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Friday 7 April 2017

Sun Private School Excuse BUSTED

The Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun have encountered another of those tricky problems that come when a load of posh and privileged hacks pretend they have ordinary hardworking peoples’ interests at heart: Labour has proposed that all school pupils of primary school age should have a hot meal provided during the school day at no cost to their parents. The Sun’s problem is over how it would be paid for.
Stuffed shirt spouts shite

And this is where it gets really difficult for the overpaid and underworked hacks: Labour’s proposal is that the extension of universal free school meals be paid for by ending the VAT exemption on school fees. After all, they argue, why should the rich get a tax break when the vast majority of them can afford to go private? Jezza and his pals might also have borne in mind that most traditional Labour supporters went to state schools.

Corbyn and Co might also have figured that rather a lot of hacks and pundits are in the position of pontificating to the masses, even though they have never been anywhere near a state school. Even if they haven’t, the difficulty that the Sun’s finest are experiencing is truly a sight to behold, typified by the knocking copy on the subject from their alleged “Westminster Correspondent” Master Harry Cole (Tonbridge School and Edinburgh).
Man of the people exposed as another posh hack

Tonbridge is an Eton Group school dont’cha know, and its fees for boarders are yet more expensive than the Alma Mater of former PM Young Dave and his pal Bozza. So it’s no surprise to read Master Cole telling Sun readers, most of whom he’d avoid like the plague, “Jeremy Corbyn wants to whack 20 per cent VAT onto school fees in lefty throwback’s latest assault on the well-off”. Jolly Bad Sheow! And there’s more.

JEREMY Corbyn will launch an assault on the rich today by vowing to hike private school fees by 20 per cent … The hard-left Labour leader will unveil plans to introduce VAT on school fees and use the cash to provide all primary school kids with free school meals … The hapless socialist will claim … “. Oh just f*** off, flannelled fool.

But this approach does have the support of the Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn (Marlborough College and Edinburgh), who has taken to Twitter to tell “adding 20% to fees will decrease demand and hence lower revenue, as well as the quality of some children's education. Destructive”. Not half as destructive as having all that dosh blown on his education, only to not know what “price inelastic” means.
And Newton Dunn is only one of a posse of private school alumni among the Sun’s rogues’ gallery. There is also James Forsyth (Winchester College and Jesus College, Cambridge), Damian Thompson (Presentation College, Reading and Mansfield College, Oxford), Jane Moore (Worcester Grammar School for Girls), Trevor Kavanagh (Reigate Grammar School), and finally Kelvin McFilth (Alleyn’s School, Dulwich and Dahn The Pab).

The Sun is against the Labour idea not just because it’s Labour and therefore bad, but also because so many of its writers went to private schools. Most White Van Men and Woman would be at best agnostic about VAT on school fees.

The posh and pampered Murdoch goons are on a loser this time. Good thing too.


offpat @smile_of_decade said...

This is surprisingly good evidence that a private school education is absolutely no guarantee of any humane learning, or writing skills.

These guys are less able to learn than every state school friend I ever shared a game of poker with...

Anonymous said...

Worcester Grammar School for Girls was not a private school, it was a state grammar school.

Unknown said...

how long ago? Worcester got rid of state grammars around 1976.

Anonymous said...

And thats the sum total of Labour's current big idea for education? How about an effective policy to get class sizes down to 25, rather than the current situation which sees friend's children in classes of 36? Or how about a promise primary school children will have teachers, unlike the same 36 who have had teaching assitamts only for a couple of weeks.

I also understand you can't actually charge VAT on essential public services such as health and education. Do Labour know this?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers know what Cole and his pals have done to others. Please appeal to every female victim who has been photographed drunk or drugged and bullied into trying to end their lives to report them to lawyers and police. They are not getting away with a thing.

nocentelli said...

Surely private schools are by definition not "essential public services"?

Anonymous said...

@Tony Sloane:

As the City of Worcester Grammar School for Girls, it was situated on Sansome Walk in the centre of Worcester. This has now became flats. It started in 1908 as the Worcester Secondary School for Girls, which moved into new buildings on 2 November 1910, and moved again in 1929 to a site in Barbourne. It became the City of Worcester Grammar School for Girls in September 1945. In September 1962 it moved to the Spetchley Road site.[2]

Royal Grammar School Worcester was the analogous boys' school, and was partly maintained by Hereford and Worcester until 1983 when it became completely independent. Due to the boys' school becoming independent, the LEA proposed changes to its education policy (under a Conservative government) during 1982 to create a 'super' co-educational grammar school on the girls' school site to educate 125 boys and girls (potentially) from the whole of Hereford and Worcester. Sir Keith Joseph had doubts about the scheme. The grammar school closed in 1983.

So 1983, not 1976. Reason I know this - my mum went there.

I'm not pointing this out to defend Jane Moore, btw. I agree with the article - just think it's good to get facts correct.

Gweedo Fawkes said...


Free school meals sound wonderful.

Take them to a lovely restaurant and sample all of the goods.

As for the poor state schools, they can have a packed lunch.
I find crab paste is a hot favourite and a packet of Skips.

Whoops. Nearly forgot the Five-a-day...
You get them.by pinching fruit from the other kids.
Personally I never bothered with that rubbish!