monday 27 April 2020

Prison Planet Manhood Meltdown

With far fewer newspapers being sold during the Coronavirus pandemic, the opportunity is there for all those New Media wannabes to make their mark, or at least get a little more visibility for their work. The problem for those peddling Fake News and wacko conspiracy nonsense, though, is as before: it doesn’t become more credible merely because there’s a lockdown. And for one clown peddling wacko nonsense, the frustration has boiled over.
The Adonis of InfoWars speaks. No, don't laugh

That clown is Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, part of the convocation of the terminally batshit surrounding Alex Jones at InfoWars. Watson is not getting noticed, and for him this is a problem. So he has picked a scrap with Piers Morgan. But Morgan has better things to do. So he’s blocked Watson, who has had a mardy strop in response.
Cowardly little bitch. Afraid of the fact that I’m more popular and definitely more attractive than you. Mercenary twat. Debate me, you yellow belly crusty boomer sellout fraud cuck wanker dickhead”. No response. "This fraud hides behind his block because he is a pussy and does not believe what he says”. Long way from Mrs Slocombe, isn’t it?
But he was only getting warmed up. “Piers fears me. Not because I’m even that smart, but because I at least try to be authentic, unlike this nobhead”. Paul, NOBODY CARES. “Everybody who gets as popular as me has some bitch write their ghostwritten book and sells out for cash as soon as possible. Pathetic”. Yes Paul, you’re pathetic.
Piers Morgan fears me and my spirit animal, which is this hardcore bastard”. A stuffed bird? Yeah, well hardcore. Overdoing the Brain Force™, perchance? “Both my mum and my grandmother threatened to beat the shit out of anyone who threatened me when I was a child. Which is why the whole ‘misogyny’ thing the media says about me pisses me off. My mum and grandma were both based. Fuck off”. Whatever. Carry on.
You’re such a fucking fraud, that even when you’re trying to insult me, you’re scared of tweeting the word FUCK”. He’s not a patch on Derek and Clive, is he? “Piers Morgan needs to apologize to me for failing to acknowledge how much hotter I am compared to him”. Yeah, cos your pants are on fire. Had he perhaps been hacked?
Getting a lot of messages from people saying ‘has your account been hacked?’ No it fucking hasn't. I'm angry”. What, for suddenly realising you’re a clown? Oh look out, he’s really losing it now. “I'm not bragging or trying to be arrogant, but do you seriously think I'm an ‘incel' who struggles to attract women? My problem is attracting too many women”.
Yeah, listen up people, he’s got an ENORMOUS PANANGER! “Little known fact that I am very popular with muslim girls … I know that you actually envy me, because you’re a pathetic inauthentic little bitch. And I’m significantly younger and more handsome and more intelligent than you”. It’s HUGE, I tell you! He gets plenty! He’s big, y’know, big … BIG! Shine a light, those bedsheets must be rigid by now.
Piers Morgan is, for all his faults, successful and well-off. And Paul Watson … isn’t.
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Malcolm Redfellow said...

Sorry, Tim: if Infowars is involved, I stand with Rhett: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn"

mbc1955 said...

What is there to debate with? The guy's either pots for bloody rags or he's a particularly unpleasant 13 year old.

James said...

We live in strange times. Piers Morgan is becoming more respectful day by day.....

The Toffee (597) said...

watson's problem is attracting too many women?

He's put a 't' , two o's and an 'm' in front of 'any'.

That gobshite couldn't get any in a Bangkok brasshouse with a $500 note wrapped around his maggot.

I thought moron was conceited, but fook me watson's so far up his own arse, he's almost coming out the other side. No doubt he'll expect a ticker-tape parade when he gets there, too.

Classic case of 'little dick syndrome' from the wee man.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: Good grief.

Andy McDonald said...

I read Watson's tweets and felt old. Can anyone provide a translation to English please?

Nigel Stapley said...

“Both my mum and my grandmother threatened to beat the shit out of anyone who threatened me when I was a child."

And he's been looking for a skirt to run behind ever since.

grim northerner said...

The horrible irony of the alt right mob is that their toddler temper tantrums are the result of a liberal education system that tries to understand twisted individuals and shows them compassion. A 'short sharp shock' administered by a far right government would silence the likes of watson for good.

Anonymous said...

Looking at that made me think about a 13 year old that's been dumped by his first girlfriend.